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Full Name: Simon Templar
Series Name: The Saint
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: Leslie Charteris
Time Span: 1928 - 2015


       Simon Templar is an adventurer.
       He is also a frequent target for the police and secret services of multiple countries. Usually this attention is because he is the prime suspect in a crime or altercation, often deserved. Sometimes it is because his expertise is needed to handle nastier miscreants. Either way, the more he does, the more his notoriety increases.
       This reputation is compounded by the fact that to all who know him, whether it is to hurl insult or compliment, curse or congratulation, Simon Templar is the Saint. This epithet is undoubtedly related to Templar's initials but no one ever explicitly states it.
       His origins are obscure, purposefully so when one gets to know Simon Templar. He is British. That is about it. Where he was born and what his upbringing was like is a mystery he does not even hint about. His early life must have been interesting, though, because he is extremely comfortable all across Europe, showing a lot of experience, including a good collection of languages. And when first we meet him, he has just concluded a couple of years in the States.
       Templar is living by himself in the English countryside in his first recorded adventure, helped only by his manservant, an American ex-boxer named Orace. He does not stay alone long, though, as in that initial fight with a member of the "ungodly", as he calls them, he meets and becomes greatly enamored with a young socialite named Patricia Holm. Together they take on the criminal that the Saint has decreed needed his attention.
       In the next several cases, Templar, often with but occasionally without Miss Holm, is teamed up with several other men also in their mid 20's to take down people who have victimized innocents and earned the wrath of the Saint. Templar refers to these other men a couple of times as fellow saints but there is no doubt that he is the true, one and only, Saint in the group.
       The motives of Templar, and probably those of his associates, are mostly pure. Templar does not like the ungodly. He takes it personally when bad people go after good people and win. He cannot stand idly by and do nothing - instead, he strikes out at these evil-doers and exacts retribution.
       He also extracts as much of their ill-gotten goods as he can and returns it to the victims, again as much as he can. Less 10% for his troubles. When one considers the amounts he goes after, his 10% quickly amounts to quite a lot. This will help immensely as time goes by and begins to leap into adventures for the fun of it and not just the chance to earn his keep.
       The recipients of his attention, these ungodly, do not accept his actions without a fight and they try every thing they can to end his interference as well as his life. In turn, Templar is not adverse to ending their existence if truly pushed to it. Again as time advances and he ages, the Saint is not so quick to take a life but he always knows it is an option.
       Because the Saint deals with the lower element so much, it is inevitable that he be considered by many to be just as bad as they are. This is particularly true with police officers who, even if they realize and accept what he is doing, nevertheless feel justice is their department and he should not interfere. Many an officer of the law tries to nab Templar, none more so than Inspector Claud Teal. Teal has the dubious honor of being one of the very first cops to have to deal with the Saint and his antics. Teal is a man who admitted once that under other circumstances he and Templar might have been friends but a little thing called the law stood in the way and as long as it did, he would do his best to put Templar being bars. Luckily, over time the relationship would improve.
       It is not just crooks that Templar often decides to combat. For all his flaunting of authority, the Saint is most definitely a patriot and a man determined to not let his country fall victim to its many enemies. That is why on more occasions than is easy to count, Simon Templar has been there when duty called, albeit in his own way. The Intelligence services of Great Britain and the United States have had to ask for his help ofter over the years and though his way of handling situations might be offbeat and uniquely his, he has never let them down.
       Over the many years he has been active in his chosen avocation, Templar has definitely aged and with that passage has come a slight mellowing. In the latter adventures, he would not be quite so quick to leap in with both fists flying or to race into darkened hallways without a glance. He has learned that prudence is often called for. Nevertheless, with all his experience-based wisdom, Simon Templar has never lost that flair and style that makes him forever the one and only Saint.


Number of Books:52
First Appearance:1928
Last Appearance:1997

       When the Saint is first introduced to the reading populace, he was 27. Since this took place in 1928, it stands to reason that he was born on or about 1901. When the Second World War began and Templar went into action helping the West's Intelligence branches fight the Nazis in his own way, he would have been in his mid to late 40's. Twenty years later he was still going strong and still fighting with the best of them and still charming the ladies with ease. Obviously his life-cycle did not coincide with the rest of the world.
       It didn't matter then and still doesn't. Each book should be read on its own with the actions and situations understood for that book and if, thirty books and fifty years later, he is still fairly young and full of life and not a gray hair on his head, who cares. It is the Saint. The Saint should never grow old.

       Leslie Charteris apparently did not initially intend the Saint to be a series character. At the end of the first book, it seemed as though he had had his last hurrah and was ready to settle down at the age of 27.
       Luckily, neither Charteris nor Templar let that go on very long. When the Saint came back, he was even flashier than before, a tad more energetic even and surrounded by like-minded fellows to help him out. Over the next few years, the playmates, including the delicious Miss Holm, might or might not be around. If they were, great. If not, he still had fun.
       As the second decade of his escapades came to us, the fellow "saints" would be gone except for a very rare appearance. Patricia Holm was still there once in a while but their relationship had to have been an interesting one for Templar's appreciation for the fairer sex never wavers. It seems obvious that to the author, having a steady love interest for Templar was not in the cards as it would slow down the story too often or make some adventures impossible. It is hard for a lady in distress to fall into his arms when he is holding someone else's hand. So Miss Holm just faded from the pages.

       Through the 30s, 40s, 50s, and some of the 60, Charteris gave the world a wide range of exciting tales of the Saint as he moved all over the world and took part in an amazing number of terrific shenanigans. Eventually, the pen of the author decided enough was enough. But the Saint still had too much energy to retire and the author opened up the field to other writers.
       Their tales, though, would largely be reproductions of adventures depicted in the television series. Most of the episodes on the show were adaptations from Charteris's short stories and novellas. A few, though, were original screenplays and it was those original works that got the novelization treatment. Ten years after the Roger Moore version stopped production, the Ian Ogilvy version of the Saint came to the screen and it, too, produced numerous tales that got novelized. A couple of the last books to be published, originals, took us back in time to the earlier days of Templar's activities.

       Regardless of the decade in which the story was written, the tales are great fun and well worth the time.

1 The Saint Meets The Tiger The Saint Meets The Tiger
aka Meet The Tiger, Scoundrels, Ltd, Crooked Gold
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1928

Simon Templar has come to the North Devon area to meet the person known as the Tiger and relieve him of a bounty in stolen gold, returning said item to its owner for a ransom.

2 Enter The Saint Enter The Saint
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1930

A set of 3 interconnected novellas:
1) The Man Who Was Clever - working with a small group of people, the Saint brings down a drug smuggler.
2) The Policeman With Wings - Simon Templar and his friend Roger look into two kidnappings connected to stolen diamonds.
3) The Lawless Lady - A friend of Simon, Dicky, infiltrates a gang only to fall in love with its female leader.

3 The Saint Closes The Case The Saint Closes The Case
aka The Last Hero
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1930

Simon Templar's first foray into the cloak and dagger world happens when he saves a foreign prince from being blown up. The government offers him a job but he instead chooses to lie low, coming back only to take on a powerful bad guy out to steal a dangerous weapon from the Army.
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4 The Avenging Saint The Avenging Saint
aka Knight Templar
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1930

Though he had been forced to flee England in the previous adventure, Simon Templar returns some time later to get revenge on the tycoon who had killed his friend and to stop the man's plot with a foreign Prince.
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5 Featuring The Saint Featuring The Saint
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1931

Collection of 3 novellas:
1) The Logical Adventure - Templar is out to stop a famous pilot who is involved in smuggling both drugs and people.
2) The Wonderful War - In Central America, Simon Templar wants to avenge the death of a oil prospector and figures he will start a revolution at the same time.
3) The Man Who Could Not Die - The man seemed certain Death could not claim him but when he took the life of a friend of the Saint, Simon Templar is out to prove him wrong.

