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Full Name: Mike Nelson
Codename: The Eagle
Nationality: British
Organization: S.O.E.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Unknown
Time Span: 1975 - 1982


Mike Nelson is an agent with the S.O.E.

That acronym stands for the Special Operations Executive, a British World War II organization formed in 1940 out of three previously existing espionage groups, Department EH, the SIS (aka MI6), and Department GS(R). It was the order of Winston Churchill that these often rivalous bureaus be melded into one and as a result of this directive, it was sometimes called "Churchill's Secret Army". Another whimsical though not at all inaccurate, it earned the nickname "Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare".

The latter definitely fits the kind of group which would employ someone of Nelson's skillset and demeanor. Nelson is more than once referred to as an extremely cold and heartless person and he proves it on a regular basis. His hatred for the Nazis is tremendous and his determination to get the job done legendary, though only through the codename of 'Eagle'. Other than that designation, he maintains his true identity well under wraps, showing all who meet him that he has no personal life outside his desire to bring down the Third Reich.

As a weapon to unleash behind enemy lines, especially in his first mission as designation 'Eagle' which is to assassinate Adolf Hitler, Nelson is relentless. He is also extremely well trained, being an expert with all manners of armaments. This includes his Indian wrist dagger, which he can apparently unconnect, turn around, and hurl with great accuracy, all while having a pistol pointed at him by a very willing shooter. But it is behind the sniper rifle that his real skill comes through.

Then there is his abilities with languages, be it French, Spanish, or, most importantly, German. He can speak it well enough to be able to impersonate German officers on several occasions, all without arousing any suspicion.

We know very little about Nelson's life before the War and it is pretty obvious that this athletic, lean man of reddish-brown hair is no one you would want against you.

The exact creator(s) of the Mike Nelson series has not come to light yet. The industrious fellow spy-fan who has been providing all the information on this series for me has learned that the magazine was the creation of five people: Pat Mills, John Wagner, Gerry Finley-Day, Dave Hunt, Doug Church.

It is probably that one or more of these creative souls came up with the idea of Mr. Nelson.


Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:1976
Last Appearance:1977

1 The Return of the Eagle The Return of the Eagle
short story
Written by Gerry Finley-Day
Copyright: 1976

First printed in Battle Picture Weekly Summer Special 1976 by Gerry Finley-Day with drawings by Patrick Wright and reprinted in Battle Holiday Special 1987.
A Coward's Crash-Landing Leads Top Agent Mike Nelson into A Deadly Adventure! Nelson has a mission to destroy a German atomic heavy-water plant in Norway. Can The Eagle pull it off with the plastic explosives he has or another way.
Click here to read the story.

2 Death Trap Death Trap
short story
Written by Gerry Finley-Day
Copyright: 1977

Found in Battle Picture Weekly Annual 1978 with color illustrations by Patrick Wright.
The Germans have put a price on Mike Nelson wanting him dead. Will Nelson fall for their trap?
Click here to read the story.


Number of Stories:15
First Appearance:1975
Last Appearance:1982

Mike Nelson (The Eagle) first appeared in the British comics magazine called Battle Picture Weekly, published and printed weekly by IPC Magazines. There appears to be 3 types of comic stories as follows:

1. Episodic - In 8 or more issues with 3 or 4 pages in each. This type is presented in episodes as if it were a movie serial with an overall plot throughout. Below all episodes (installments) are noted.

2. Limited - In 2 to 7 issues with at least 4 pages in each. This type is presented in parts as if it were a mini-series. Below all parts are noted.

3. Special - In only 1 issue and most likely under 10 pages. This type is like a one-shot special giving the whole comic story.

1 Day of the Eagle Day of the Eagle
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Barrie Mitchell (artist), Eric Hebden (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)
Copyright: 03/08/1975 - 05/24/1975

