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Series Books
Airwolf Airwolf Annual 1986 (1985)
The Avengers The Avengers Annual 1969 (1968)
  All The Fun Of The Fair, Mr. Steed (ss) (1968)
  Mensa Sana And All That (ss) (1968)
  Avast There, Mr. Steed (ss) (1968)
  The Avengers Annual 1970 (1969)
  Don't Go Down The Mine, Dad...Mother's Already There (ss) (1969)
  Come On In - The Water's Deadly (ss) (1969)
  What's A Ghoul Like You Doing In A Place Like This? (ss) (1969)
  The New Avengers Annual 1978 (1977)
  The New Avengers Annual 1979 (1978)
Dick Barton Dick Barton - Special Agent (1950)
  The Return of Dick Barton (1952)
  Jail Break (1953)
  Dick Barton Special Agent Annual (1978)
  Danger From The Depths (ss) (1979)
  Pictures Of Peril (ss) (1979)
The Bionic Woman The Bionic Woman Annual (1978) (1977)
  Hijack! (ss) (1977)
  The Big Payoff (ss) (1977)
  Birth of the Bionic Woman (ss) (1977)
  A Job For A Woman (ss) (1977)
  The Bionic Woman Annual (1979) (1978)
  A Study In Terror (ss) (1978)
  A Girl's Best Friend (ss) (1978)
  Double Trouble (ss) (1978)
  The Rescue (ss) (1978)
  Sea Chase (ss) (1978)
  A Very Important Appointment (ss) (1978)
Black Widow Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron - The Movie Storybook (2015)
James Bond Exhibitors Campaign Book: Dr. No (1962)
  Exhibitors Campaign Book: From Russia With Love (1963)
  Exhibitors Campaign Book: Goldfinger (1964)
  The James Bond 007 Annual 1966 (1965)
  Exhibitors Campaign Book: Thunderball (1965)
  The James Bond 007 Annual 1967 (1966)
  The James Bond 007 Annual 1969 (1968)
  James Bond 007 Moonraker Special (1980) (1979)
  James Bond 007 For Your Eyes Only Special (1982) (1981)
  James Bond 007 Octopussy Special (1984) (1983)
Burke's Law Burke's Law Annual (1965)
  Burke's Law Television Story Book (1965)
The Champions Deadline Discovery (ss) (1969)
Jeff Curtiss The Mystery of Snake Island (ss) (1961)
  The Windmill of Terror (ss) (1961)
  The Spy Cruiser (ss) (1961)
  The Devil's Mountain (ss) (1961)
Tuff Dawson Gas Trap! (ss) (1962)
  Trapped! (ss) (1962)
  Find The Spy! (ss) (1962)
  Trapped In The Desert! (ss) (1962)
  Wrecked! (ss) (1962)
  American Mission (ss) (1962)
  What A Holiday! (ss) (1962)
  A Tough Task! (ss) (1962)
  Spy's Hide-Out (ss) (1963)
  Bomb Trap (ss) (1963)
  Rail Robbery! (ss) (1963)
  The Blown-Up Bridge (ss) (1963)
  Find The Spy!* (ss) (1963)
  Trapped By An Unseen Enemy (ss) (1963)
  Jump Into Danger (ss) (1963)
  They Must Be Spies (ss) (1963)
  Death Of An Agent! (ss) (1963)
  Arrest That Man! (ss) (1963)
  Master Spy (ss) (1963)
  Dangerous Journey (ss) (1963)
  Spy Plane! (ss) (1963)
  Spy Chase! (ss) (1963)
  Mid-Air Take-Over (ss) (1963)
  Far East SOS (ss) (1963)
  Trapped In A Minefield! (ss) (1963)
  Stolen Plans! (ss) (1963)
  Change Of Identity (ss) (1963)
  Jungle Ambush! (ss) (1963)
  Save The Bridge! (ss) (1963)
  Find Otto Krinzer! (ss) (1963)
  The Trick! (ss) (1963)
  Followed! (ss) (1963)
  Firing Squad! (ss) (1963)
  Night Voyage (ss) (1963)
  Murder Bid! (ss) (1963)
  The Vanished Diver! (ss) (1963)
  Safe-Breakers! (ss) (1963)
  A Tough Problem! (ss) (1963)
  Guards For The Gold! (ss) (1963)
  Prisoners! (ss) (1963)
  The Missing Trio! (ss) (1963)
  The Plane Which Vanished (ss) (1963)
  Poison Gas! (ss) (1963)
  I'll Shoot You Both! (ss) (1963)
  Mysterious Intruder (ss) (1963)
  Mystery Spy (ss) (1963)