6 Alias The Saint Alias The Saint
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1931

Collection of 3 novellas:
1) The Story of a Dead Man - When Simon Templar settles down and takes a job managing an office, Inspector Teal knows something is up.
2) The Impossible Crime - Teal is facing a locked room mystery with a shot-dead man inside. Bored, Templar decides to help.
3) The National Debt - Modern day pirates kidnap a young woman and give her drug that temporarily turn her into a killer.

7 The Saint Meets His Match The Saint Meets His Match
aka Angels of Doom abd She Was A Lady
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1931

The Angels of Doom is a gang specializing in helping wanted people get away. Simon Templar initially agrees to help the police take the group down but then he meets Jill, the gang leader, and finds he has a lot in common with her.
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8 The Saint vs. Scotland Yard The Saint vs. Scotland Yard
aka The Holy Terror
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1932

Collection of 3 novellas:
1) The Inland Revenue - Templar has published a novel and the taxman is after him. To get the money, he and his gal, Patricia, decide to turn the tables on a nasty blackmailer.
2) The Million Pound Day - Helping a man being attacked by a mugger, Templar finds his way into an international counterfeiting case.
3) The Melancholy Journey of Mr. Teal - Having almost enough to retire, Templar goes after two diamond smugglers but things go terribly wrong.

9 The Saint's Getaway The Saint's Getaway
aka Getaway
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1932

In Austria on vacation, Simon Templar stops a man from being beaten but the man's surly response surprises the Saint so much he knocks the man out himself. Taking him back to his hotel room to investigate, Templar is stunned to soon find the man stabbed to death and Templar wanted for the crime.

10 The Saint And Mr. Teal The Saint And Mr. Teal
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1933

Collection of 3 novellas:
1) The Gold Standard - Simon Templar discovers a dying man who says his brother can create gold. Now the Saint is being hunted by that man's killer.
2) The Man From St. Louis - An American small-time crime boss wants to set up his own racket in London but the Saint thinks otherwise.
3) The Death Penalty - Escaping the heat of London, the Saint and Patricia Holm head to the Scilly Isles and come up against an old enemy who is now into white slavery.

11 The Brighter Buccaneer The Brighter Buccaneer
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1933

Collection of 15 short stories:
1) The Brain Workers - taking the role of Sebastian Tombs, the Saint goes after a stock swindler.
2) The Export Trade - Simon Templar is employed to courier a necklace to Paris but he is up to something.
3) The Unblemished Bootlegger - A fake charity con man finds himself being conned by the Saint.
4) The Owner's Handicap - A loan shark is being especially nasty to his clients and that attracts the Saint.
5) The Tough Egg - An illegal casino owner in London wants to retire but Templar wants his booty.
6) The Bad Baron - A jewel thief calling himself 'The Fox' is out for the same bracelet the Saint wants.
7) The Brass Buddha - Templar is interested in the purchase of an expensive statuette but ends up involved in a con game.
8) The Perfect Crime - Another moneylender who does not play by the rules is the target of the Saint.
9) The Appalling PoliticianTrade treaty secrets have been stolen and Teal asks Templar to help recover them.
10) The Unpopular Landlord - When Templar learns of a landlord who is bilking little old ladies, he cannot resist getting involved.
11) The New Swindle - A previous recipient of the Saint's attention has a new con going and Templar steps in.
12) The Five Thousand Pound Kiss - A large diamond called the 'Star of Mandalay' is Simon Templar's target but it also attracts someone else.
13) The Green Goods Man - A counterfeit con game has a new twist but that just makes the Saint more interested.
14) The Blind Spot - A patent agent is stealing from his would-be clients causing one victim to attempt suicide.
15) The Unusual Ending - The con man that Templar went after twice is trying to leave the country but the Saint thinks otherwise.

12 The Saint In London The Saint In London
aka The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1934

Collection of 3 novellas:
1) The Simon Templar Foundation - Coming into possession of the black book of an old adversary, Simon Templar decides to blackmail the bad guys listed in it to fund a foundation aiding war victims.
2) The Higher Finance - One of the richest men in Europe is dealing in fake bond certificates, reason enough to interest the Saint.
3) The Art of Alibi - Someone has left the Saint's calling card at the scene of a murder and Simon Templar must prove his innocence.

13 The Saint Intervenes The Saint Intervenes
aka Boodle
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1934

Collection of 14 short stories:
1) The Ingenuous Colonel - At a racetrack, two con men pick the wrong patsy for their scam - Simon Templar.
2) The Unfortunate Financier - The swindler specializing in Middle East oil stock scams did not know his new secretary is Patricia Holm, girlfriend of the Saint.
3) The Newdick Helicopter - A friend of Templar has fallen victim to a con about a new form of helicopter and the Saint wants to get even.
4) The Prince of Cherkessia - Inspector Teal is given the job of safeguarding a crown made for a foreign prince.
5) The Treasure of Turk's Lane - An unscrupulous land developer is using nasty tactics to force a friend of Templar to sell his ancestral home.
6) The Sleepless Knight - A trucking company is forcing its drivers to push themselves and an innocent cyclist loses his life because of it.
7) The Uncritical Publisher - Templar's friend has written a book but the publisher steals the proceeds.
8) The Noble Sportsman - A British politician is found dead and Teal looks into it with Templar's help.
9) The Damsel in Distress - Templar is hired to kidnap a forger and bringing back to England for a shot-gun wedding.
10) The Loving Brothers - Templar makes the mistake of getting between two swabbling brothers over their father's will.
11) The Tall Timber - An interesting scam involving trees in Brazil attracts Templar's attention.
12) The Art Photographer - Naughty photographs are being sold and people hurt when Templar decides to get involved.
13) The Man who Liked Toys - Teal and Templar are again working somewhat together on a case involving a man who loved playing with toys
14) The Mixture as Before - A con man claims he can make diamonds in his bathtub. Templar cannot resist checking it out.

14 The Saint Goes On The Saint Goes On
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1934

Collection of 3 novellas:
1) The High Fence - Simon Templar, joined by Patricia Holm, goes after a man called the High Fence who tends to kill people who might rat him out.
2) The Elusive Ellshaw - Both Teal and Templar are involved in the disappearance of a man a year before, a case which involves an English Lord.
3) The Case of the Frightened Innkeeper - The owner of an inn and his niece have been frightened out of their wits by strange happenings in and around their establishment, causing them to ask Templar for help.

15 The Saint In New York The Saint In New York
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1935

Offered $1 million to go to New York and do what he does best to bad guys, this time aimed at the man who killed the son of a recent acquaintance of Simon Templar, the Saint heads there but the local police are alerted to his intentions.

16 The Saint Overboard The Saint Overboard
aka The Pirate Saint
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1936

A pleasure cruise for Simon Templar turns into an adventure when a passing ship fires on a woman swimming for her life. The Saint rescues her and get involved in a case of modern pirates and sunken treasure.

