Full Name: Jayson Wilde
Series Name: Jason Wilde
Nationality: British
Organization: Department Q
Occupation Agent

Creator: Unknown
Time Span: 1975 - 1975


       Jayson Wilde is an agent with Department Q.
       That is a "secret international security force" with less than stellar ways of doing things as evidenced by a brother series about John Havoc who is blackmailed into working for them. Wilde's participation is a different matter but still interesting.
       When we first meet him in his four recorded adventures, we learn that he is, before he knows about Department Q, a unique individual. "To Jayson Wilde, the world was a place to enjoy. And he wanted it to stay that way, which is why, whenever he saw evil threatening to spoil his world, he chose to go and do something about it. Unluckily for some ..." Those are the first words spoken about Wilde and they introduce a scene where four rowdy gents with trudgeons are about to beat up a defenseless older man. Wilde does not approve.
       The London headquarters of Department Q is a very run-down "seemingly deserted" warehouse. Why such a dilapodated facility would be chosen is not mentioned but must be related to the "secret" aspect of the far reaching, always scheming, group. The men who make up the leadership of Department Q are depicted as extremely serious, somber individuals who do not quite take to Wilde's almost flippant attitude. When he refers to his first real assignment after three months of training as "quite a caper!", most are extremely wary of him in general.
       It is alluded to that Wilde had a "pretty shady" background, not quite criminal but certainly not on the straight and narrow. When talking about stopping a robbery, he states "knocking-off factory goods isn't my scene. The odd fiddle maybe ..." He does not elaborate on what an odd fiddle might entail but the grin and a wink that accompanied the remark lets the reader know that Wilde has skirted the legal line a tad here and there.
       As in keeping with the younger generation of the early to mid 70s, Wilde sports a bushy hairdo, not too long but certainly way over the ears. He frequently wears a medallion hanging outside his shirt and always dresses in a relaxed, casual style befitting his demeanor.


Number of Stories:4
First Appearance:1975
Last Appearance:1975

       Jayson Wilde first appeared in the Digest-Size Graphic Novel series "Top Secret Picture Library" that was published twice a month by IPC Magazine.
       That magazine, one of many put out by IPC in the 50s-80s, did not have the longevity of some of its siblings, lasting only 40 issues (1974-1976) but while the other magazines were anthologies with many different series going on in each one, these were single-character, single-story issues.
       Most of those issues dealt with a test pilot named John Havoc, forced to be a secret agent for Department Q. Four, however, were pulled "From the Jayson Wilde dossier".

Note 1: Each adventure is 64 pages of largely 2 big panels per page. That is a bit much to present here. I have given the first three pages of each adventure to give a taste.
Note 2: The incredible British Comics is a fantastic source for these and a whole lot more!


       I have read quite a few illustrated spy series in my day. I love the genre. I love the variety that the different authors and artists give us.
       Most tend to follow a motif, with the main character being a stalwart guy or gal doing whatever is necessary to get the job done. With Jayson Wilde, though, we get a man who relishes his job. He really gets into it a lot and loves the excitement and danger to a point that you know he is going to get his butt shot up, he is so cocky. And then he doesn't and you don't really mind the improbability of it all (at least I didn't).
       Not realistic but a lot of fun. Too bad the publisher only gave a small number of his stories.


My Grade: B


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