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Full Name: Jonny Quest
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Adventurer

Creator: Doug Wildey
Time Span: 1964 - 2020


       Jonny Quest is an adventurer.
       Since he is around 11 years old, he does not really have an occupation but since he is constantly getting involved in adventures of all sorts, the description above is, to me, the most accurate.
       To look at him you would not likely see anything different than other boys his age. He is average looking, attractive without being overly so. He has blond hair and a quick smile and has a general look of someone you could trust. He is quite athletic, the result of physical education provided by his family's bodyguard, Race Bannon. And while he is no genius (at least not that we know of) he is pretty sharp and catches onto things quickly.
       Quest comes into his adventures through his father, Dr. Benton Quest, a man who is a certified genius who enjoys tremendous knowledge of and interest in a whole range of subjects. Medicine, engineering, biology, botany, marine exploration, so on and so on. You name it, he knows a lot about it. Being such a Renaissance man, Dr. Quest is constantly being called upon by friends, colleagues and very often the U.S. government to help out here and there. When not so busy, he finds plenty of things to take him all over the world.
       Traveling with him to all those places is his son, Jonny. Jonny's mother died several years before and Dr. Quest cannot see himself leaving his son behind or in a boarding school so where the father goes, so does the son. And since the father is always finding danger and trouble in the things he gets involved in, so does his son.
       Helping both father and son survive is Roger "Race" Bannon, a highly experience intelligence operative who, after Jonny's mother's death, was assigned to be the guardian for the lad. Bannon is an expert at all manner of vehicles from race car driving to speed boats to any type of aircraft. He is an expert in several forms of martial arts and is an expert with firearms. While his intellect is not on the same level as Dr. Quest, he can hold his own in any discussion so is able to explain things to Jonny when it is necessary.
       Joining this trio almost from the beginning is Hadji Singh, a young Indian boy about a year older than Jonny. Hadji was an orphan living on the streets of Calcutta when he saved the life of Dr. Quest from the knife attack of a would-be assassin. In thanks for the rescue and to give the boy a chance for a good life, not to mention provide companionship to his son, the elder Quest took Hadji on his ward. Jonny and Hadji became immediate friends and are now closer than brothers.
       The four make up what herein I call the Quest team. Wherever they go, if trouble does not find them, one of them will find trouble.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1996

       The 11 young adult books (or novellas) were posted as being by Brad Quentin but that was a house pseudonym. The actual authors were Terry Bisson and David Bischoff, as indicated with each book.
       The stories were all-new adventures but tie-ins to The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest cartoon show.

1 Jonny Quest Annual 1966 Jonny Quest Annual 1966
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1965

According to, this contains the following articles/stories:
CAPERS ON CAPRI: When a U.S Military airplane carrying a supply of X909- a new and secret wonderdrug- blows up on the runway under suspicious circumstances, Dr Quest is called in to investigate.
THE PLOT ON POWER ISLAND: Jonny is kidnapped from his home on Palm Key to silence Dr Quest after he completes a top secret report on Intercontinental Ballistic Missile projection. It's a dangerous report for one Zaptan Zoltan...
BANDIT THE BULLDOG: On a trip to London, Dr Quest is duped by a pretend friend- and Bandit proves that Bulldogs can be good trackers, after all.
JONNY QUEST- THE MYSTERY OF THE LIZARD MEN: A graphic version of the story we all know and love!
BLACK GOLD: Jonny's curiosity gets the better of him- and gets him into trouble, as he becomes entangled in a plot to keep Dr Quest away from the San Luis valley...but why?
THE TOWN OF LOST MEN: On a three week holiday, heading towards California and stopping off in Nevada, Jonny and company come across a ghost town with quite a sinister secret...and the men seem to be acting like robots...
THE RIDDLE OF SHARK BAY: Whilst on a pacific Coral Island south of Tahiti, Jonny thinks he sees sharks inshore...Did he? Or is it something far more sinister lurking beneath the water? Maybe someone other than Dr Quest is looking for the priceless deposit of Uranium 625 plus...