Dan Dexter He's A Traitor (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 20 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 19 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 18 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 17 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  Enter The Mad Major! (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 14 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  The 'Unknown Factor' (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 12 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 11 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 16 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 9 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 8 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 7 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 6 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  Vanishing Menace! (ss) (1960)
  A Red-Herring (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 3 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  The Tunnel (ss) (1960)
  Adventure 10 – Title Unknown (ss) (1960)
  Secret Ambush! (ss) (1961)
  Partisan Painters! (ss) (1961)
  Tunnel Of Secrets (ss) (1961)
  Mistaken Identity (ss) (1961)
  The Nazis' Strange Demand! (ss) (1961)
  Captured By Friends (ss) (1961)
  Retreat! (ss) (1961)
  Captured By The Enemy! (ss) (1961)
  The Nazi Everyone Feared (ss) (1961)
  The Germans Are Coming! (ss) (1961)
  Traitor Unmasked (ss) (1961)
  No Escape From Rocklitz! (ss) (1961)
  Dan 's Pal Gets Shot! (ss) (1961)
  Captured! (ss) (1961)
  Betrayed! (ss) (1961)
  The Unseen Listener (ss) (1961)
  A Hunted Stranger (ss) (1961)
  Cart Of Secrets! (ss) (1961)
  Nazi Shocks! (ss) (1961)
  The Vital Information (ss) (1961)
  The 600-M.P.H. Screamer (ss) (1961)
  Is There A Traitor? (ss) (1961)
  The Germans Are Here! (ss) (1961)
  Trapped By The Nazis (ss) (1961)
  Dan's Dangerous Idea (ss) (1961)
  Nazi Vengeance! (ss) (1961)
  Threat Of Discovery (ss) (1961)
  Shock For Saboteurs! (ss) (1961)
  Dan Joins The Wermacht! (ss) (1961)
  Face At The Window (ss) (1961)
  Dan Gets A shock (ss) (1961)
  Suspense In The Rat-Cellar (ss) (1961)
  Capturing A Killer (ss) (1961)
  Itching Power – Secret Weapon (ss) (1961)
  Sunset For Danger! (ss) (1961)
  A Warrior Returns (ss) (1961)
  Betrayal! (ss) (1961)
  The Fugitive (ss) (1961)
  An Opportunity Missed (ss) (1961)
  Dan Finds A Body (ss) (1961)
  Ambush! (ss) (1961)
  A Tell-Tale Clue (ss) (1961)
  An Unexpected Lift! (ss) (1961)
  Was It A Trap! (ss) (1961)
  A Tempting Bait (ss) (1961)
  The New Recruit! (ss) (1961)
  The Lone Survivor (ss) (1961)
  The Fugitive (ss) (1961)
  Midnight Prowlers (ss) (1961)
  Bad News! (ss) (1961)
  Fate Of A Pathfinder (ss) (1961)
  “Tonight We Strike” (ss) (1961)
  Cornered At Last! (ss) (1962)
  The Nazis Plan A Hanging! (ss) (1962)
  This Could Be A Trap! (ss) (1962)
  Jump Into Danger (ss) (1962)
  Brutal Reprisals! (ss) (1962)
  Wanted Dead Or Alive (ss) (1962)
  Attack-Proof Convoy! (ss) (1962)
  Nikki Is Trapped! (ss) (1962)
  Dan's Dangerous Mistake! (ss) (1962)
  The Vital Plans Go Wrong (ss) (1962)
Double Two-One Double Two-One: Magenta Seven (ss) (1965)
  Double Two-One Special Agent (ss) (1965)
Duke Douglas Dedication (ss) (1954)
John Drake Danger Man Television Story Book (1965)
  Danger Man Annual 1966 (1965)
  Danger Man Annual 1967 (1966)
Freewheelers Story #3 (ss) (1971)
Nick Fury Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron - The Movie Storybook (2015)
Gemini Man Gemini Man Annual 1978 (1977)
The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Double Trouble For April (ss) (1966)
  Serpent of the Nile (ss) (1966)
  Mexican THRUSH Dance (ss) (1966)
  England Swings (ss) (1966)
  April in the Fog (ss) (1966)
  The Case of the T.V. Take-Over (ss) (1966)
  Bolt Out of the Blue (ss) (1966)
  The Case of Madame X (ss) (1966)
