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Full Name: Jaime Sommers
Series Name: The Bionic Woman
Nationality: American
Organization: Office of Strategic Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kenneth Johnson
Time Span: 1976 - 2014


       Jaime Sommers is an agent for the Office of Strategic Intelligence.
       From 1973 to 1978, The Six-Million Dollar Man starring Lee Majors as Lt. Col Steve Austin was a hit with viewers. In an episode of the original show near the end of the second season (March 1975) they introduced a love interest of Austin in the form of Jaime Sommers. When she is near death from a skydiving accident, Steve implored Oscar to save her life by turning her bionic. At first it seemed successful but then her body rejected the new items and she sadly died. Thus goes most love interests of major characters in television!
       But not so fast! The two-part episode did so well and the character was so popular that the producers saw a way to capitalize on the success, namely a spin-off. Naturally, it was going to be a bit tricky since the character involved had just died but this was television and it was also science fiction so to paraphrase Monty Python, 'she got better!'
       It seemed that she had been placed in cryogenics deep freeze to preserve her body until a method to counteract the rejection could be found. Luckily it was and in the start of the 1976 season, another two-parter was shown in which she is back to full strength but with just no memory of her past love for Austin.
       Now, however, she is alive and well and able to assist the OSI as another bionic agent. For three years (58 episodes) she worked as the Bionic Woman. She would return later in three made-for-TV movies with Steve Austin in 1987, 1989, and 1994.
       The role of Jaime Sommers was played by the talented actress Lindsay Wagner.
       Prior to meeting Steve Austin and then falling victim to his charms as well as the skydiving incident, Jaime Sommers was a world-champion tennis player. She would use that fame as a cover for many of her activities around the world.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1976
Last Appearance:1977

       It is not unusual for a book to have different titles between the U.S. and U.K. but these two books had not only different titles given them but also different pen-names. Eileen Lottman used the name Maud Willis, or perhaps it was the other way around.

1 Welcome Home, Jaime Welcome Home, Jaime
aka Double Identity
Written by Eileen Lottman
Copyright: 1976

Newly made into a bionic weapon, Jaime Sommers is given the task of investigating one of the country's largest industrialists for probable treasonous activities. As she starts out, however, she finds that her grasp of the powers of her cybernetics is not complete. Her worry is that they will fail her at the worst moment.
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2 Extracurricular Activities Extracurricular Activities
aka A Question of Life
Written by Eileen Lottman
Copyright: 1977

The new technology that OSI is working one will allow people to fly without aircraft. Small revolutionary jetpacks can give soldiers incredible maneuverability and a definite advantage in the case of war. As a result, the number of people wanting to steal the technology is great. Jaime is given the job of special protection during the next round of testing.
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:1977
Last Appearance:1977

1 Hijacked Hijacked
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1977

Contained in the The Bionic Woman Annual 1978. [plot unknown]

2 The Big Payoff The Big Payoff
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1977

Contained in the The Bionic Woman Annual 1978. [plot unknown]


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1977
Last Appearance:1978

1 The Bionic Woman Annual (1978) The Bionic Woman Annual (1978)
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1977

Published by Brown Watson of the U.K. contains children's games, crosswords, and stories. A collection of 2 short stories, 3 comic stories, 3 non-fiction articles, 3 games and 1 feature biography as well as number of photos and illustrations. Contest are as follows;
The Short Stories are;
1. Hijacked
2. The Big Payoff
The Comic Stories are;
1. Kidnappers Strike!
2. The Heavy Mob
3. Secret Of The Mountains
The Non-Fiction Articles are;
1. Bionic - yesterday's dreams ... tomorrow's realities
2. Seeing Is Not Believing
3. Anything You Can Do ... how it's done
The Games Are;
1. Race Against Time
2.The Bionic Woman Quiz
3. Back To The O.S.I. Base
The Feature is;
1. Lindsay Wagner - Alias The Bionic Woman

2 The Bionic Woman Annual (1979) The Bionic Woman Annual (1979)
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1978

Published by Brown Watson of the U.K. contains children's games, crosswords, and stories.