Printed in Issues No. 1 thru No. 12 (12 issues) of Battle Picture Weekly. This comic story is set during World War II and it unfolded as follows;
Episode 1-1 (No. 1) - Codename: Eagle - 3 pages (2 color and 1 black & white).
Meet Mike Nelson - Britain's Deadliest Secret Agent! Nelson steal plans from Germans in Normandy and returns to London. There he gets his new mission to kill Hitler!
Episode 1-2 (No. 2) - The Gestapo Trap - 4 black & white pages.
Agent Mike Nelson - With The War's Most Important Mission! Nelson is flown to occupied France and dropped. French Resistance helps him and he boards a train to Munich. Yet another agent at Gestapo headquarter cracks and tells all. Will the Eagle make it to Munich aboard the train or get caught?
Episode 1-3 (No. 3) - Evading The Germans - 3 black & white pages.
The German Close In - Can Mike Nelson Break Out? Mike Nelson (The Eagle) has to avoid the German that are after him and try to find a way to Munich fast.
Episode 1-4 (No. 4) - Target Adolf Hitler! - 3 black & white pages.
Will Mike Nelson complete the most vital mission of the war? The Eagle Closes On His Target! Has Kleiber clipped the wings of The Eagle or will he finally put a bullet in Hitler? The suspense and mystery deepens!
Episode 1-5 (No. 5) - Is The Fuhrer Dead? - 3 black & white pages.
The Assassin Has Struck - But There's A Shock In Store! The Eagle Has Challenged The Very Might Of Germany! Mike Nelson thinks he has killed Hitler, but a double has been used and The Eagle must still carry out his mission and escape if he can.
Episode 1-6 (No. 6) - In Gestapo Hands - 3 black & white pages.
The Eagle Is sentenced to death by Hitler! Mike Nelson (The Eagle) has been caught and will face death in Berlin. If he can get away, he still must carry-out the mission given him.
Episode 1-7 (No. 7) - Have You Seen This Man? - 3 black & white pages.
The Gestapo Manhunt Closes In On The "Eagle"! Nelson escaped and now the Gestapo are after him again. Can he eluded them to finish him mission and is it foretold in the star?
Episode 1-8 (No. 8) - A Second Chance At Hitler - 3 black & white pages.
Mike Nelson has fooled Hitler into believing he is his Astrologer. Can he kill the Fuhrer? But, the Gestapo is still after him. Will he be caught by them again or die? Is this the end of The Eagle?
Episode 1-9 (No. 9) - Is The Eagle Dead? - 3 black & white pages.
Adolf Hitler Gloats Over Mike Nelson's Dead Body! Nelson is believed dead by all. But is he? No and his mission to kill Hitler goes on.
Episode 1-10 (No.10) - New Weapon, Another Chance! - 3 black & white pages.
Armed With A New Weapon - Eagle Closes in On His Target! Nelson is again hunting Hitler, but now it's in the Black Valley of Bavaria. Something is going on there! But what? Will Nelson get caught yet again?
Episode 1-11 (No.11) - Hitler And The Bomb - 3 black & white pages. Is The Eagle's Cover About To Be Blown? Mike Nelson (The Eagle) has enter the German testing area and readies himself to kill Hitler. But, there's a great atomic blast. Has Nelson died in the fallout? Not a chance, but radiation is not a good for anyone.
Episode 1-12 (No.12) - Between Two Evils - 3 black & white pages. Nelson Has Witnessed The Most Terrible Weapon Of Mankind! The Eagle must choose to kill Hitler or the scientist that could help the Germans win the war.
Conclusion - Hitler is still alive though German atomic program is stalled. But, has Nelson truly died? This comic story ends with a total of 37 pages, enough for a whole comic book if it had been printed as such.
Note: This comic story was reprinted in the Battle Picture Weekly Annual 1980 some 5 years after its first printings. This time it was abridged to 24 pages and put into only 2 parts.

2 The Death's Head Dossier The Death's Head Dossier
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Robert Ede (writer), Geoff Campion (artist)
Copyright: 05/31/1975 - 08/09/1975

Printed in Issues No. 13 thru No. 23 (11 issues) of Battle Picture Weekly. Again the comic story is set during World War II and unfolds as follows:
Preface (No. 13) - Advertisement - 1 black & white page.
Did Mike Nelson Really Die? Find out for sure!
Episode 2-1 (No. 14) - Secret Agent Mike Nelson Is Back! - 4 black & white pages.
Britain's Top Wartime Agent Mike Nelson Returns. Two prisoners are exchanged on the border of Germany and Switzerland, one of them is Mike Nelson. On the journey back in London he tells how he survived. Nelson recovers and is given a new mission, that of going after the Nazi Death Head Unit somewhere in England.
Episode 2-2 (No. 15) - A British General Must Die - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson Cracks A Code And A General Seems Certain To Die! General Best is to be killed and Nelson has a plan to save him and get the Death's Head Unit out into the open. Will his plan work?
Episode 2-3 (No. 16) - Nelson The Nazi? - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson Joins The Nazis - At Large In Britain! Nelson takes the place of an assassin he killed. Torpedo Warheads are to be taken and Nelson must make sure they're not used.
Episode 2-4 (No. 17) - The Death's Head Commandos - 3 black & white pages.
Caught In The Path Of A Speeding Lorry! The Judd Steelworks is to be destroyed and Mike Nelson must stop it. Has he lost his cover and do they know who he is?
Episode 2-5 (No. 18) - Assassins For The Eagle - 3 black & white pages.
Mike's Cover Is Blown - His Assassination Has Been Fixed! Nelson is to be killed, but ends up killing the two after him. Then he discovers a possible traitor. What will happen next!
Episode 2-6 (No. 19) - Nelson Vs. Forster - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson Come Face To Face With A Traitor! Colonel Forster is the traitor and Nelson must do whatever he can to stop him and assume his identity.
Episode 2-7 (No. 20) - Death From Nazis - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson Faces Death From Nazis Based In Britain! Nelson is caught and questioned, but gets away. He then sees a Prisoner of War Camp for Germans. Is it the base of The Death's Head Group and where are the tanks they stole? Also how many other British Officers have become traitors and will Nelson make it out of the camp alive?
Episode 2-8 (No. 21) - Operation Totenkopf - 3 black & white pages.
Can Mike smash the Germans' plan in time? A deadly plan was being hatched in a British prison camp! The German prisoners (last of The Death's Head Group) plan to use the tanks they stole to killer top Allied officers at a nearby gathering.
Episode 2-9 (No. 22) - Preventing A Massacre - 3 black & white pages.
Can Mike Nelson prevent a massacre by Nazi fanatics? The Death's Head Group are attacking the brass of the Allied Forces and it is up to Nelson to stop them. Will he be able to stop a massacre?
Episode 2-10 (No. 23) - Saved By Top Agent - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson Race Against Time To Prevent A Brutal Massacre! Only one tank is left after Nelson's attach on The Death's Head Group. The Top Allied Brass plan to take a train, so Nelson must save them from the remaining tank of course. Finely a victory for Nelson!
Conclusion: Nelson saves the top brass and the country. The Death's Head Dossier is closed for good thanks to him. Yes, again another comic story that could have made a whole comic book itself with 32 pages in total.
Note: This comic story was reprinted in Battle Picture Weekly Annual 1981 around 5 years after it's first printing. It was minus the ad, had only 30 pages and was told in 2 parts. Yet all text and art was used.