  War Drums (ss) (1966)
  The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1967 (1967)
  An Unquiet Vacation (ss) (1967)
  The School For Skiing Affair (ss) (1967)
  It's Nicer To Die In Bed (ss) (1967)
  The Side By Side Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Chinaman Who Wasn't (ss) (1967)
  The Dutch Windmill (ss) (1967)
  A Bomb In Hand (ss) (1967)
  That Old April Charm (ss) (1967)
  The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1968 (1968)
  The Kidnap Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1969 (1969)
  The Dewline Affair (ss) (1969)
  A Bit of a Wag (ss) (1969)
  The Deep Water Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Pluto Affair (ss) (1969)
  A Puzzle For U.N.C.L.E. (ss) (1969)
  The Little Jester (ss) (1969)
Burt Kennedy Within the Nazi's Web (ss) (1940)
  The Invasion That Failed (ss) (1940)
  The Mystery of the Marked Foreheads (ss) (1940)
  Bearing the Nazis in the Siegfried Line (ss) (1940)
Nelson Lord The Walking-Tower of A.T.A.C. (ss) (1968)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1967 (1966)
  The Last Flight Affair (ss) (1966)
  The Invisible Man Affair (ss) (1966)
  The Explosive Affair (ss) (1966)
  The Fortune Cookie Affair (ss) (1966)
  The Terrifying Train Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Ring-A-Ding Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Creeping Cloud Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Hydrofoil Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Gilded Face Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Big Timber Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Katmandu Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Roman Scandal Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Deadly Dozen Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Grey Beard Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Flea Circus Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Screaming Skull Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Big Beat Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Tiger Tail Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Medicine Hat Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Chinese Pagoda Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Mini-Men Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Broken Arrow Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Last Man In The Tomb Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Television Picture Story Book 1967 (1967)
  The Gasser Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Abominable Snowman Affair (ss) (1967)
  The "Whoops, Wrong Capsule" Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Magic Carpet Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Crack Of Doom Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Split Second Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Skyscraper Affair (ss) (1968)
  The Green Dragon Affair (ss) (1968)
  The Double Yolk Affair (ss) (1968)
  Illya Goes Solo (ss) (1968)
  Bring Bruno Back Alive (ss) (1968)
  Reading Between The Lines (ss) (1968)
  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Television Picture Story Book 1968 (1968)
  The Big Gun Affair (ss) (1968)
  The Wax Doll Affair (ss) (1968)
  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1969 (1968)
  The Doh-Ray-Me Affair (ss) (1968)
  The Big Drum Affair (ss) (1968)
  The Cut and Run Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Bad Joke Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Big Bang in a Bottle Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Clock Face Affair (ss) (1969)