Number of Movies:3
First Appearance:1987
Last Appearance:1994

1 The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman
Director: Ray Austin
Writers: Michael Sloan, Bruce Lansbury
Actors: Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, Lee Majors as Steve Austin, Tom Schanley as Michael Austin, Richard Anderson as Oscar Goldman
Released: 1987

When Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers rejoin to stop a terrorist group, they must deal with their former relationship. Also, Austin has troubles with his grown son especially after the younger man is injured in a crash and Austin must decide whether to request bionics.

2 Bionic Showdown Bionic Showdown
Director: Alan J. Levi
Writers: Brock Choy, Michael Sloan, Robert De Laurentis
Actors: Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, Lee Majors as Steve Austin, Sandra Bullock as Kate Mason, Richard Anderson as Oscar Goldman, Jeff Yagher as Jim Goldman, Martin Brooks as Dr. Rudy Wells
Released: 1989

Oscar Goldman is attacked in his office by someone who knew OSI protocols and passwords and who is bionic. Steve Austin, who is providing security at a Goodwill Games, is initially suspected and joins with Jaime to find out who is behind it. They ask for the help of a new bionic operative, Kate.

3 Bionic Ever After Bionic Ever After
Director: Steve Stafford
Writers: Michael Sloan, Norman Morrill
Actors: Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, Lee Majors as Steve Austin, Richard Anderson as Oscar Goldman, Martin Brooks as Dr. Rudy Wells, Anne Lockhart as Carolyn MacNamara, Alan Sader as John MacNamara
Released: 1994

As Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers prepare to get married, Sommers' bionics start to act up and the question becomes who is behind it. Meanwhile terrorists are holding an old friend of Austin and he is determined to get him back.