3 Mike Nelson - Secret Agent Mike Nelson - Secret Agent
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Gerry Finley-Day (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)
Copyright: 08/1975

From Battle Picture Weekly Summer Special 1975 - the whole story in 4 black & white pages. Nelson kills and then poses as SS Colonel Weike in Greece. He flies to Crete as the Colonel to rescue Georges Zappas, the head of the guerrilla fighter on the island.

4 Return of the Eagle Return of the Eagle
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Various (writers & artists)
Copyright: 08/23/1975 - 02/14/1976

Printed in Issues No. 25 thru No. 50 (26 issues) of Battle Picture Weekly. WWII continues as this Mike Nelson episodic story unfolds.
Episode 3-1 (No. 25) - Orders To Kill - 4 black & white pages.
Mike Nelson Returns To Germany - With Orders To Kill! Nelson parachutes into Germany and walks 2 hours to Berlin. He has orders to eliminate an S.S. General named Maximilian Von Rittermann. Will he succeed? Read and find out!
Episode 3-2 (No. 26) - Assassinate A German Admiral - 4 black & white pages.
Nelson Strikes In The Middle Of A U-Boat Victory Celebration! Nelson's target is a German Admiral named Bausch. He must execute the Admiral and get away. Will Nelson's mission be a success? Read, See and Know!
Episode 3-3 (No. 27) - Target British Traitor - 4 black & white pages. Britain's Top Agent - Loose In Germany With Orders To Kill. Nelson decides that his next victim should be a Lord John Wagleigh that is English and does radio broadcasts on a station in Berlin. Will the Eagle get the traitor? The answer goes out as bad news over the airways.
Episode 3-4 (No. 28) - Doctor To Die - 3 black & white pages. The "Eagle" Visits A Nazi Concentration Camp - As A Prisoner! Nelson enters a German Prison Camp to kill a mad German doctor. Can he get away with this bold assassination? Only a bullet for medicine can tell the tale!
Episode 3-5 (No. 29) - The Show Must Go On! - 4 black & white pages. The "Eagle" Strikes In The Middle Of A German Opera! Nelson's mark this time is Herr Gabler who is the Head of Counter Espionage in occupied Countries. What is the Eagle's performance? Nelson's applause comes from his gun and the mark falls to his death! Another enemy dead, Nelson escapes the theater and catches a train.
Episode 3-6 (No. 30) - The Breakfast Hit - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson's prey is in Western France. He is General Gessler, the Chief of Gestapo and the Eagle will ice him in a restaurant at breakfast time. Will the motorcycle Nelson takes help him get away?
Episode 3-7 (No. 31) - Hangman of Linge - 4 black & white pages.
The Eagle Serves A Death Warrant On The Hangman Of Linge! Nelson is sent to to shoot a hangman named Hitzen, but gets caught and lynched instead from a light pole. Yet will the Eagle survive to get his mark and escape? You can count on it thanks to a friend!
Episode 3-8 (No. 32) - Duel to the Death - 4 black & white pages.
A Duel To The Death For Secret Agent Mike Nelson! The Eagle's next victim is the Prussian aristocrat, Count Erich Von Altburg. They duel to the death with swords and Nelson makes his men believe he is an agent of the Gestapo.
Episode 3-9 (No. 33) - The Death Chair - 4 black & white pages.
Will The Eagle Break Under Vicious Nazi Torture? Nelson saves a Russian agent from an electric chair and takes his place to take out Herr Baumann. Will Herr Baumann rest in peace after getting fried?
Episode 3-10 (No. 34) - Death Drop - 3 black & white pages. Reprinted in Battle Action Force Annual 1986.
Eagle risks a death-drop to find his next target. Nelson's next target is skiing in the Bavarian Alps, so he drops in to get him. His target is Gruppenfurrer Otto Dekker, but can he take him out on the slopes.
Episode 3-11 (No. 35) - Secret Papers - 4 black & white pages.
Orders From London - Find The Killer Spy With Secret Papers! A German agent named Hoffman has killed someone with secret papers. So, Nelson must find and kill Hoffman to get the paper himself.
Episode 3-12 (No. 36) - Top Secret Weapon Trial - 4 black & white pages.
The Eagle strikes during a Top Secret German Weapon Trial! Russian Prisoners are used in the test of a new remote control device for the German Panzer Tank. Nelson has ordered to kill Professor Linz and discredit his remote-control device.
Episode 3-13 (No. 37) - Eagle Vs Kondor - 3 black & white pages.
The British Secret Agent In A Deadly Shoot-Out! Posing as a scarecrow the Eagle finds his next target on a shooting range in the Black Forest. Nelson has to fight with everyone on the range to get his man. But will the Eagle or Kondor win?
Episode 3-14 (No. 38) - The German Death Line - 3 black & white pages. Reprinted in Battle Action Force Annual 1987.
Britain's Top Agent Strikes On A German Death Line. Mike Nelson's mission is to stop at all costs Nazi rail boss Karl Sleicher and his train of death in Eastern Germany.
Episode 3-15 (No. 39) - Save German Generals - 3 black & white pages.
Hitler and the Nazi High Command are killing all Officers that they think are traitors. The Eagle is send to save some of them still alive.
Episode 3-16 (No. 40) - Kill The Eagle Or Die - 3 black & white pages.
Mike Nelson assassinates Colonel Meyer and the Colonel's nephew vows to kill him. Will the kid get his chance?
Episode 3-17 (No. 41) - The Traitorous Police Chief - 4 black & white pages. Reprinted in Battle Annual 1984.
Deadly Action With Britain's Number One Secret Agent! A Dutch Police Chief is a Nazi lover and a traitor to his country and countrymen. Nelson has orders to Kidnap this Police Chief and hand him over to the Resistance.
This was reprinted in Battle Picture Weekly Annual 1984.
Episode 3-18 (No. 42) - The Prisoners' Helper - 4 black & white pages.
Eagle On A Mission Of Revenge To Help Tortured Prisoners! Nelson is sent to rescue some prisoners in Eastern Germany and get rid of a Herr Brecht.
Episode 3-19 (No. 43) - Trap of Opportunity - 4 black & white pages.
General-Major Kleiber Sets A Cunning Trap For Mike Nelson! But will the Eagle fall for it or will he get his mark, a German named Grenz?
Episode 3-20 (No. 44) - Two For The Price Of One - 3 black & white pages.
Britain's Top Agent Strikes - On Hitler's Birthday! A French Resistance group called Maquis need the help of Mike Nelson to catch a traitor. But thing are not what they seem, because there are really two traitors.
Episode 3-21 (No. 45) - Eliminated K Nineteen - 3 black & white pages.
A German Agent known only as 'K Nineteen' leaves his mark at British seaports. Mike Nelson, aka The Eagle is give orders to finish off the German Spy called K Nineteen as quickly as possible.
Episode 3-22 (No. 46) - Silence the Scientist - 4 black & white pages.
Dead Or Alive - A Top Scientist Must Not Be Allowed To Talk! Nelson has orders to kill a Danish Professor that's a German prisoner, but he believe he can bring him safely out.
Episode 3-23 (No. 47) - Alias Sergeant Adler - 4 black & white pages.
A Mission With A Dramatic Ending For Britain's Top Agent! Nelson poses as a German Sergeant named Adler and helps a German escape who is the nephew of a German General called The Laughing Torturer. What will happen next?
Episode 3-24 (No. 48) - In the Hands of the Laughing Torturer - 4 black & white pages.
Britain's Top Agent Captured By The "Laughing Torturer!" Mike Nelson has been captured by the man he was sent to kill. Will the Eagle be able to escape and still take out his mark.
Episode 3-25 (No. 49) - The Secret Steal Formula - 3 black & white pages.
Action, Suspense, Drama With Top Agent Mike Nelson! A Swedish professor is murdered by a German who worked with him and his formula is taken. It is the mission of Nelson to get the formula and kill the man who took it.
Episode 3-26 (No. 50) - Nelson vs Kleiber - 4 black & white pages.
Nelson's Ultimate Target - His Bitter Rival - Kleiber! The Gestapo leader Kleiber gets a list of British Agents and claims to be a traitor to sale it back to them. But will his plan work or back fire and will Nelson fall for the scheme?
Conclusion: After finishing a number of missions that were to rid the world of evil men this episodic story ends. If it had been published and printed in one volume it would have made a graphic novel with 94 pages.