17 The Ace Of Knaves The Ace Of Knaves
aka The Saint In Action
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1937

Collection of 3 novellas:
1) The Spanish War - The debt was only £ but it led to an adventure worth $30,000 in bearer bonds as well as at least one dead.
2) The Unlicensed Victuallers - Simon Templar is working with his friends to take down a liquor-smuggling gang but that get complicated by a beautiful blonde.
3) The Beauty Specialist - The 'Z-Man' is a vicious blackmailer and the Saint is suspected of being him.

18 The Saint Bids Diamonds The Saint Bids Diamonds
aka Thieves' Picnic
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1937

Simon Templar was not the intended recipient of a message alluding to a gem smuggling operation while in Spain but having gotten wind of the activity, he and his friend Hoppy cannot resist butting in.

19 The Saint Plays With Fire The Saint Plays With Fire
aks Prelude For War
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1938

A would-be French tyrant airs a broadcast detailing his plans for taking over that country and ruling it. As Simon Templar and Patricia Holm listen to it, they are interrupted by a nearby fire of a house belonging to a war arms dealer.

20 Follow The Saint Follow The Saint
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1939

Collection of 3 novellas:
1) The Miracle Tea Party - When Inspector Teal is attacked, Simon Templar takes that as an insult and decides to bring the baddies to justice.
2) The Invisible Millionaire - A message invites the Saint to a clandestine meeting with a woman about a major con going on. When he arrives, he finds her dead.
3) The Affair of Hogsbotham - Ebenezer Hogsbotham is determined to rid England of all vices. The Saint decides to rob him for fun but pick the wrong house.

21 The Happy Highwayman The Happy Highwayman
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1940

Collection of 9 short stories:
1) The Man Who Was Lucky - A gangster has vowed to kill a witness against him. The Saint says otherwise.
2) The Smart Detective - Simon Templar has taken a shining to some emeralds that a bad guy has but he does not know a detective is shadowing him.
3) The Wicked Cousin - A will may or may not have been tampered with leaving a friend of the Saint with little. The Saint thinks he should investigate.
4) The Well-Meaning Mayor - A police commissioner in a small US city has committed suicide and the Saint decides to get the man who drove him to it.
5) The Benevolent Burglary - At a big shindig, the Saint bets that the paintings a big shot has will be stolen within the week, getting Scotland Yard's attention.
6) The Star Producers - An acting scam takes a young woman's life savings and the Saint does not appreciate that.
7) The Charitable Countess - The high society lady is big into charities but has no charitable nature. The Saint wants to correct that.
8) The Mug's Game - Several people have been cheated at poker by a pair of pros but they do not see Simon Templar coming.
9) The Man who Liked Ants - The Saint does not know what to do when he comes across a mad scientist interested in getting giant ants to take over the world.
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22 The Saint In Miami The Saint In Miami
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1940

Patricia Holm has been invited to Miami by an old friend. When she and Simon Templar show up, the woman and her husband are missing. The Saint believes there is a connection to the body of a sailor he finds. It is not long before he is up against a Nazi spy ring.

23 The Saint Goes West The Saint Goes West
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1942

Collection of 3 novellas:
1) Arizona - The Nazis need the mercury that can be gotten from beneath a ranch in Arizona. Simon Templar wants to stop them.
2) Palm Springs - A millionaire provides info that help the police to find and kill a big gangster. Now that rich man is getting death threats and appeals to the Saint.
3) Hollywood - His notoriety lands Simon Templar a chance to play himself in a movie but that comes to an end when the producer is killed.

24 The Saint Steps In The Saint Steps In
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1942

The daughter of an important scientist has received a threatening note and turns to Simon Templar for help. As he is now working behind the scenes for the war effort, the Saint agrees to help stop the Nazis from getting the girl or her father's synthetic rubber invention.
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25 The Saint On Guard The Saint On Guard
aka The Saint and the Sizzling Saboteur
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1944

Collection of 2 novellas:
1) The Black Market - A shipment of iridium, vital for the war effort, has been snatched to be sold on the black market. Simon Templar works with US Intelligence to get it back.
2) The Sizzling Saboteur - In Galveston, the Saint is on the hunt for a man who is sabotaging war munitions plants.

26 The Saint Sees It Through The Saint Sees It Through
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1946

Simon Templar is in New York working again for US Intelligence, this time checking into a gang who is smuggling in opium to cause trouble in the US.

27 Call For The Saint Call For The Saint
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1948

Collection of 2 novellas:
1) The King of the Beggars - Simon Templar wants to dethrone the man calling himself the King of the Beggars and taking a good slice of their income.
2) The Masked Angel - The name refers to a boxer who supposedly killed a man in a previous bout. He is now set to fight a man the Saint knows.

28 Saint Errant Saint Errant
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1948

Collection of 9 short stories:
1) Judith aka The Naughty Niece - Judith wants Simon Templar to help stop her uncle from stealing an invention of her father.
2) Iris aka The Old Routine - Iris is a very bad actress. Her plays are paid for by her husband, a very bad protection racketeer.
3) Lida aka The Foolish Frail - When Joan asks Templar for help freeing her sister from a blackmailer, they discover the sibling has been murdered.
4) Jeannine aka The Lovely Sinner - A dictator owns a priceless pearl necklace that is the target of more than one thief.
5) Lucia aka The Homecoming of Amadeo Urselli - A nasty criminal is plaguing an entire village in Greece until Templar travels through.
6) Teresa aka The Uncertain Widow - Teresa needs the Saint to help her locate her husband in Mexico.
7) Luelia aka The Saint and the Double Badger - The luscious Luella is the bait in a badger game that hooked Templar's friend so he sets himself up a the next sucker.
8) Emily aka The Doodlebug - The Saint's friend's mother has been hoodwinked into buying a fake gold mine.
9) Dawn aka The Darker Drink - Dawn is the sleeptime dream of a bank teller who is being pursued by a couple of nasty types.
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29 The Saint In Europe The Saint In Europe
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1953

Collection of 7 short stories:
1) Paris: The Covetous Headsman - A woman Simon Templar just met discovers her long-lost brother has been murdered apparently for a St.
Christopher medal he was wearing. She is then kidnapped.
2) Amsterdam: The Angel's Eye - Members of a once powerful family from an island nation are on the French Riviera to convince the Saint to help them reclaim their glory.
3) The Rhine: The Rhine Maiden - Templar rescues a woman from being hit by a car. At first they thought an accident but soon learn a gangster is out to kill her.
4) Tirol: The Golden Journey - The fiancée of a friend of the Saint is a spoilt brat who needs a taste of life without her wealth, something Templar can pull off.
5) Lucerne: The Loaded Tourist - The murder of a man about to emigrate to America gets the Saint involved, leading to a briefcase full of diamonds.
6) Jaun-Les-Pins: The Spanish Cow - Helping bodyguard a diamond courier friend, Templar is available to lend a hand when the huge uncut gem goes missing.
7) Rome: The Latin Touch - To help free an American governor held captive by a gangster to force the release of the hood's brother, the Saint gets himself captured.

30 The Saint On The Spanish Main The Saint On The Spanish Main
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1955

Collection of 6 short stories:
1) Bimini: The Effete Angler - When Simon Templar tries to rent a charter in Miami Beach, the captain refuses, saying he is already booked. When Templar joins in the group doing the hiring, the captain is even more furious.
2) Nassau: The Arrow of God - A particularly nasty sort of reporter is killed by an arrow and while not really mourning the victim, the Saint is interested.
3) Jamaica: The Black Commissar aka The Man from Moscow - There is trouble brewing in Jamaica and a visiting Templar willing takes a part in stopping a Soviet takeover.
4) Puerto Rico: The Unkind Philanthropist - A woman working for a philanthropist falls victim to a con artist in Puerto Rico. The Saint thinks he will even the score.
5) The Virgin Islands: The Old Treasure Story - Three men in a bar each have a piece of a treasure map. The Saint finagles a way into the group for fun.
6) Haiti: The Questing Tycoon - Fun and amusement was what Templar was seeking but instead he found voodoo, and not a nice batch of it.