Number of Episodes:66
First Appearance:1976
Last Appearance:2007

1 Welcome Home, Jaime (1)
Episode 1-0, first aired 01/14/1976


2 Welcome Home, Jaime (2)
Episode 1-0, first aired 01/21/1976


3 Angel of Mercy
Episode 1-0, first aired 01/28/1976


4 A Thing of the Past [Recap
Episode 1-0, first aired 02/18/1976


5 Claws
Episode 1-0, first aired 02/25/1976


6 The Deadly Missiles
Episode 1-0, first aired 03/03/1976


7 Bionic Beauty
Episode 1-0, first aired 03/17/1976


8 Jaime's Mother
Episode 1-0, first aired 03/24/1976


9 Winning Is Everything
Episode 1-0, first aired 04/07/1976


10 Canyon of Death
Episode 1-10, first aired 04/14/1976


11 Fly Jaime
Episode 1-11, first aired 05/05/1976


12 The Jailing of Jaime
Episode 1-12, first aired 05/12/1976


13 Mirror Image
Episode 1-13, first aired 05/19/1976


14 The Ghosthunter
Episode 1-14, first aired 05/26/1976


15 The Return of Bigfoot (2)
Episode 2-01, first aired 09/22/1976


16 In This Corner, Jaime Sommers
Episode 2-02, first aired 09/29/1976


17 Assault on the Princess
Episode 2-03, first aired 10/06/1976


18 Road to Nashville
Episode 2-04, first aired 10/20/1976


19 Kill Oscar (1)
Episode 2-05, first aired 10/27/1976


20 Kill Oscar (3)
Episode 2-06, first aired 11/03/1976


21 Black Magic
Episode 2-07, first aired 11/10/1976


22 Sister Jaime
Episode 2-08, first aired 11/24/1976


23 The Vega Influence
Episode 2-09, first aired 12/01/1976


24 Jaime's Shield (1)
Episode 2-10, first aired 12/15/1976


25 Jaime's Shield (2)
Episode 2-11, first aired 12/22/1976


26 Biofeedback
Episode 2-12, first aired 01/12/1977


27 Doomsday Is Tomorrow (1)
Episode 2-13, first aired 01/19/1977


28 Doomsday Is Tomorrow (2)
Episode 2-14, first aired 01/26/1977


29 Deadly Ringer (1)
Episode 2-15, first aired 02/02/1977


30 Deadly Ringer (2)
Episode 2-16, first aired 02/09/1977


31 Jaime and the King
Episode 2-17, first aired 02/23/1977


32 Beyond the Call
Episode 2-18, first aired 03/09/1977


33 The Dijon Caper
Episode 2-19, first aired 03/16/1977


34 The Night Demon (aka Daemon Creature)
Episode 2-20, first aired 03/23/1977


35 Iron Ships and Dead Men
Episode 2-21, first aired 03/30/1977


36 Once A Thief
Episode 2-22, first aired 05/04/1977


37 The Bionic Dog (1)
Episode 3-01, first aired 09/10/1977


38 The Bionic Dog (2)
Episode 3-02, first aired 09/17/1977


39 Fembots in Las Vegas (1)
Episode 3-03, first aired 09/24/1977


40 Fembots in Las Vegas (2)
Episode 3-04, first aired 10/01/1977


41 Rodeo
Episode 3-05, first aired 10/15/1977


42 African Connection
Episode 3-06, first aired 10/29/1977


43 Motorcycle Boogie
Episode 3-07, first aired 11/05/1977


44 Brain Wash
Episode 3-08, first aired 11/12/1977


45 Escape to Love (aka A Matter of Love and Death)
Episode 3-09, first aired 11/26/1977


46 Max
Episode 3-10, first aired 12/03/1977


47 Over the Hill Spy
Episode 3-11, first aired 12/17/1977


48 All For One
Episode 3-12, first aired 01/07/1978


49 The Pyramid
Episode 3-13, first aired 01/14/1978


50 The Antidote
Episode 3-14, first aired 01/21/1978


51 The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming
Episode 3-15, first aired 01/28/1978


52 Sanctuary Earth
Episode 3-16, first aired 02/11/1978


53 Deadly Music
Episode 3-17, first aired 02/18/1978


54 Which One Is Jaime?
Episode 3-18, first aired 02/25/1978


55 Out of Body
Episode 3-19, first aired 03/04/1978


56 Long Live the King
Episode 3-20, first aired 03/25/1978


57 Rancho Outcast
Episode 3-21, first aired 05/06/1978


58 On the Run
Episode 3-22, first aired 05/13/1978


59 Second Chances
Episode 1-01, first aired 09/26/2007


60 Paradise Lost
Episode 1-02, first aired 10/03/2007


61 Sisterhood
Episode 1-03, first aired 10/10/2007


62 Faceoff
Episode 1-04, first aired 10/17/2007


63 The Education of Jaime Sommers
Episode 1-05, first aired 10/24/2007


64 The List
Episode 1-06, first aired 11/07/2007


65 Trust Issues
Episode 1-07, first aired 11/14/2007


66 Do Not Disturb
Episode 1-08, first aired 11/28/2007



Number of Stories:12
First Appearance:1977
Last Appearance:2014

1 Bionic Woman No. 1 Bionic Woman No. 1
Published by Charlton

Copyright: 10/01/1977

Three stories:
1) Rico, Come Home! - Someone is very determined to get his hands on young Rico, a boy who recently lost his wealthy father. Jaime Sommers is not inclined to let him.
2) Weaker Sex? - Though her bionics have been causing trouble, Sommers is sent on a mission as a stewardess to stop a murder.
3) Birth of the Bionic Woman - text short story explaining how Sommers became the Bionic Woman.

2 The Bionic Woman Annual 1978 The Bionic Woman Annual 1978
Published by Charlton

Copyright: 1977

Contained in the The Bionic Woman Annual 1978. Three stories:
1) Kidnappers Strike!
2) The Heavy Mob
3) Secret of the Mountains

3 Bionic Woman No. 2 Bionic Woman No. 2
Published by Charlton

Copyright: 02/01/1978

Three stores:
1) The Freedom Way - Sommers is asked by the OSI to take the job of tutor of the children of a southeast Asian country.
2) Deep Danger - Deep sea testing of her abilities with Oscar, Jaime Sommers comes upon an explosive problem, literally.
3) A Job For A Woman - text short story - Sommers is told she cannot measure up to what Steve Austin can do but that very night she showed both Austin and Goldman how the right woman can do most anything.

4 Bionic Woman No. 3 Bionic Woman No. 3
Published by Charlton

Copyright: 03/01/1978

Two stories:
1) A Dying Breed - Someone wants to destroy the Alaskan Pipeline.
2) The Rescue - text short story - Heading home from a day of teaching, Jaime Sommers finds an apartment house on fire and people trapped inside.