  The 'Who Flies Where For What' Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Operation Waverly Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1970 (1969)
  The Amusement Pier Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Highway to the Sun Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Sand Storm for Illya ... Nap Hand for Napoleon Affair (ss) (1969)
Hugh Marston Gallery of Heroes - The Hit Man (ss) (1979)
Mission Impossible Mission Impossible Annual 1969 (1968)
  Operation Skyhook (ss) (1968)
  So This Is The Cold War (ss) (1968)
  The Bullion Robbery (ss) (1968)
  Mission Impossible Annual 1970 (1969)
  A Power of Evil (ss) (1969)
  A Real Blast! (ss) (1969)
  Please Can We Have Our B.A.11 Back? (ss) (1969)
  Mafia Mayday (ss) (1971)
  Mission Impossible Annual 1972 (1971)
  Bang On Target (ss) (1971)
  The Big Heist (ss) (1971)
  Codename - Scapegoat (ss) (1971)
  Double Trouble (ss) (1971)
  The Jackboot Kicks (ss) (1971)
  The Seventh Santa Claus (ss) (1971)
  The Breakout (ss) (1973)
The Persuaders Lancers Advance (ss) (1973)
The Protectors (1972) The Collector (ss) (1973)
Jonny Quest Jonny Quest Annual 1966 (1965)
  Jonny Quest Annual 1967 (1966)
S.N.O.R.K.E.L. "Killer Seaweed" (ss) (1971)
The Saint The Saint Annual 1968 (1967)
  The Saint Annual 1970 (1969)
  The Saint Television Picture Story Book (1971)
  A Saintly Tip (ss) (1971)
  Highway Robbery (ss) (1971)
  The Saint Takes A Hand (ss) (1971)
  Trust The Saint (ss) (1971)
  The Saint and the Skeleton (ss) (1971)
  Return Of The Saint Annual 1979 (1978)
  A Girl in the Boot (ss) (1978)
  Lady Helen's Necklace (ss) (1978)
  The Saint Leads a Dance (ss) (1978)
  Return Of The Saint Annual 1980 (1979)
The Six Million Dollar Man The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1977 (1976)
  The Best Of Friends (ss) (1976)
  No Oil Painting (ss) (1976)
  Troubled Waters (ss) (1976)
  Came The Revolution (ss) (1976)
  Win A Few (ss) (1976)
  Forbidden Reef (ss) (1976)
  The Ransom (ss) (1976)
  The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1978 (1977)
  Assembly Line (ss) (1977)
  Kidnap (ss) (1977)
  Explosive Situation (ss) (1977)
  Bodyguard (ss) (1977)
  Counter Punch (ss) (1977)
  Crash Dive (ss) (1978)
  Bait (ss) (1978)
  Wall Of Fire (ss) (1978)
  The Vanishing Tribe (ss) (1978)
  The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1979 (1978)
  The Long Sleep (ss) (1978)
  The Escape (ss) (1978)
  A Monstrous Tale (ss) (1978)
  The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1980 (1979)
The Spy With Flippers "The Dortmunster Aqueduct Matter" (ss) (1966)
  "The U-Boat Pen Matter" (ss) (1966)
  "The Battleship Tirpitz Matter" (ss) (1966)
  "The High-Speed Railway Matter" (ss) (1966)
  "The Dams of the Ruhr Matter" (ss) (1966)
  "The Construction In Calais Matter" (ss) (1966)
  "The Trouble With The Elsa Matter" (ss) (1966)
Spy-Chief Sabotage In The South (ss) (1941)
  The F.B.I. Scores Again (ss) (1942)
Spywatcher The Man Who Spies On Spies (ss) (1961)
  The Disappearing N.A.T.O. Secrets (ss) (1961)
  The Clue Of The Dentist's Drill (ss) (1961)
  The Case of the Fake Professor (ss) (1961)
  The Riddle of the Dead Stranger (ss) (1961)
  The Case of the Million Pound Ransom (ss) (1961)
  The Case of the False Saboteur (ss) (1961)
  The Case of the Phantom Photos (ss) (1961)
  The Case of the Secret Signals (ss) (1961)
  The Case of the Too Perfect Professor (ss) (1961)
  The Disappearing N.A.T.O. Secrets (ss) (1961)
  The Disappearing N.A.T.O. Secrets (ss) (1961)
  He Spies On Spies! (ss) (1963)
  The Puzzle of Grimblett's Face (ss) (1964)
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