31 The Saint Around The World The Saint Around The World
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1956

Collection of 6 short stories:
1) Bermuda: The Patient Playboy - A woman appeals to Simon Templar for help getting her kidnapped husband back.
2) England: The Talented Husband - A female friend of the Saint was recently paralyzed in an accident which the Saint believes was caused by her spouse.
3) France: The Reluctant Nudist - The wedding of a very rich man to a very young woman turns very bad when he is murdered.
4) Middle East: The Lovelorn Sheik - An oil prospector is in trouble with the local high official and looks to Templar for help.
5) Malaya: The Pluperfect Lady - Templar is in the wrong place at definitely the wrong time when trouble breaks out in Malaya.
6) Vancouver: The Sporting Chance - A rocket scientist is about to defect to keep his family safe when the Saint steps in to help.

32 Thanks To The Saint Thanks To The Saint
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1956

Collection of 6 short stories:
1) The Bunco Artists - Simon Templar and a lady friend go after a bunco artist couple who fleeced the lady's mother.
2) The Happy Suicide - The brother of a popular tv host by suicide attracts Templar who is not convinced the man killed himself.
3) The Good Medicine - The head of a major beauty products firm got there by stealing her ex-husband's ideas. The Saint wants to even things.
4) The Unescapable Word - The death of a leading scientist at a secret facility in Scotland prompts the Saint to investigate.
5) The Perfect Sucker - The Saint is set to unload on a con artist when he realizes the man was innocent and it was the Saint who was conned.
6) The Careful Terrorist - A reporter friend of the Saint goes up against a corrupt union boss and dies for it.

33 Senor Saint Senor Saint
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1958

Collection of 4 novellas:
1) The Pearls of Peace - Simon Templar goes to Mexico to find a long missing man but finds things are far different than he thought.
2) The Revolution Racket - A couple that the Saint thinks are gun-runners turn out to be con artists out to snag the revolutionary leader.
3) The Romantic Matron - A woman is beguiled by a man to smuggle a list of dissidents out of the country and she asks the Saint for help.
4) The Golden Frog - A father-daughter con team mistakenly target Templar in South America. Unfortunately for him, they are also gun-runners working with revolutionaries.

34 The Saint To The Rescue The Saint To The Rescue
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1959

Collection of 6 stories:
1) The Ever-Loving Spouse - Simon Templar is asked for help by a man who was tricked into being in a compromising position.
2) The Fruitful Land - The man that the Saint has targeted for justice does not believe the Saint really exists.
3) The Percentage Player - The con man that the Saint goes up against does nothing that is not mathematically favorable to him.
4) The Water Merchant - The invention was too good to be believed and the Saint was the chief non-believer.
5) The Gentle Ladies - Two elderly ladies in a small village in England are being preyed upon by a blackmailer.
6) The Element of Doubt - A shady lawyer gets a arsonist acquitted and the Saint wants to see justice is done.

35 Trust The Saint Trust The Saint
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1962

Collection of 6 short stories:
1) The Helpful Pirate - British Intelligence asks Simon Templar to go to Germany to find a missing scientist.
2) The Bigger Game - Templar is the referee for a wager between a retired matador a big game hunter.
3) The Cleaner Cure - How can a man die from having his tie cleaned? The Saint is curious.
4) The Intemperate Reformer - The temperance leader has some pretty unpleasant things going on that the Saint wants to resolve.
5) The Uncured Ham - To get back at an actor who has been quite naughty, the Saint sets up a sting involving Hamlet.
6) The Convenient Monster - The death of a man and a dog are being blamed on the Loch Ness monster but the Saint finds something nasty is afoot.

36 The Saint In The Sun The Saint In The Sun
Written by Leslie Charteris
Copyright: 1963

Collection of 7 short stories:
1) Cannes: The Better Mousetrap - Simon Templar is the best man to use as a fall-guy by a band of jewel thieves - except he is the worst man to have as an enemy.
2) St. Tropez: The Ugly Impresario -
3) England: The Prodigal Miser -
4) Nassau: The Fast Women - Two female racecar drivers are great rivals and when one is being targeted for murder, the other is the prime suspect.
5) Florida: The Jolly Undertaker -
6) Lucerne: The Russian Prisoner - The Saint helps a Russian scientist and his daughter defect while in Switzerland.
7) Provence: The Hopeless Heiress -

37 Vendetta For The Saint Vendetta For The Saint
Written by Leslie Charteris, Harry Harrison
Copyright: 1964

A man named Euston comes across an old acquaintance in Naples but that fellow denies it. Euston is later found murdered and the Saint wants to know why.

38 The Saint On TV The Saint On TV
Written by Leslie Charteris, Fleming Lee
Copyright: 1968

Collection of 2 novellas taken from the TV show:
1."The Death Game" - story by John Kruse, teleplay by Harry W. Junkin - Students at various colleges are involved in war games that turned quite real.
2."The Power Artists" - story and teleplay by John Kruse - Framed for murder by the villain in The Death Game Simon Templar needs help proving his innocence, one source being Inspector Teal.

39 The Saint Returns The Saint Returns
Written by Leslie Charteris, Fleming Lee
Copyright: 1968

Collection of 2 novellas taken from the TV show:
1.The Dizzy Daughter - story by D.R. Motton, teleplay (named Little Girl Lost, by Leigh Vance - A young woman claiming to be the daughter of Adolf Hitler is rescued by Simon Templar and while he does not believe it, he cannot deny someone is after her.
2.The Gadget Lovers - story and teleplay by John Kruse - Someone is killing Soviet spies and the Saint is hired to bodyguard yet another as he travels by train from Berlin to Paris.

40 The Saint and the Fiction Makers The Saint and the Fiction Makers
Written by Leslie Charteris, Fleming Lee
Copyright: 1968

Novelization of a two-part episode on TV by John Kruse - A publisher asks Simon Templar to bodyguard a reclusive author of spy novels. As soon as he arrives, the attempts start, keeping his quite busy.

41 The Saint Abroad The Saint Abroad
Written by Leslie Charteris, Fleming Lee
Copyright: 1969

Collection of 2 novellas taken from the TV show:
1) The Art Collectors - teleplay by Michael Pertwee - Helping a woman sell some valuable paintings finds Simon Templar accused of murder and the artwork stolen.
2) The Persistent Patriots - teleplay by Michael Pertwee - the Saint saves the life of a prominent politician and then is asked to save his reputation.

42 The Saint In Pursuit The Saint In Pursuit
Written by Leslie Charteris, Fleming Lee
Copyright: 1970

Novelization of a Saint comic strip story - An American woman receives word about her father, missing since the end of WWII and she heads to Europe to follow up on it. US Intelligence is interested because the man had been an agent of theirs involved in gold shipments. They ask Simon Templar to follow her and the Saint cannot resist the treasure hunt.