5 Bionic Woman No. 4 Bionic Woman No. 4
Published by Charlton

Copyright: 05/01/1978

Two stories:
1) The Deadly Maze - Rudy Wells is kidnapped and Jaime Sommers must save him from a man out for revenge.
2) Sea Chase - text short story - someone attacked Rudy Wells at his cabin retreat and stole documents. Sommers gets them back, quite forcibly.

6 Bionic Woman No. 5 Bionic Woman No. 5
Published by Charlton

Copyright: 06/01/1978

1) Operation "Fish Net" - Jaime Sommers is sent to a small town to see if an electronics expert is willing to talk but an enemy agent is out to get him or silence him.
2) A Very Important Appointment - text short story - asked to meet Goldman at his apartment for a meeting, Sommers encounters not a little trouble on the way.

7 The Bionic Man Vol 1: Some Assembly Required The Bionic Man Vol 1: Some Assembly Required
Published by Dynamite
Contributors: Phil Hester (writer), Jonathan Lau (artist), Simon Bowland (letters), Kevin Smith (writer), Paul Renaud (covers), Ivan Nunes (colors)
Copyright: 2012

A Trade Paperback that collects issues #1-#10 of The Bionic Man comic series. Steve Austin is back and Kevin Smith unleashes a new high-octane version of the Bionic Man for the 21st century as only he can. It's an innovative take on a classic character that gives Austin a whole new set of powers and abilities. A maniacal enemy built from deadly technology will collapse entire nations if not stopped by Austin. Also reunites him with Jaime Sommers.
Each of the 10 issues was a Chapter in the story as follows;
Chapter One: Flight Of The Daedalus (Issue #1)
Chapter Two: A Man, Barely Alive (Issue #2)
Chapter Three: We Can Rebuild Him (Issue #3)
Chapter Four: Transformation (Issue #4)
Chapter Five: Masquerade Ball (Issue #5)
Chapter Six: Fight Night (Issue #6)
Chapter Seven: Body & Soul (Issue #7)
Chapter Eight: War Machines (Issue #8)
Chapter Nine: Ground Zero (Issue #9)
Chapter Ten: Heavy Metal (Issue #10)

8 The Bionic Man Vol 2: Bigfoot! The Bionic Man Vol 2: Bigfoot!
Published by Dynamite
Contributors: Phil Hester (writer), Aaron Gillespie (writer), Ed Tadeo (artist)
Copyright: 2012

A Trade Paperback that collects issues #11-#16 of The Bionic Man comic book series with 2 Comic Stories inside. They are as follows;
1. The Back Forty (Issues #11-#15) - The hero Steve Austin (The Six Million Dollar Man) ends up tracking the legendary Bigfoot who happens to be his strangest adversary yet. It's a primal instinctive creature with mechanical parts. In a foreign territory he must unravel the deadly conspiracy of the creature and find out if there are more.
2. Collaterally Damaged (Issue #16) - Austin reunites with Sommers only to discover that he may be responsible for her transformation that turned her into The Bionic Woman.

9 The Bionic Man Vol 3: End of Everything The Bionic Man Vol 3: End of Everything
Published by Dynamite
Contributors: Aaron Gillespie (writer), Rey Villegas (artist)
Copyright: 2013

A Trade Paperback that collects issues #17-#26 of The Bionic Man comic book series with 2 Comic Stories inside.
1. Desert Deathtrap (Issues #17-#20)
Steve Austin (an iconic character and hero from television) is back in action. He goes up against a mad dictator hell bent on squashing rebels even if he has to destroy his own country and kill millions of innocent people. Austin (The Bionic Man) must stop this nuclear possibility.
2. Dangerous Minds (Issues #21-#26)
Steve and Jaime (The Bionic Duo) together again go up against rogue OSI agents. Just who are the ones that want an end to the OSI, Austin and others?

10 The Bionic Woman Vol 1: Mission Control The Bionic Woman Vol 1: Mission Control
Published by Dynamite
Contributors: Leno Carvalho (artist), Paul Tobin (writer)
Copyright: 2012

Trade paperback containing the 10-issue release: Jaime Sommers is in Paris hunting the Mission, surgeons who kill bionics to provide parts for billionaires.

11 The Bionic Man vs. The Bionic Woman The Bionic Man vs. The Bionic Woman
Published by Dynamite
Contributors: Keith Champagne (writer), Jose Luis (artist)
Copyright: 2013

Trade paperback containing the 5-issue release: Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers are together again and at each others throats. Because of their own tactics in solving a case and a tragic past they end up against one another in a fight of bionic strength.