2 Jonny Quest Annual 1967 Jonny Quest Annual 1967
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1966

According to, this contains the following articles/stories:
THE SECRET OF PIRATE'S COVE: When Jonny, Dr. Quest, Race and Bandit take a vacation in Cornwall, England, they run afoul of enemy spies with a mind-controlling drug who plan to take over the world!
SURF RIDING: A one-pager about surfing.
BANDIT BOUNDS IN: When Jonny and Race are kidnapped, and Dr. Quest is threatened by a ruthless villain, it's up to Bandit to turn the tables on the bad guys.
THE ANCIENT AND MODERN ART OF SPYING: The story of two spies, one ancient and one modern.
THE GIANT 'EYE' ON SPACE: A brief article about the Mark I radio telescope at the University of Manchester Nuffield Radio Astronomy Labs in Cheshire, England.
THE ISLE OF CATS: When Jonny and Bandit spot a giant jaguar walking on its hind legs, no one believes first.
WOULD YOU MAKE A SPY?: A quiz to determine your spy potential.
CRATER CAPERS: Dr. Quest's trip to Italy to confer with a top-level scientist from Naples is not as top-secret as they had hoped, as unscrupulous elements plan to steal their latest nuclear power advance.
THE RUBY RAY: As the US Army plans to conduct a secret missile test launch, enemies conspire to destroy the missile.""

3 Jonny Quest and the Lost City Jonny Quest and the Lost City
Written by Horace J. Elias
Copyright: 1972

A Modern Promotions board book:
A Mexican lost city is found by Jonny Quest, his dad and "Race" Bannon.

4 Jonny Quest's Adventure with the Secret Tunnel Jonny Quest's Adventure with the Secret Tunnel
Written by Horace J. Elias
Copyright: 1972

A Modern Promotions board book:
Jonny Quest finds a secret tunnel in a cave near his home. Bad guys attack the house and take Jonny and his dad prisoner before Race can save them.

5 Jonny Quest: Adventure with the Salt Plot Jonny Quest: Adventure with the Salt Plot
Written by Horace J. Elias
Copyright: 1973

Dr. Quest, Jonny, Haji and Race thwart Dr. Mephisto Chang's and Hugo Xippe's scheme to destroy the world's water supply.

6 The Demon of the Deep The Demon of the Deep
Written by Terry Bisson
Copyright: 1996

1st book in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest series.
The Quest team are cruising the ocean and photographing the giant squid. 
Dr. Quest and Hadji lose contact with the surface while down below take photos. Jonny goes to find out why and discovers they are captives of a mad Nazi Commander on his sub that doesn't know that World War II has been over for 50 years.

7 The Forbidden City of Luxor The Forbidden City of Luxor
Written by David Bischoff
Copyright: 1996

2nd book in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest series.

Strange lights and noises have been sighted over the deserted city of Luxor, India.
The city is located in a very large wildlife preserve and the Quest team goes to investigate. What will they find?

8 The Pirates of Cyber Island The Pirates of Cyber Island
Written by David Bischoff
Copyright: 1996

[plot unknown]

9 Peril In The Peaks Peril In The Peaks
Written by Terry Bisson
Copyright: 1996

[plot unknown]

10 Evil Under The Ice Evil Under The Ice
Written by David Bischoff
Copyright: 1996

[plot unknown]

11 The Monsters From Beyond Time The Monsters From Beyond Time
Written by David Bischoff
Copyright: 1996

[plot unknown]

12 Journey Into Q-Space Journey Into Q-Space
Written by David Bischoff
Copyright: 1996

[plot unknown]

13 Attack Of The Evil Cyber-God Attack Of The Evil Cyber-God
Written by Terry Bisson
Copyright: 1996

[plot unknown]

14 Trouble On Planet Q Trouble On Planet Q
Written by David Bischoff
Copyright: 1996

[plot unknown]

15 The Lake Of Terror The Lake Of Terror
Written by David Bischoff
Copyright: 1996

[plot unknown]

16 The War Of The Wizards The War Of The Wizards
Written by David Bischoff
Copyright: 1996

[plot unknown]


Number of Movies:3
First Appearance:1993
Last Appearance:2015


Number of Episodes:91
First Appearance:1964
Last Appearance:1997

Tim MathesonJonny Quest [ 1 ]
Scott MenvilleJonny Quest [ 2 ]
J.D.RothJonny Quest [ 3 ]
Quinton FlynnJonny Quest [ 4 ]
Mike RoadRace Bannon [ 1 ]
Granville Van DusenRace Bannon [ 2 ]
Robert PatrickRace Bannon [ 3 ]
Robert FoxworthRace Bannon [ 4 ]
Danny BravoHadji Singh [ 1 ]
Robert PaulsenHadji Singh [ 2,4 ]
Michael BenyaerHadji Singh [ 3 ]