43 The Saint and the People Importers The Saint and the People Importers
Written by Leslie Charteris, Fleming Lee
Copyright: 1971

Novelization of an episode from the TV series, written by Donald James - Simon Templar gets involved in stopping a horrible racket targeting Pakistanis wanting to emigrate to England. The Saint does not much care for the way the gang is treating its 'customers'.

44 Catch The Saint Catch The Saint
Written by Leslie Charteris, Fleming Lee
Copyright: 1975

Collection of 2 short stories written by Norman Worker and adapted by Lee Fleming. Both stories take place just before WWII:
1) The Masterpiece Merchant - Simon Templar has fun taking on an art swindler but the case turns out to be much bigger than he thought.
2) The Adoring Socialite - A woman madly in love with the Saint helps him when he accidentally messes up an undercover policeman's cover and must do his best to keep the man alive.

45 The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace
Written by Leslie Charteris, Christopher Short
Copyright: 1976

Taking place in 1938, Simon Templar is very much interested in a set of jewelry that he would rather see somewhere else than fall into the hands of the Nazis as they prepare to annex Austria. He is also very interested in a beautiful woman with him in Vienna.

46 Send For The Saint Send For The Saint
Written by Peter Bloxsom
Copyright: 1977

Collection of 2 novelizations of the TV show:
1) The Midas Double - story by John Kruse - episode called The Double Take - Simon Templar is hired by a Greek magnate to find and stop an imposter. When he confronts the 'fake' he is told his employer is the real fraud.
2) The Pawn Gamble - story by Donald James - episode called The Organization Man - British Intelligence hires the Saint to find out why an ex-soldier is busy training a group of mercenaries.

47 The Saint In Trouble The Saint In Trouble
Written by Graham Weaver
Copyright: 1978

Collection of 2 novelizations of the Return of the Saint TV series:
1) The Imprudent Professor - teleplay by Terence Feely - A daughter of a scientist working on a petrol substitute asks Simon Templar to protect the man and the Saint soon learns one of those out for him is a company specializing in kidnapping geniuses.
2) The Red Sabbath - teleplay by John Kruse - episode entitled One Black September - A member of the Black September terrorist gang has left the group and is hiding in London. The Saint works with an Israeli agent to find him.

48 The Saint and the Templar Treasure The Saint and the Templar Treasure
Written by Graham Weaver
Copyright: 1979

Novel written by Graham Weaver based on an outline by Donne Avenell - taking place in 1945, Simon Templar is in France where a vineyard is in danger of going under, partially because it is said to be haunted. Being a fan of fine wine and even more a fan of mysteries, the Saint decides to investigate.

49 Count On The Saint Count On The Saint
Written by Graham Weaver
Copyright: 1980

Collection of 2 novellas taking place in 1950, outlined by Donne Avenell and written by Graham Weaver:
1) The Pastor's Problem - To help a priest save his London mission, Simon Templar agrees to steal a chalice but that gets him involved with nasty crooks not so philanthropic.
2) The Unsaintly Santa - While in Cambridge, the Saint learns someone dressed as Santa is killing people.

50 Salvage For The Saint Salvage For The Saint
Written by Peter Bloxsom
Copyright: 1983

Novelization of a two-part episode of Return of the Saint, teleplay by John Kruse - When her speed-racing husband dies in an explosion during a competition, a woman goes to retrieve their yacht but is hounded by crooks wanting the whereabouts of gold bullion heisted by they and her husband. Simon Templar decides to step in.

51 The Saint The Saint
Written by Burl Barer
Copyright: 1997

Very loosely based on the Saint, this is a novelization of the Val Kilmer movie, not actually part of the canon. Simon Templar is a thief hired to steal a cold fusion formula from a scientist by a Russian oil baron.

52 Capture The Saint Capture The Saint
Written by Burl Barer
Copyright: 1997

A woman that Simon Templar had rescued as a little girl in The Saint in New York is now grown, married to a rabbi in Seattle, and working with homeless children. She discovers one of the girls is being targeted by pedophiles and she appeals to the Saint for help.
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Number of Books:6
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1979

1 The Saint Annual 1968 The Saint Annual 1968
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1967

Published by World Distributors.

2 The Saint Annual 1969 The Saint Annual 1969
Written by
Copyright: 1968

Published by World Distributors.

3 The Saint Annual 1970 The Saint Annual 1970
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1969

Published by World Distributors.

4 The Saint Television Picture Story Book The Saint Television Picture Story Book
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1971

Published by World Distributors.

5 Return Of The Saint Annual 1979 Return Of The Saint Annual 1979
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1978

Published by Stafford Pemberton Publishing.

6 Return Of The Saint Annual 1980 Return Of The Saint Annual 1980
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1979

Published by Stafford Pemberton Publishing.


Number of Movies:13
First Appearance:1938
Last Appearance:1997

       It took the movie industry nearly a decade to realize the potential of the Saint on the big screen but once they did, they had a field day. Eight movies came out in the course of 5 years. Not every film had the same actor portray the Saint with three different people in the starring role.
       Louis Hayward was the first but George Sanders really took over, making 5 Saint films. Hugh Sinclair got a couple in, mixed in with Sanders enough to get rather confusing. Then a 10-year gap took place before Hayward would bring him back for one more adventure.
       Fifteen years would pass before the big screen would host the Saint and even then it would be as amalgams of the television series pieced together to make a long tale, usually a two-part episode merged into one. Two would star Roger Moore and one would have Ian Ogilvy.
       Letting another ten years go by, the Saint again appears in movie format, albeit made-for-tv movies starring Simon Dutton as Templar. These original tales did not get the novelization treatment they deserved.

       Mention has to be made of the Val Kilmer movie, The Saint, even though the character was most definitely not Simon Templar, use of that name by him notwithstanding. It was a terrifically entertaining action flick that I watched several times but it was NOT Simon Templar, the Saint.

1 The Saint In New York The Saint In New York
Director: Leslie Fenton
Writers: Charles Kaufman, Mortimer Offner, Leslie Charteris
Actors: Louis Hayward as Simon Templay, Kay Sutton as Fay Edwards, Sig Ruman as Hutch Relin, Jonathan Hale as Inspector Fernack
Released: 1938

A police inspector invites Simon Templar to New York to help fight the rise in gangs. The Saint soon learns there is a "Big Fellow" who is clearly taking over.

2 The Saint Strikes Back The Saint Strikes Back
Also known as Angel of Doom
Director: John Farrow
Writers: John Twist, Leslie Charteris
Actors: George Sanders as Simon Templar, Wendy Barrie as Val Travers, Jonathan Hale as Inspector Fernack, Barry Fitzgerald as Zipper Dyson, Neil Hamilton as Allan Breck
Released: 1939

Moving to San Francisco, Simon Templar seems to be working with the police to fight corruption while also working with the lovely crime boss to destroy his own friend.

3 The Saint In London The Saint In London
Director: John Paddy Carstairs
Writers: Lynn Root, Frank Fenton, Leslie Charteris
Actors: George Sanders as Simon Templar, Sally Gray as Penny Parker, David Burns as Dugan, Gordon McLeod as Inspector Teal, John Abbott as Count Stephen Duni
Released: 1939

Back home in London, Simon Templar takes on a major counterfeiting ring.

4 The Saint's Double Trouble The Saint's Double Trouble
Director: Jack Hively
Writers: Ben Holmes, Leslie Charteris
Actors: George Sanders as Simon Templar, George Sanders as Duke Bates aka the Boss, Jonathan Hale as Inspector Fernack, Bela Lugosi as Partner, Helene Whitney as Anne Bitts
Released: 1940

The Saint is the prime suspect as the head of a gang but it is really a man known as 'The Boss' who is a dead-ringer for Simon Templar.