12 The Bionic Woman - Season Four The Bionic Woman - Season Four
Published by Dynamite
Contributors: David T. Cabrera (artist), Brandon Jerwa (writer), Sean Chen (artist)
Copyright: 2014

Trade paperback containing the 4-issue release: A continuation of the original television series which ran 3 seasons. In Season Four, Jaime Sommers accepts a 'routine' mission to Mexico which puts her up against a renegade general and his North Eden establishment.


Number of Entries:12
First Appearance:1976
Last Appearance:1977

1 Six Million Dollar Man Meets Bionic Woman Six Million Dollar Man Meets Bionic Woman
Published by IPC Magazines

Copyright: 10/16/1976

From Krazy Comic No. 1 with 1 black & white page. A KRAZY look at TV No. 1 - Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers greet each other by saying "hi" and shaking hands, bionically. They then fall apart to the ground.
Click here to read the story.

2 The Bionic Woman vs Love The Bionic Woman vs Love
Published by Charlton Comics
Contributors: Joe Gill (writer), Jack Sparling (artist)
Copyright: 10/1977

Printed in Sick #117 - 5 pages - Jamie Bummer has a mission to get Al Shid to fall in love with her and knock him off. Can she fulfill her mission before her batteries run low?
Click here to read the story.


Number of Games:2
First Appearance:1976
Last Appearance:1977

1 The Bionic Woman The Bionic Woman
Board Game
Parker Brothers
Copyright: 1976

A game for 2 to 4 players ages 7 to 12 that normally takes about 45 minutes to play. Yet even adults might enjoy playing it too. Object is to help Jaime Sommers (The Bionic Woman) complete her assignments. Player completing the most assignments with the highest score is the winner. Includes game board, 4 playing pieces, 40 cards (36 Adventure & 4 Special) plus instructions. The 2 illustrations on the game box are; 1st a large image of the beautiful Lindsay Wagner who played the title role in the original TV series and the 2nd depicts her trying to catch a Cougar (Mountain Lion) with a net.

2 Jaime Sommers Bionic Fun Jaime Sommers Bionic Fun
Series of Games
Brown Watson
Copyright: 1977

A 3 Games Series found in The Bionic Woman Annual 1978 as follows;
1. Race Against Time - Board Game
2. The Bionic Woman Quiz - Answer These 14 Questions
3. Back To The O.S.I. Base - Help Jaime through the Maze


Number of Collectibles:1
First Appearance:1977
Last Appearance:1977

1 The Bionic Woman Sports Car The Bionic Woman Sports Car
Toy Car
Copyright: 1977

A 24 inch Sports Car for the Action Figure (Doll) of Jaime Sommers (The Bionic Woman) to ride in. It has doors that open, a pop up hood and a trunk that her mission purse fits in. If Barbie can have a car then why not Jaime! This is one stylish roadster!


Number of Items:2
First Appearance:1976
Last Appearance:1976

1 The Bionic Woman - Coloring Fun Book The Bionic Woman - Coloring Fun Book
Coloring Book
Treasure Books
Copyright: 1976

A coloring book based on the TV show. It is about 8 by 10 inches and pictures Lindsey Wagner as Jaime Summers on the front cover.

2 Great Adventure - Bionic Woman Great Adventure - Bionic Woman
Recorded Stories
Wonderland Records
Copyright: 1976

Vinyl LP Album with 3 original stories that each lasted about 10 minutes. The 3 stories are as follows;
1. The Mask Of Tamburo - Some bad guys steal a mask and the Bionic Woman is sent to get it back.
2. The Prisoner Of Arak - A king is imprisoned and Jaime is the one to free him.
3. Wings Of Death - Crawford Industries builds a Disruptor that can bring down any plane. Others want it and must be stopped.


       I regrettably have little good to say about these books. As with the Steve Austin books taken from the television episodes, they suffer from being novelizations and therefore add little to the storyline. The writing is simple at best.
       Since the series is long gone, reading these might be mildly entertaining but I would recommend it only to those who crave nostalgia and even to them I would just suggest TVLand.
       The trouble with the books is they lack the attractiveness that was the lovely Lindsay Wagner and therefore do not have her spark.


My Grade: C-


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