5 Night of the Eagle Night of the Eagle
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Robert Ede (writer)
Copyright: 02/21/1976 - 03/06/1976

Printed in Issues No. 51 thru No. 53 (3 issues) of Battle Picture Weekly. Will night give Mike Nelson cover and keep him safer.
Part 1 (No. 51) - 4 black & white pages - Britain's Deadliest Agent In A Thrilling New Spy Adventure. Nelson stops a train with a van to photograph German plans for the Russian Front. Then takes them to Russian Agents and discovers a German General who wishes to defect and who has the Atlantic Wall Defense Plans the British want. Yet has the Gestapo set a trap for The Eagle and the traitor General?
Part 2 (No. 52) - 4 black & white pages - Agent Mike Nelson In A Night Of Blazing Suspense! Now aboard a train for Paris Nelson must meet with the traitor General to get the plans he need. But, the Gestapo is bound to get in the way. With the plans stolen and the General dead The Eagle must follow the man who took them. Then Nelson discovers the other man is American O.S.S. and after the plans as well. Yet, the American doesn't has the same plans Nelson needs. Has he failed and was it the wrong General?
Part 3 (No. 53) - 4 black & white pages - A Dramatic Climax To Mike Nelson's Daring Mission! Nelson boards the train again with the help of the O.S.S. Agent. The Eagle finely meets the true traitor General and discovers the plan were sent ahead to Paris. In Paris he get the suitcase with the plans and gets away from the Germans with help from the same O.S.S. Agent.
Conclusion: Mike Nelson with the Atlantic Wall Defense Plans believes British and American lives will be saved. His mission has succeeded. This story ends after only 12 pages.

6 The Eagle Flies East The Eagle Flies East
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Chris Lowder (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)
Copyright: 1976