5 The Saint Takes Over The Saint Takes Over
Director: Jack Hively
Writers: Lynn Root, Frank Fenton, Leslie Charteris
Actors: George Sanders as Simon Templar, Wendy Burns as Ruth Summers, Jonathan Hale as Inspector Fernack, Paul Guilfoyle as Clarence Gates
Released: 1940

When his friend, Inspector Fernack, is framed by a group of gangsters to get him out of the way, Simon Templar decides he needs to get involved.

6 The Saint's Vacation The Saint's Vacation
Director: Leslie Fenton
Writers: Jeffrey Dell, Leslie Charteris
Actors: Hugh Sinclair as Simon Templar, Sally Gray as Mary Langdon, Arthur Macrae as Monty Hayward, Cecil Parker as Rudolph Hauser
Released: 1941

The Saint is on vacation when he comes across a simple music box. Getting it, though, gets him into a lot of adventure that spreads across Europe.

7 The Saint In Palm Springs The Saint In Palm Springs
Director: Jack Hively
Writers: Jerome Cady, Leslie Charteris
Actors: George Sanders as Simon Templar, Wendy Barrie as Elna Johnson, Paul Guilfoyle as Clarence Gates, Jonathan Hale as Inspector Fernack
Released: 1941

Simon Templar is asked by his friend to watch over a man couriering a valuable collection of stamps but the man is killed, the stamps stolen, and the Saint is on the job.

8 The Saint Meets The Tiger The Saint Meets The Tiger
Director: Paul L. Stein
Writers: Leslie Arliss, Wolfgang Wilhelm, James Seymoure, Leslie Charteris
Actors: Hugh Sinclair as Simon Templar, Jean Gillie as Patricia Holm, Gordon McLeod as Inspector Teal, Clifford Evans as Tidemarsh aka the Tiger, Wylie Watson as Horace
Released: 1943

Simon Templar might not have gotten involved if the man had not died on his doorstep, whispering about gold and smuggling and someone known as the Tiger.

9 The Saint's Girl Friday The Saint's Girl Friday
Director: Seymour Friedman
Writers: Allan MacKinnon, Leslie Charteris
Actors: Louis Hayward as Simon Templar, Naomi Chance as Carol Denby, Sydney Tafler as Max Lennar, Charles Victor as Inspector Teal
Released: 1953

A lady friend of Simon Templar calls begging for help but before the Saint can get to her, she dies in a car crash the police say was accidental but which the Saint knows was murder. He is out to get revenge.

10 The Fiction Makers The Fiction Makers
Also known as The Saint and the Fiction Makers
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Writers: John Kruse, Harry W. Junkin
Actors: Roger Moore as Simon Templar, Sylvia Syms as Joyce Darling / Amos Klein, Justine Lord as Galaxy Rose, Kenneth J. Warren as Warlock
Released: 1968

Two episodes of the television series turned into a theater release, this has Simon Templar hired to protect a young author but soon the Saint and his protectee are kidnapped to use the writer's ideas to create a crime empire.

11 Vendetta For The Saint Vendetta For The Saint
Director: Jim O'Connolly
Writers: Harry W. Junkin, John Kruse
Actors: Roger Moore as Simon Templar, Ian Hendrey as Alessandro Destamio, Rosemary Dexter as Gina Destamio
Released: 1969

A two-part episode from the television series turned into a theater release. A man named Euston comes across an old acquaintance in Naples but that fellow denies it. Euston is later found murdered and the Saint wants to know why.

12 The Saint and the Brave Goose The Saint and the Brave Goose
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: John Kruse
Actors: Ian Ogilvy as Simon Templar, Gayle Hunnicutt as Annabel West, Stratford Johns as George Duchamps
Released: 1979

Two episodes from The Return of the Saint made into a theater release. While taking part in a speedboat race, Simon Templar sees a competitor blown to bits. The police rule it an accident but the Saint is certain it is otherwise.

13 The Saint The Saint
Director: Philip Noyce
Writers: Jonathan Hensleigh, Wesley Strick
Actors: Val Kilmer as Simon Templar, Elisabeth Shue as Dr. Emma Russell, Rade Serbedzija as Ivan Tretiak, Valeriy Nikolaev as Ilya Tretiak
Released: 1997

Hired by a Russian mobster to steal a cold fusion formula, Simon Templar does not expect to have feelings for the beautiful female scientist who came up with it. - Fun movie but definitely not the Saint.


Number of Episodes:150
First Appearance:1962
Last Appearance:2013

Roger MooreSimon Templar [ 1-118 ]
Ian OgilvySimon Templar [ 119-142 ]
Andrew ClarkeSimon Templar [ 143 ]
Simon DuttonSimon Templar [ 144-149 ]
Adam RaynerSimon Templar [ 150 ]

       As popular as Simon Templar had to have been to keep the magazines clamouring for more adventures, it could not have come close to the incredible popularity that would grace the Saint once his tales made the small screen under the terrific handling of the ever-sophisticated but also playful Roger Moore. The panache he showed with his mischievous grin and slight tilt of his head over something oddly ironic was matched by the swiftness and ferocity he could show when laying into one of the ungodly. It ran for 6 seasons.
       Clearly, Moore gave to Templar the same vitality, perhaps even more so, than he would a few years later for James Bond. But for me, while I enjoyed the Bond films that Sir Roger made, I will always appreciate him even more for Simon Templar.

       Ten years after the Moore era, The Return of the Saint came to the small screen in England with young, incredibly handsome Ian Ogilvy as Templar. The series did not catch the attention of the public as it deserved and it lasted just one season, which is a shame because Ogilvy did a terrific job and the episodes definitely do justice to the legend.

       Fast forward nearly another decade and a pilot for a possible new series was made with Andrew Clarke as Templar. It ran as part of CBS's Playhouse. It did not get picked up.

       Two years later, another incarnation of the Saint appeared with several episodes starring Simon Dutton as Templar. It also did not make it past the first year.

       Jump ahead two decades and another attempt for a television series. Adam Rayner played the Saint and veteran actress Eliza Dushku appeared as Patricia Holm. It did not take either.

1 The Talented Husband
Episode 1-01, first aired 09/30/1962

2 The Latin Touch
Episode 1-02, first aired 10/07/1962

3 The Careful Terrorist
Episode 1-03, first aired 10/14/1962

4 The Covetous Headsman
Episode 1-04, first aired 10/21/1962

5 The Loaded Tourist
Episode 1-05, first aired 11/01/1962

6 The Pearls of Peace
Episode 1-06, first aired 11/08/1962

7 The Arrow of God
Episode 1-07, first aired 11/15/1962

8 The Element of Doubt
Episode 1-08, first aired 11/22/1962

9 The Effete Angler
Episode 1-09, first aired 11/29/1962

When Simon Templar tries to rent a charter in Miami Beach, the captain refuses, saying he is already booked. When Templar joins in the group doing the hiring, the captain is even more furious.