       The great team of Hanna and Barbera added to its impressive stable of terrific cartoon shows enjoyed by both children and adults with the arrival of Jonny Quest and his friends and family. The year was 1964 and for the next 26 weeks the 30-minute adventures of the Quest team entertained television audiences in prime time. Unfortuntely, production costs for this program with its impressive artwork was very high and only one season was produced.
       Twenty years after the first season, during a resurgeance in interest in Hanna-Barbera properties, the show was brought back for another season, considered by many to be a continuation of the earlier show. The show was titled The New Adventures of Jonny Quest, Only half as many episodes were developed for this 'second' season but two television movies were made a few years after the 13 episodes were aired.
       Jump ahead another decade and the Cartoon Network orders from Hanna-Barbera another iteration of the adventurous young man, now aged a couple of years to be a teenager. The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest was the name of this group of stories which were considered by many as harder and a bit more violent than in the past. After the first season of the returned show, denoted as Season 3 here, things eased up a bit and Jonny and Hadji each lost a year in age. These episodes are marked here as Season 4.


Number of Stories:74
First Appearance:1964
Last Appearance:2017


Number of Games:3
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1996

1 Jonny Quest Card Game Jonny Quest Card Game
Card Game
Milton Bradley
Copyright: 1964

According to the website Classic Jonny Quest: "The game itself has little to do with Jonny Quest. The cards are numbered from 1-40 with two wildcards. Each player gets five cards to start, and the next two cards become the "high" and "low" cards placed in the tray. You draw a card. If you have a card with a value in between the high and low, you place it in the tray, creating either a new high or low, plus you can discard any other card in your hand. (Wildcards can be any value between 1 and 40.) If you don't have a card falling in between the high and low, you put one card in the tray anyway but cannot do the extra discard. The round ends when one player is out of cards. He gets one point for each card in his opponents' hands. You win a game by accumulating 11 points (two players), 21 points (three players) or 31 points (four). An opponent can only have up to 5 cards in a hand at a time, so you can see you'd need to play at least three rounds to get a winner in a two-player game."
In Australia, the game was released by John Sands

2 Jonny Quest Board Game Jonny Quest Board Game
Copyright: 1964

For 2-4 players ages 8+. The game consisted of a game board, two spinners, 6 red cardboard guns, 6 blue cardboard guns, cardboard chests, plastic boats, and instructions.

3 Jonny Quest: Cover-Up At Roswell Jonny Quest: Cover-Up At Roswell
Virgin Sound and Vision
Copyright: 1996

According to Wikipedia: Gameplay consists of clicking areas on images of locations—whether the Serengeti plains or Manhattan—to navigate paths in search of the objects. Occasionally, players encounter mini games, such as the task of guiding a diving bell away from rocks or shooting rats with a slingshot.
The story behind it is the Quest team is out to stop a group misusing technology learned at Roswell.


Number of Collectibles:6
First Appearance:1986
Last Appearance:2014

1 Jonny Quest Poster Jonny Quest Poster
Doug Wildey
Copyright: 1986

A fine art print that is 24 x 36 inches of Jonny Quest, his father and friend in a number of adventures.

2 Jonny Quest Lunchbox Jonny Quest Lunchbox
Food Container
Copyright: 1995

A black plastic food container (lunchbox) with 2 decals (Front & Back) on it. The decal on the front features a large picture of Jonny Quest and smaller pictures of the others.
The decal on the back features Jonny and Race fighting guys in scuba gear.

3 The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Lunch Set The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Lunch Set
Food & Drink Containers
Copyright: 1996

A set of a drink container (thermos) with logo and a food container (lunchbox) with a decal based on the Cartoon Network series The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. The details are as follows:
Thermos - White with a purple lid (thermos topper) and the logo of the animated TV series. It will hold your favorite drink, hot or cold.
Lunchbox - A purple plastic box to store food in with a decal on the front of the animated TV series.

