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Series Books
Airwolf Airwolf Annual 1986 (1985)
The Avengers The Avengers Annual 1969 (1968)
  All The Fun Of The Fair, Mr. Steed (ss) (1968)
  Mensa Sana And All That (ss) (1968)
  Avast There, Mr. Steed (ss) (1968)
  The Avengers Annual 1970 (1969)
  The New Avengers Annual 1978 (1977)
  The New Avengers Annual 1979 (1978)
The Bionic Woman The Bionic Woman Annual (1978) (1977)
  Hijacked (ss) (1977)
  The Big Payoff (ss) (1977)
  The Bionic Woman Annual (1979) (1978)
Black Widow Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron - The Movie Storybook (2015)
James Bond Exhibitors Campaign Book: Dr. No (1962)
  Exhibitors Campaign Book: From Russia With Love (1963)
  Exhibitors Campaign Book: Goldfinger (1964)
  The James Bond 007 Annual 1966 (1965)
  Exhibitors Campaign Book: Thunderball (1965)
  The James Bond 007 Annual 1967 (1966)
  The James Bond 007 Annual 1969 (1968)
  James Bond 007 Moonraker Special (1980) (1979)
  James Bond 007 For Your Eyes Only Special (1982) (1981)
  James Bond 007 Octopussy Special (1984) (1983)
Burke's Law Burke's Law Annual (1965)
  Burke's Law Television Story Book (1965)
John Drake "Danger Man And African Diamonds" (ss) (06/24/1961)
  "The Eiffel Tower Tip-Off" (ss) (07/08/1961)
  "That Old Black Magic Con" (ss) (07/29/1961)
  The Temple (ss) (1965)
  The House On 22nd Street (ss) (1965)
  Traitor's Gate (ss) (1965)
  The Big Catch (ss) (1965)
  The Girl From M.6 (ss) (1965)
  Drake's Big Beat (ss) (1965)
  Drake Takes A Bow (ss) (1965)
  The Nap Hand (ss) (1965)
  Danger Man Annual 1966 (1965)
  Danger Man Television Story Book (1965)
  Trouble In Paradise (ss) (1965)
  Gold Hat (ss) (1965)
  Night Train To Rome (ss) (1965)
  Danger Man Annual 1967 (1966)
  The Big Splash (ss) (1966)
  No Medals for the General (ss) (1966)
  Smoked Out (ss) (1966)
  Smugglers' Cove (ss) (1966)
  Countdown (ss) (1966)
  Dead On Nine (ss) (1966)
  Payoff on the Frontier (ss) (1966)
  Playback (ss) (1966)
  The Silver Ring (ss) (1966)
Nick Fury Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron - The Movie Storybook (2015)
The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Double Trouble For April (ss) (1966)
  Serpent of the Nile (ss) (1966)
  Mexican THRUSH Dance (ss) (1966)
  England Swings (ss) (1966)
  April in the Fog (ss) (1966)
  The Case of the T.V. Take-Over (ss) (1966)
  Bolt Out of the Blue (ss) (1966)
  The Case of Madame X (ss) (1966)
  War Drums (ss) (1966)
  The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1967 (1967)
  An Unquiet Vacation (ss) (1967)
  The School For Skiing Affair (ss) (1967)
  It's Nicer To Die In Bed (ss) (1967)
  The Side By Side Affair (ss) (1967)
  The Chinaman Who Wasn't (ss) (1967)
  The Dutch Windmill (ss) (1967)
  A Bomb In Hand (ss) (1967)
  That Old April Charm (ss) (1967)
  The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1968 (1968)
  The Kidnap Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1969 (1969)
  The Dewline Affair (ss) (1969)
  A Bit of a Wag (ss) (1969)
  The Deep Water Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Pluto Affair (ss) (1969)
  A Puzzle For U.N.C.L.E. (ss) (1969)
  The Little Jester (ss) (1969)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Gasser Affair (ss) (01/14/1967)
  The Abominable Snowman Affair (ss) (01/21/1967)
  The "Whoops, Wrong Capsule" Affair (ss) (01/28/1967)
  The Magic Carpet Affair (ss) (02/04/1967)
  The Crack Of Doom Affair (ss) (02/11/1967)
  The Split Second Affair (ss) (02/18/1967)
  The Last Man In The Tomb Affair (ss) (02/25/1967)
  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1967 (1966)
  The Explosive Affair (ss) (1966)
  The Fortune Cookie Affair (ss) (1966)
  The Last Flight Affair (ss) (1966)
  The Invisible Man Affair (ss) (1966)
  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Television Picture Story Book 1967 (1967)
  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1969 (1968)
  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Television Picture Story Book 1968 (1968)
  The Bad Joke Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1970 (1969)
  The Big Bang in a Bottle Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Clock Face Affair (ss) (1969)
  The 'Who Flies Where For What' Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Operation Waverly Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Amusement Pier Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Cut and Run Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Sand Storm for Illya ... Nap Hand for Napoleon Affair (ss) (1969)
  The Highway to the Sun Affair (ss) (1969)
Mission Impossible Mission Impossible Annual 1969 (1968)
  Operation Skyhook (ss) (1968)
  So This Is The Cold War (ss) (1968)
  The Bullion Robbery (ss) (1968)
  Mission Impossible Annual 1970 (1969)
  A Real Blast! (ss) (1969)
  Please Can We Have Our B.A.11 Back? (ss) (1969)
  A Power of Evil (ss) (1969)
  Mission Impossible Annual 1972 (1971)
  The Breakout (ss) (1973)
The Saint The Saint Annual 1968 (1967)
  The Saint Annual 1970 (1969)
  The Saint Television Picture Story Book (1971)
  Return Of The Saint Annual 1979 (1978)
  Return Of The Saint Annual 1980 (1979)
The Six Million Dollar Man The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1977 (1976)
  The Best Of Friends (ss) (1976)
  No Oil Painting (ss) (1976)
  Troubled Waters (ss) (1976)
  Came The Revolution (ss) (1976)
  Win A Few (ss) (1976)
  Forbidden Reef (ss) (1976)
  The Ransom (ss) (1976)
  The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1978 (1977)
  Counter Punch (ss) (1977)
  The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1979 (1978)
  Wall Of Fire (ss) (1978)
  The Escape (ss) (1978)
  Crash Dive (ss) (1978)
  Bait (ss) (1978)
  The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1980 (1979)
Mike Nelson [creator]
Scoop Daley [creator]
Johnny Nero [creator]
Barracuda [creator]
Jayson Wilde [creator]
John Havoc [creator]
G-2 of the Army Intelligence [creator]
Mark Strong [creator]
John Steel [creator]
Spywatcher The Man Who Spies On Spies (ss) (08/26/1961)
  The Disappearing N.A.T.O. Secrets (ss) (09/02/1961)
  The Clue Of The Dentist's Drill (ss) (09/09/1961)
  The Case of the Fake Professor (ss) (09/16/1961)
  He Spies On Spies! (ss) (09/1963)
  The Puzzle of Grimblett's Face (ss) (09/1964)
  The Riddle of the Dead Stranger (ss) (09/23/1961)
  The Case of the Million Pound Ransom (ss) (09/30/1961)
  The Case of the False Saboteur (ss) (10/07/1961)
  The Case of the Phantom Photos (ss) (10/14/1961)
  The Case of the Secret Signals (ss) (10/21/1961)
  The Case of the Too Perfect Professor (ss) (10/28/1961)
Mike Stone [creator]
Jeff Curtiss [creator]
Nick Douglas [creator]
Double Two-One Double Two-One Magenta Seven (ss) (1965)
  Double Two-One Special Agent (ss) (1965)