10 The Golden Journey
Episode 1-10, first aired 12/06/1962

11 The Man Who Was Lucky
Episode 1-11, first aired 12/13/1962

12 The Charitable Countess
Episode 1-12, first aired 12/20/1962

13 The Fellow Traveller
Episode 2-01, first aired 09/19/1963

14 Starring the Saint
Episode 2-02, first aired 09/26/1963

15 Judith
Episode 2-03, first aired 10/03/1963

16 Teresa
Episode 2-04, first aired 10/10/1963

17 The Elusive Ellshaw
Episode 2-05, first aired 10/17/1963

18 Marcia
Episode 2-06, first aired 10/24/1963

19 The Work of Art
Episode 2-07, first aired 10/31/1963

20 Iris
Episode 2-08, first aired 11/07/1963

21 The King of the Beggars
Episode 2-09, first aired 11/14/1963

22 The Rough Diamonds
Episode 2-10, first aired 11/21/1963

23 The Saint Plays with Fire
Episode 2-11, first aired 11/28/1963

24 The Well-Meaning Mayor
Episode 2-12, first aired 12/05/1963

25 The Sporting Chance
Episode 2-13, first aired 12/12/1963

26 The Bunco Artists
Episode 2-14, first aired 12/19/1963

27 The Benevolent Burglary
Episode 2-15, first aired 12/26/1963

28 The Wonderful War
Episode 2-16, first aired 01/02/1964

29 The Noble Sportsman
Episode 2-17, first aired 01/09/1964

30 The Romantic Matron
Episode 2-18, first aired 01/16/1964

31 Luella
Episode 2-19, first aired 01/23/1964

32 The Lawless Lady
Episode 2-20, first aired 01/30/1964

33 The Good Medicine
Episode 2-21, first aired 02/06/1964

34 The Invisible Millionaire
Episode 2-22, first aired 02/13/1964

35 The High Fence
Episode 2-23, first aired 02/20/1964

36 Sophia
Episode 2-24, first aired 02/27/1964

37 The Gentle Ladies
Episode 2-25, first aired 03/05/1964

38 The Ever-Loving Spouse
Episode 2-26, first aired 03/12/1964

39 The Saint Sees It Through
Episode 2-27, first aired 03/19/1964

40 The Miracle Tea Party
Episode 3-01, first aired 10/08/1964

41 Lida
Episode 3-02, first aired 10/15/1964

42 Jeannine
Episode 3-03, first aired 10/22/1964

43 The Scorpion
Episode 3-04, first aired 10/29/1964

44 The Revolution Racket
Episode 3-05, first aired 11/05/1964

45 The Saint Steps In
Episode 3-06, first aired 11/12/1964

46 The Loving Brothers
Episode 3-07, first aired 11/19/1964

47 The Man Who Liked Toys
Episode 3-08, first aired 11/26/1964

48 The Death Penalty
Episode 3-09, first aired 12/03/1964

49 The Imprudent Politician
Episode 3-10, first aired 12/10/1964

50 The Hi-Jackers
Episode 3-11, first aired 12/17/1964

51 The Unkind Philanthropist
Episode 3-12, first aired 12/24/1964

52 The Damsel in Distress
Episode 3-13, first aired 12/31/1964

53 The Contract
Episode 3-14, first aired 01/07/1965

54 The Set-Up
Episode 3-15, first aired 01/14/1965

55 The Rhine Maiden
Episode 3-16, first aired 01/21/1965

56 The Inescapable Word
Episode 3-17, first aired 01/28/1965

57 The Sign of the Claw
Episode 3-18, first aired 02/04/1965

58 The Golden Frog
Episode 3-19, first aired 02/11/1965

59 The Frightened Inn-Keeper
Episode 3-20, first aired 02/18/1965

60 Sibao
Episode 3-21, first aired 02/25/1965

61 The Crime of the Century
Episode 3-22, first aired 03/04/1965

62 The Happy Suicide
Episode 3-23, first aired 03/11/1965

63 The Chequered Flag
Episode 4-01, first aired 07/01/1965

64 The Abductors
Episode 4-02, first aired 07/08/1965

65 The Crooked Ring
Episode 4-03, first aired 07/15/1965

66 The Smart Detective
Episode 4-04, first aired 07/22/1965

67 The Persistent Parasites
Episode 4-05, first aired 07/29/1965

68 The Man Who Could Not Die
Episode 4-06, first aired 08/05/1965

69 The Saint Bids Diamonds
Episode 4-07, first aired 08/12/1965

70 The Spanish Cow
Episode 4-08, first aired 08/19/1965

71 The Old Treasure Story
Episode 4-09, first aired 08/26/1965

72 The Queen's Ransom
Episode 5-01, first aired 09/30/1966

73 Interlude in Venice
Episode 5-02, first aired 10/07/1966

74 The Russian Prisoner
Episode 5-03, first aired 10/14/1966

75 The Reluctant Revolution
Episode 5-04, first aired 10/21/1966

76 The Helpful Pirate
Episode 5-05, first aired 10/28/1966

77 The Convenient Monster
Episode 5-06, first aired 11/04/1966

78 The Angel's Eye
Episode 5-07, first aired 11/11/1966

79 The Man Who Liked Lions
Episode 5-08, first aired 11/18/1966

80 The Better Mousetrap
Episode 5-09, first aired 11/25/1966

81 Little Girl Lost
Episode 5-10, first aired 12/02/1966

82 Paper Chase
Episode 5-11, first aired 12/09/1966

83 Locate and Destroy
Episode 5-12, first aired 12/16/1966

84 Flight Plan
Episode 5-13, first aired 12/23/1966

85 Escape Route
Episode 5-14, first aired 12/30/1966

86 The Persistent Patriots
Episode 5-15, first aired 01/06/1967

87 The Fast Women
Episode 5-16, first aired 01/13/1967

88 The Death Game
Episode 5-17, first aired 01/20/1967

89 The Art Collectors
Episode 5-18, first aired 01/27/1967

90 To Kill a Saint
Episode 5-19, first aired 02/24/1967

91 The Counterfeit Countess
Episode 5-20, first aired 03/03/1967

92 Simon and Delilah
Episode 5-21, first aired 03/24/1967

93 Island of Chance
Episode 5-22, first aired 04/07/1967

94 The Gadget Lovers
Episode 5-23, first aired 04/21/1967

95 A Double in Diamonds
Episode 5-24, first aired 05/05/1967

96 The Power Artists
Episode 5-25, first aired 05/19/1967

97 When Spring Is Sprung
Episode 5-26, first aired 06/02/1967

98 The Gadic Collection
Episode 5-27, first aired 06/22/1967

99 The Best Laid Schemes
Episode 6-02, first aired 09/29/1968

100 Invitation to Danger
Episode 6-03, first aired 03/12/1969

101 Legacy for the Saint
Episode 6-04, first aired 10/13/1968

102 The Desperate Diplomat
Episode 6-05, first aired 10/20/1968

103 The Organisation Man
Episode 6-06, first aired 12/02/1968

104 The Double Take
Episode 6-07, first aired 11/03/1968

105 The Time to Die
Episode 6-08, first aired 11/10/1968

106 The Master Plan
Episode 6-09, first aired 11/17/1968

107 The House on Dragon's Rock
Episode 6-10, first aired 11/24/1968

108 The Scales of Justice
Episode 6-11, first aired 01/22/1969

109 The Fiction-Makers (1)
Episode 6-12, first aired 12/08/1968

110 The Fiction-Makers (2)
Episode 6-13, first aired 12/15/1968

111 The People Importers
Episode 6-14, first aired 12/22/1968

112 Where the Money Is
Episode 6-15, first aired 12/29/1968

113 Vendetta for the Saint (1)
Episode 6-16, first aired 01/05/1969

114 Vendetta for the Saint (2)
Episode 6-17, first aired 01/12/1969

115 The Ex-King of Diamonds
Episode 6-18, first aired 01/19/1969

116 The Man Who Gambled with Life
Episode 6-19, first aired 01/26/1969

117 Portrait of Brenda
Episode 6-20, first aired 02/02/1969

118 The World Beater
Episode 6-21, first aired 03/05/1969

119 The Judas Game
Episode 1-01, first aired 09/10/1978

120 The Nightmare Man
Episode 1-02, first aired 09/17/1978

121 Duel in Venice
Episode 1-03, first aired 09/24/1978

122 One Black September
Episode 1-04, first aired 10/01/1978