Printed in Issues No. 55 thru No. 70 and No. 72 to No. 75 (20 issues) of Battle Picture Weekly, Mar 20 - Aug 07, 1976.
Mike Nelson goes to Asia. But will his luck be better?
Episode 4-1 (No. 55) - The Professor Zekker Impostor - 4 black & white pages.
Britain's Top War Agent In A Thrilling New Spy Adventure! Nelson kills and then poses as Professor Zekker to destroy plans of the germ warfare rockets. What else will he have to do to succeed?
Episode 4-2 (No. 56) - The Plane Truth - 3 black & white pages.
A Thrilling Climax With A Twist For Agent Mike Nelson! Now in Asia Nelson must find a way to finish the mission with out any help. Is the bomber plane what he needs?
Episode 4-3 (No. 57) - Terror of the Jungle - 3.5 black & white pages.
Thrilling Spy Action Filled With Suspense And Drama For Agent Mike Nelson. Marooned in a jungle in the Philippines the Eagle must find a way out. Can he help the natives and still survive?
Episode 4-4 (No. 58) - No Holds Barred - 3.5 black & white pages.
Britain's Top Agent Mike Nelson Hovering Between Life And Dead! Nelson and the natives must fight the Japanese to stay alive. Will he be captured and what else will happen?
Episode 4-5 (No. 59) - Traitor Aboard - 3 black & white pages.
Ambush! Nelson Returns To The Island Where He Stared Death In The Face! Nelson returns to the island and there discovers that someone on the American ship is a traitor. Will he get him?
Episode 4-6 (No. 60) - The Captured Scientist - 3 black & white pages.
His Codename Is 'Eagle' - His Game Is Spying - His Mission Is Death! Nelson is assigned to help U.S. Navel Intelligence rescue a Dutch Scientist from the Japanese. But is the scientist also a traitor?
Episode 4-7 (No. 61) - Another Deadly Assignment - 4 black & white pages.
Each Frame A Shock, Each Page a Blockbuster, Each Mission Spy-Packed! Nelson must find the base of a Major Chang in Borneo for the Americans and let them know where it is.
Episode 4-8 (No. 62) - The Oldest Spy Trick! - 3 black & white pages.
A Enemy Dies - A Daring Car Chase - And The Eagle Is Trapped! Nelson is sent to Singapore to get vital information for the Americans about the Japanese from a Dr. Feng. Yet to get it he must use a trick!
Episode 4-9 (No. 63) - The Agent of Death - 3.33 black & white pages.
Eagle's Three Deadly Roles - Saboteur - Assassin - Master Spy! Nelson posing as Otto Dorff has a mission to destroy a new Japanese tank if he can do it.
Episode 4-10 (No. 64) - Human Bombs! - 3 black & white pages.
Captured Nelson Learns The Secret Of The 'Human Bombs!' Nelson is sent to rescue a U.S. General from the Japanese. But will he stand a chance with the deadly special squad.
Episode 4-11 (No. 65) - Into The Jungle - 3 black & white pages.
The Jungle Is A Deadly Place - But Agent Mike Nelson Is Even Deadlier! The Eagle parachutes into the Burmese jungle with a mission to organize native guerrillas to fight the Japanese. But Can he?
Episode 4-12 (No. 66) - Rescue The Tiger God - 3 black & white pages.
The Stolen Tiger God Of Ragora Must Be Returned! Mike Nelson decides to go after the four British renegades that have taken the natives god so he can return it to them and fulfill his mission.
Episode 4-13 (No. 67) - Old Enemies - 3.5 black & white pages.
Nelson Meets Up With An Old And Vicious Enemy From His Past! The Eagle is tricked and captured. He then sees Colonel Saduki who he thought he had kill. Can Nelson get away or has he fallen?
Episode 4-14 (No. 68) - Hang By The Neck Or Suicide Subs - 4 black & white pages.
There Are Spies And Spies - But There's Only One Mike Nelson! Is Nelson dead or has he found others to help in his mission of taking out subs that plan to kill Americans?
Episode 4-15 (No. 69) - Tracking a Traitor - 4 black & white pages.
A Traitor's Day Are Numbered When Mike Nelson Investigates! The Eagle is in Singapore to find and remove a traitor.
Episode 4-16 (No. 70) - The Diamond Heist - 3 black & white pages.
An Agent's War Is Secret But Men Still Die! Some Spies Can Be Trapped But It's A Hard Task To Snare The Eagle! Nelson is sent after diamonds in a Hong Kong bank.
Episode 4-17 (No. 72) - The Terrible New Weapon - 4 black & white pages.
Evil Mind Had Devised A Terrible New Weapon Of War! Nelson must find out how the Japanese are making people into human bombs.
Episode 4-18 (No. 73) - Bombs In Their Heads - 4 black & white pages.
Some men might panic - some men turn tail - but Mike Nelson stands his ground in the Contest of Death!
Deadly Action With Mike Nelson - About To Be Turned Into A Human Bomb! Will evil men make Nelson into a bomb and can he stop those that already are?
Episode 4-19 (No. 74) - Saving the Admiral - 4 black & white pages.
Has Nelson's Spy Boss Broken Under Torture And Turned Traitor? Admiral Houston is captured and The Eagle (Mike Nelson) must try to rescue him from the Japanese. But can he?
Episode 4-20 (No. 75) - Failure & Death? - 4 black & white pages.
His Mission A Failure - Mike Prepares For A Terrible Death! Nelson has not freed the Admiral, but is captured himself. Yet will the Admiral save him and can Nelson still save the Yanks from death?
Conclusion: Mike Nelson has finished his time helping the American in the Far East and is called back to London. if this story was published and printed in one volume it could be a graphic novel with 68 pages and that's without the ads.

7 The Eagle Must Die The Eagle Must Die
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Chris Lowder (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)
Copyright: 08/14/1976 - 10/16/1976