4 Jonny Quest On TV Jonny Quest On TV
Fridge Magnet
Copyright: 2016

A very strong magnet to place on the fridge that measures 3 x 2 inches of a retro 1960's television with the beginning of Jonny Quest. This was a Hanna-Barbera cartoon that first aired in
primetime on Friday and later on Saturday Morning. Featured are Jonny Quest, Hadji, Dr. Benton Quest, Race Bannon and Bandit, who are the main characters. It invokes nostalgia of a time when the
cartoons were cool and entertaining.

5 Jonny Quest Figures Set Jonny Quest Figures Set
Action Figure
McFarlane Toys
Copyright: 2006

A set of 3 action figures that include Jonny Quest with jetpack and knife, Bandit, his dog and a prehistoric pterodactyl. Jonny is fighting the pterodactyl while Bandit cowers in fright. It was one of the figure sets in Hanna-Barbera Series 2 by the toy company.

6 Jonny Quest Print Jonny Quest Print
Matthew Woodson
Copyright: 2014

A fine art screen print that measures 36 x 24 inches and is hand numbered to 225 editions. It features the characters from the Hanna-Barbera animated TV series in a laboratory. They are also shown running across the name on the print.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1995
Last Appearance:2020

1 Jonny Quest: Character Reference Guide Jonny Quest: Character Reference Guide
Written by Tom Barreca
Copyright: 1995

A reference for the Jonny Quest series. It was one in a series of 5 books for famous Hanna-Barbera Cartoons. The book is done in 4 sections as listed that follow next.
The Characters - Gave details on all major characters and supporting characters from the show.
The Shows - This gives a program history of the series.
Trivia - Gave information about the show and how it was created.
Reference - Given all credits for the show and also tells of merchandising, publishing history and sponsors.

2 The Hanna-Barbera Treasury The Hanna-Barbera Treasury
Written by Jerry Beck
Copyright: 2007

Celebrate the legacy of the Hanna-Barbera Studio through more than five decades of cartoon magic with this book that archives concept art, storyboards and a number of other things from the company's vast treasure of information. Listed here for the cartoons that are spy related.

3 Hero-A-Go-Go! Hero-A-Go-Go!
Written by Michael Eury
Copyright: 2017

This book is subtitled "Campy Comic Books, Crimefighters & Culture Of The Swinging Sixties." It mentions and gives details on a number of Spy Series within! Welcome to the Camp Age when spies liked their wars cold and their women warm and good guys beat bad guys with a pun and a punch. Celebrate the Camp Craze of the Swinging Sixties when just about everyone was a secret agent.

4 It's Saturday Morning It's Saturday Morning
Written by Joe Garner, Michael Ashley
Copyright: 2018

The book is subtitled "A Celebration Of The Golden Era Of Cartoons." It dedicates 4 pages of information to the history of Jonny Quest.
buy from Amazon

5 Hanna-Barbera's Prime Time Cartoons Hanna-Barbera's Prime Time Cartoons
Written by Raymond Valinoti, Jr.
Copyright: 2020

A history of the prime time animated shows produced by Hanna-Barbera throughout the 1060's. One of these is The Adventures of Jonny Quest (aka Jonny Quest) that aired Friday Night on ABC in 1964 and 1965. A number of pages in the book give information about the series. It is a handy volume of information on an era gone bye. Make a "Quest" to the bookstore today!
buy from Amazon


       I was lucky enough to discover Jonny Quest and his adventures when I was a tween and was hooked on the show, though it's relative short initial life quickly moved me from interest to annoyance at the repeats. When it came back two decades later, I was, obviously, two decades older and not the least bit interested. The same could be said for the re-reboot a decade after that. It wasn't until I decided to add Quest to this compendium that I went for another look.
       This second study showed me that my initial love of the show was justified - it was a lot of exciting fun. My secondary look was not - the "second season" was fun as well. The third season, that in the 90's, was not anywhere as much fun as it seems to spend all its time, especially in the comicbook stories put out during that run, with virtual reality adventure. I mean, I'm watching television so I know it's not real. And it is animated so I know it's really not real. But having the things take place in a fake environment even then, well, triple removed from reality is a bit much.
       Still, Quest belongs because he and the Quest team is constantly go up against would-be world rulers or world destroyers. And many of the early tales are just a fun now for me as back when I was a tween (which was long before they started calling it that).


My Grade: B

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GoldenI A 2020-08-24

C''mon...Jonny got me hooked on Spyfi before I even discovered James Bond. Race was ace!

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