Printed in Issues No. 76 thru No. 85 (10 issues) of Battle Picture Weekly.
The enemies of the Eagle want him dead. Will Mike Nelson survive?
Episode 5-1 (No. 76) - A Most Wanted Man - 3 black & white pages.
A Deadly New Spy Adventure With Top Agent Mike Nelson! The Eagle has found a German Double of Churchill and must get away to tell London. Yet now the Germans want him dead!
Episode 5-2 (No. 77) - A Call Goes Out - 3 black & white pages.
All Over France The Call Goes Out - The Eagle Must Die! Nelson is still trying to contact London but is discovered. Can he get away and will his own Alias want him dead?
Episode 5-3 (No. 78) - The Hunt For Nelson - 3 black & white pages.
A Cunning Mind Plots Top Agent Mike Nelson's Death! The French Resistance now think Nelson a traitor and are willing to get rid of him. What does this mean for The Eagle?
Episode 5-4 (No. 79) - Death At Every Turn - 3 black & white pages.
Hunted By All Sides, The Eagle Is A Man Surrounds By Death! The now face death from everyone and the Germans plan with a fake Churchill goes on. Is Nelson Doomed?
Episode 5-5 (No. 80) - Death & Failure - 2 black & white pages and 1 color page.
The Eagle Knows That Death Is The Only Reward For Failure! The Gestapo Chief has punched Nelson off the train. Will he live and be branded a traitor?
Episode 5-6 (No. 81) - Survival Is The Mission - 3 black & white pages.
Codename "Eagle", Real Name Nelson - Mission Survival! Now branded a traitor by his own side he must fight to stay alive and find out everything he can.
Episode 5-7 (No. 82) - Is This The End? - 3 black & white pages.
Secret Agent Mike Nelson - About To Be Blown Sky-High? Nelson must avoid a bomb and contact a visiting British Diplomat. But who will reach the Diplomat first?
Episode 5-8 (No. 83) - Clipping the Eagle's Wings - 2 color pages and 1 black & white page.
The German officer Schlegel had made it look like Nelson is a traitor. Put on a plane by other British agents and taken back to London Nelson must get away! But can he?
Episode 5-9 (No. 84) - The Treacherous Plot Revealed - 3 black & white pages.
The Scene Is War-Torn London! The Contestants are Eagle And The S.S.! Nelson is running out of time and must make the German show themselves. Yet are they really after someone else?
Episode 5-10 (No. 85) - An Explosive End - 3 black & white pages.
Dare To Witness The Explosive End Of Eagle's Mission! Nelson is held by Nazis and escapes to save the Royal Family. Will the Churchill Double die?
Conclusion: Mike Nelson (The Eagle) lived and the German names Schlegel vows revenge. This story ends with about 30 pages that would have made up a whole comic book.

8 Return of the Eagle - Mission Warsaw Return of the Eagle - Mission Warsaw
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Chris Lowder (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)
Copyright: 1976

Printed in Battle Picture Weekly Annual 1977 with 6 black & white pages.
In Poland, Mike Nelson, the Eagle, has a mission to kill the German butcher known as Colonel Zweig who put Polish people to death.
Note: this story was most likely originally an episode of the 4th series of stories but became too long for a single issue and was dropped until the Annual was published.

9 Operation Black Death Operation Black Death
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Chris Lowder (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)
Copyright: 01/29/1977 - 04/23/1977

Printed in Issues No. 100 thru No. 112 (13 issues) of Battle Picture Weekly & Valiant..
The Eagle (Mike Nelson) must stop another evil plan by the Germans. Can he do it?
Prolog (No. 100) - 1 black & white page.
A British Professor has been taken by the Germans and will help them with their new plan.
Episode 6-1 (No. 100) - Getting Professor Gifford's Papers - 3 black & white pages.
He's Back! Top Agent Mike Nelson, Codename Eagle Returns! The Germans are in England to get the Professor's papers, then Nelson gets them back. What will happen next?
Episode 6-2 (No. 101) - Survive or Die! - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson proves it's the survival of the fittest in the spy world! Nelson has been drugged and caught by the Nazis. He must get away before they have a chance to kill him.
Episode 6-3 (No. 102) - The Sinister Weapon - 3 black & white pages.
Top Agent Mike Nelson - Out to Smash the Nazis' Most Sinister Weapon! Nelson has decided it best to take a captured U-boat to Germany and kill Gifford.
Episode 6-4 (No. 103) - Sabotage Doubled - 3 black & white pages.
Watch Out, Nazi Germany - The Eagle Has Returned On A New Mission! Nelson and Bauer are the only ones left alive after the sub is bombed. Nelson also must get the German Captain of the boat to destroy it.
Episode 6-5 (No. 104) - Nelson's Fate - 2 color pages and 1 black & white page.
Nelson finds some allies in the German Police, yet he must get to Berlin. Can he elude the Gestapo and a Russian agent? Find Out!
Episode 6-6 (No. 105) - More Than One Way - 3 black & white pages.
Spy Drama With Mike Nelson In The Streets Of Berlin! After Nelson's run in with a KGB agent on the train he gets to Berlin to kill Gifford, but is set up by the Gestapo as he takes aim. Will he get away or be bombed by the Allies?
Episode 6-7 (No. 106) - Is This The End of the Eagle - 3 black & white pages.
Caught by the Gestapo The Eagle hovers between life and death! Caught by the bombing of a getaway car, Nelson is now held by the Gestapo. Will he get better and escape to fulfill part of his mission?
Episode 6-8 (No. 107) - Dazed & Drugged - 3 black & white pages.
Spy Thrills And Drama With Ace Agent Mike Nelson! Nelson has been drugged and is dazed from it, yet to escape he must fight a Gestapo agent. Will he be able to find the factory for the gas to destroy it?
Episode 6-9 (No. 108) - Cold Blooded - 3 black & white pages.
Spy Drama To Make Your Blood Run Cold! With the factory destroyed Nelson must disrupt the Nazi plan at the top. Yet will he be side tracked at the Berlin Zoo and did the Russian agent really die?
Episode 6-10 (No. 109) - The Russian & The Bunker - 4 black & white pages.
It's A Race Against Time In The Blitzed Streets Of Berlin! Nelson meets up with the Russian KGB agent again while the Germans are releasing the deadly gas in the streets of Berlin. Yet will he get away from the Russian and whose bunker has he entered? Also there is information and an illustration of a German leader's bunker.
Episode 6-11 (No. 110) - Inside Hitler's Bunker - 3 black & white pages.
Seatbelts on As We take you Inside Hitler's Bunker! Nelson has walked into the bunker of Hitler by mistake. Can he get out and find the bunker with the plague-gas to destroy it?
Episode 6-12 (No. 111) - The S.S. Killers - 3 black & white pages.
Some of the plague-gas has been given to the German soldiers and they are using it in the streets of Berlin. Can Nelson stop them and will Schlegel get away?
Episode 6-13 (No. 112) - The Final Gas - 2 color pages and 2 black & white pages.
This is it!! The Final Dramatic Episode of Mike Nelson's Attempt to Smash a Nazi Plan! Nelson has the last plague-gas cylinder attached to his leg. Will it prove fatal for him and others? Also find out if Nelson can stop Gestapo and Russian agents.
Conclusion: Nelson has survived to fight another day, the KGB agent is dead for his traitorous acts and Schlegel and other German agents have flown the area. Nelson vows to hunt them all down.

10 Rogue Eagle Rogue Eagle
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Chris Lowder (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)
Copyright: 05/07/1977 - 06/18/1977

Printed in issues #114 - #120 (7 issues) of Battle Picture Weekly & Valiant.
The Eagle (Mike Nelson) has vowed to hunt down five Nazis and believes the War is not over until he is able to find and eliminate them all.
Part 1 (No. 114) - 4 black & white pages.
The Eagle Returns On A Trail of Vengeance! Nelson watches a film of 5 top German agents. There are the men he has vowed to kill before the war is over for him. But will one of them get to their files first and can The Eagle stop him.
Part 2 (No. 115) - 3 black & white pages.
With Hans Kuhl hung, there are only 4 more Nazi rats to take down. Now rogue Nelson must stop their plot to kill top Allied leaders with stolen gold.
Part 3 (No. 116) - 3 black & white pages.
Danger Is A Way Of Life When You're British's Top Agent! After surviving the fall into the water it is up to Nelson to end the plot with stolen gold. Can he also sign off Albert Mohr for good with gold bars.
Part 4 (No. 117) - 3 black & white pages.
The Eagle's Revenge Is Deadly - As Deadly As The Men He Faces! With two of the five dead, Nelson has another three to take out. Can he have Hermann Gessler dispatched by axe?
Part 5 (No. 118) - 3 black & white pages.
When You're A Top Spy You're At War Every Day Of Your Life - Nelson still has two Nazis on his hit list. But will his own side try to kill him or one of the men he is hunting? Read to find out!
Part 6 (No. 119) - 3 black & white pages.
There's No Escape When Mike Nelson's On Your Trail. Stangel tries to kill Nelson, but is drowned by Nelson. Yet the Eagle still must foil the plan to kill Allied Leaders.
Part 7 (No. 120) - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson Hunts The Last Fugitive Nazi On His Death List! Nelson is now after Schlegel and they battle it out. What will be the outcome?
Conclusion: Nelson has managed to eliminate the Nazis on his list. But what has it cost him?

11 Revenge of the Eagle: Destroy Nazi Experimental Station Revenge of the Eagle: Destroy Nazi Experimental Station
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Chris Lowder (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)
Copyright: 1977

Printed in Battle Picture Weekly Annual 1978 with 6 black & white pages.
Back in 1943, The Eagle, Mike Nelson, is on a mission to find out about a secret Nazi experimental station. Will he find it to take it out and have the Nazis created zombies?

12 The Eagle Strikes Back The Eagle Strikes Back
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Kelvin Gosnell (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)
Copyright: 1980

Printed in issues #284 - #301, #304 - #306 (21 issues) of Battle Action, the merger of Battle Picture Weekly and Action, Oct. 11, 1980 - Mar. 14, 1981.
The S.O.E. Director remembers other missions taken on by Mike Nelson (The Eagle) that he thinks were important.
Episode 7-1 (No. 284) - Just Recognition - 3 black & white pages.
General Gault gives respect to Mike Nelson, his agent known as The Eagle, and starts to tell of other top secret missions he took.
Episode 7-2 (No. 285) - German Propaganda - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson must discover if the propaganda about a German fortress is true or false. What will he find out and what else will happen?
Episode 7-3 (No. 286) - Comrade Betrayed - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson thinks that it is still possible the rumors about the German fortress could be real so he must betray a friend to find out.
Episode 7-4 (No. 287) - The Grim Cellars - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson wishes to rescue someone from a Gestapo prison before he is tortured to death by the Germans. The prisoner knows about the German Fortress!
Episode 7-5 (No. 288) - Death To The Eagle - 3 black & white pages.
Hitler demands that Nelson be put to death but will the mad German leader get his wish? Most likely not!
Episode 7-6 (No. 289) - Hotter Than A Minefield - 3 black & white pages.
Mike Nelson escapes the Germans by climbing to the train roof. But is this really a safe thing to do and can he dispatch these Germans?
Episode 7-7 (No. 290) - Shoot On Sight! - 3 black & white pages.
Orders have been given to shoot the Eagle on sight. Yet as before will he get away to finish his mission?
Episode 7-8 (No. 291) - Valhalla Found! - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson has found the place of the secret German Fortress that is called Valhalla. Will he be able to make it to the site?
Episode 7-9 (No. 292) - Man Versus Chopper - 3 black & white pages.
The Eagle must fight against a helicopter to survive. So who will be the victor this time, Nelson or the machine?
Episode 7-10 (No. 293) - The Plunge - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson survives the fall into a large lake and swims to the other side. Will he get caught or find another who will help?
Episode 7-11 (No. 294) - Assault-Proof Stronghold - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson and the woman he's allied with must try to enter Valhalla, the German Fortress. Also will the order to kill the Eagle stand?
Episode 7-12 (No. 295) - Into The Fortress - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson and the woman named Hannah have entered the German Fortress.  Can the Eagle find a way to destroy it or will they both be captured?
Episode 7-13 (No. 296) - The Special Squad - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson must defeat the squad that has been sent after him. But is the German woman Hannah a friend or foe?
Episode 7-14 (No. 297) - The Water Treatment - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson is captured and given the water treatment hoping that it will make him crack. But will it work on him to make him mad?
Episode 7-15 (No. 298) - Mind-Blown! - 3 black & white pages.
Has Nelson lost who he is or is it a way to fool the Germans? Nelson also discovers that Hannah is working with the Resistance.
Episode 7-16 (No. 299) - Good Little Nazi - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson acts the part of a brainwashed prisoner making all believe he has changed sides. But will Hannah still have to kill Nelson?
Episode 7-17 (No. 300) - Spreading His Wings - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson and Hannah have pulled off a double-cross and now are in control of the German Fortress. What will happen next?
Episode 7-18 (No. 301) - Filled With Danger - 3 black & white pages.
The Doctor wants to control the German Fortress. Will he be able to do so and also get Nelson and Hannah shot?
Episode 7-19 (No. 304) - Explosion By Water - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson and Hannah have planned to destroy the huge fortress with water. Will they be able to do so?
Episode 7-20 (No. 305) - Madman's Dream Ends - 3 black & white pages.
Hitler survives another attempt on his life but his dream of Valhalla is destroyed thanks to Nelson and Hannah. Will the German Doctor shoot Nelson?
Episode 7-21 (No. 306) - Courage And Honor - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson shoots first and gets the doctor, but the Doctor's gun also fires, hitting Hannah. Will Nelson and Hannah both survive this time or not?
Conclusion: The German Fortress has been destroyed, so The Eagle's mission is a success and he remembers a brave woman.

13 Codename 'Eagle' Codename 'Eagle'
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Brian Burrell (writer), Masip (artist), Tom Skoriski (letters)
Copyright: 1981

Printed in issues #323 of Battle Action, July 11, 1981 with 2.5 black&white pages.
Nelson with others is sent into France to stop another mad German General. Can he and the others fulfill the mission or will something else get the General?

14 Revenge of the Eagle: Sabotage Spy School Revenge of the Eagle: Sabotage Spy School
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Chris Lowder (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)
Copyright: 1981

Printed in Battle Picture Weekly Annual 1982 with 6 black&white pages.
Mike Nelson is sent into Germany on a mission to sabotage a school for spies anyway he can. What will be his method to do so?

15 Revenge of the Eagle: Foo-Fights Follies Revenge of the Eagle: Foo-Fights Follies
Published by IPC Magazines
Contributors: Chris Lowder (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)
Copyright: 1982

Printed in Battle Annual 1983 with 8 black&white pages.
Nelson discovers that the Germans have been making flying saucers that they plan to use in the war. But will the advancing Russian Army take over the place and scientists left?


Number of Games:2
First Appearance:1975
Last Appearance:1977

1 You Are A Spy! You Are A Spy!
IPC Magazines
Copyright: 1975

Published in Battle Picture Weekly No. 27.
The Germans are interrogating Mike Nelson (The Eagle) for being a spy. See how well you can answer these question from your spy knowledge to find out if you could be a 1st Class Spy.

2 Mike For Starters Mike For Starters
IPC Magazines
Copyright: 1977

Published in Battle Picture Weekly Summer Special 1977.
There are a series called Battle Of Wits. The 6th one is a crossword quiz that deals with Mike Nelson (The Eagle).


Number of Items:4
First Appearance:1975
Last Appearance:1981

1 Be A Battle Spy! Be A Battle Spy!
Message & ID Card
IPC Magazines
Copyright: 1975

Published in Battle Picture Weekly #37.
Mike Nelson wants others to have a chance at being a S.O.E. agent with their every own ID Card. This was most likely the idea of Gerry Finley-Day and Patrick Wright.

2 Spy Signs Spy Signs
Message & Instructions
IPC Magazines
Copyright: 1976

Published in Battle Picture Weekly #47.
Mike Nelson (The Eable) gives lessons in the art of spy signing.

3 S.O.E. Calling Cards S.O.E. Calling Cards
Message & Cards
IPC Magazines
Copyright: 1976

Published in Battle Picture Weekly #50.
The Eagle (Mike Nelson) wants others to have their own calling card that are something like his.

4 Mike Nelson's Top Secret Code World Mike Nelson's Top Secret Code World
Message Coding
IPC Magazines
Copyright: 1981

Published in Battle Picture Weekly Annual 1981.
Mike Nelson give the readers lessons in code writing. This page was most likely written by Gerry Finley-Day and illustrated by Patrick Wright.


This series started off, to me, as a new take on the Rogue Male (Geoffrey Household) adventure idea, the concept that one daring resolute individual could find his way into the capital of the Third Reich and by removing the head of the viper, end the danger. Obviously he would not be successful but it could and does make for some exciting action.

The writers were left, then, with the question of what to do with the character once that mission was over. They came up with not one but several new and exciting assignments, each a bit different than the others. I especially liked the fact that some are "quick and dirty" tasks while others are long, drawn out one with lots of twists. Variety is vital in any series and this changing from one type to another is a good way of providing it.


My Grade: B


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