123 The Village That Sold Its Soul
Episode 1-05, first aired 10/08/1978

124 Assault Force
Episode 1-06, first aired 10/15/1978

125 Yesterday's Hero
Episode 1-07, first aired 10/22/1978

126 The Poppy Chain
Episode 1-08, first aired 10/29/1978

127 The Arrangement
Episode 1-09, first aired 11/05/1978

128 The Armageddon Alternative
Episode 1-10, first aired 11/12/1978

129 The Imprudent Professor
Episode 1-11, first aired 11/19/1978

130 Signal Stop
Episode 1-12, first aired 11/26/1978

131 The Roman Touch
Episode 1-13, first aired 12/03/1978

132 Tower Bridge Is Falling Down
Episode 1-14, first aired 12/10/1978

133 The Debt Collectors
Episode 1-15, first aired 12/17/1978

134 Collision Course: The Brave Goose
Episode 1-16, first aired 01/07/1979

135 Collision Course: The Sixth Man
Episode 1-17, first aired 01/14/1979

136 Hot Run
Episode 1-18, first aired 01/21/1979

137 Murder Cartel
Episode 1-19, first aired 01/28/1979

138 The Obono Affair
Episode 1-20, first aired 02/04/1979

139 Vicious Circle
Episode 1-21, first aired 02/11/1979

140 Dragonseed
Episode 1-22, first aired 02/25/1979

141 Appointment in Florence
Episode 1-23, first aired 03/04/1979

142 The Diplomat's Daughter
Episode 1-24, first aired 03/11/1979
Director: Charles Crichton
Writer: Michael Pertwee
Guest Stars: Lynn Dalby as Marie de la Garde, David Garth as French Ambassador

The daughter of the French Ambassador is being hunted by the people who are out for money owed by her brother. The Saint steps in to help.

143 The Saint In Manhattan
Episode 1-1, first aired 06/12/1987
Director: James Frawley
Writers: Peter Gethers, David Handler
Guest Stars: Andrew Clarke as Simon Templar, George Rose as Woods, Holland Taylor as Fran Grogan, Kevin Tighe as Inspector Fernack

Pilot for a possible series - Back in New York after some time, Simon Templar is rather bored until he gets a note from an old flame, a ballerina who, it turns out, is being threatened. This is something the Saint cannot allow.

144 The Saint: Wrong Number
Episode 1-1, first aired 1989
Director: Marijan David Vajda
Writer: unknown
Guest Stars: Vince Edwards as General Donovan, Arielle Dombasie as Stella Moreau, Gunther Maria Halmer as Otto Schmidt

TV Movie - Simon Templar answers a phone meant for another man, learning about a rendezvous. When the other man is later killed, the Saint get involved, going up against a terrorist.

145 The Saint: The Software Murders
Episode 1-2, first aired 1989
Director: Henry Herbert
Writer: unknown
Guest Stars: Pamela Sue Martin as Irina, Malcolm Stoddard as River, David Ryall as Inspector Teal

TV Movie: Simon Templar takes on a case about several scientists killed in separate events.

146 The Saint: The Brazilian Connection
Episode 1-3, first aired 1989
Director: Ian Toynton
Writer: Anthony Horowitz
Guest Stars: Gayle Hunnicutt as Mrs. Cunningham, Simon Rouse as Fraser

TV Movie: Simon Templar finds a connection between a baby kidnapped in London and a black market baby selling ring out of Brazil.

147 The Saint: The Blue Dulac
Episode 1-4, first aired 1989
Director: Dennis Berry
Writer: unknown
Guest Stars: John Astin as George Lafosse, Sabine Naud as Sabine Gautier, Camille Naud as Seraphine Gautier

TV Movie: When his two friends, set to testify against a major crime boss in France, are blown up, Simon Templar is out for revenge.

148 The Saint: The Big Bang
Episode 1-5, first aired 1989
Director: Paolo Barzman
Writer: unknown
Guest Stars: Morgan Brittany as Verity, Jerry Di Giacomo as Demoyne, Jean-Claude Dauphin as Blancpain

TV Movie: Simon Templar does not believe the rich baroness committed suicide. He is certain she was killed by those wanting to take over her corporation.

149 The Saint: Fear in Fun Park
Episode 1-6, first aired 1989
Director: Donald Crombie
Writer: unknown
Guest Stars: Rebecca Gilling as Aileen, Ed Devereaux as Harry, Nikki Coghill as Felicity

TV Movie: An Australian amusement park is the target for a Chinese syndicate and they do not care who gets hurt in the process. The Saint cares.

150 The Saint
Episode 1-1, first aired 2013
Director: Simon West
Writer: Jesse Alexander
Guest Stars: Eliza Dushku as Patricia Holm, Roger Moore as Jasper, Ian Ogilvy as The Fixer

A tv-movie made as a pilot for a possible series that did not make it. Simon Templar is asked by a wealthy man to rescue his kidnapped daughter. As Simon and his girl friend, Patricia, work on the case, they must deal with a killer who wants to eliminate the Saint.


Number of Stories:29
First Appearance:1939
Last Appearance:2014

       Several comics were written about the Saint over the years. The ones I know about are listed here.
       The first illustrated Saint story was an adaptation of a Saint movie starring George Sanders. It was released by the very new comic publisher Detective Comics, which would become DC.
       A couple of years later, a possibly short-lived New Friday Publications, under the banner of Comic House, had an anthology magazine called Silver Streak. The contents of the comic changed quite a bit over the couple of years it was around. Four of those issues contained original Saint stories penned by Leslie Charteris and recounting what the Saint did to help the war effort behind enemy lines.
       Avon Comics released 12 issues over a 4-year period. Each issue had one or more Saint stories and other tales as well, as was common back then.
       British publisher Fleetway put out a series of adventures of numerous characters, first in its Thriller Comics and then in its Super-Detective Library comic, apparently illustrated versions of previously released stories. One of the former and eight of the latter issues dealt with the Saint although I have not yet figured out what stories they connect with.
       In recent years, at least one graphic novel and one lone comic book was released by Moonstone.


Comic Strips

Number of Arcs:46
Number of Strips:1
First Appearance:1947
Last Appearance:1961

       The exact number of strips is not known to me at this time though a fellow fan has told me there were 46 arcs. The comics were syndicated by the New York Herald Tribune to papers all over the world. My source has told me that the strips started weekdays on September 27, 1948 with a Sunday edition being added March 20th, 1949. They would last until September 16, 1961.
       The artists who provided the images were Mike Roy, John Spranger, Bob Lubbers, and Doug Wildey.
       There was a preliminary strip put out before the main run started, drawn by Lew Schwartz, which I have numbered 0.5.

1 New York   New York
Strips: 1 - 7
Dates: 09/27/1948 - 10/04/1948

7 strips - A young daughter of a wealthy man has been kidnapped by gangsters out for a large ransom. What they get is the Saint.

2 Beauty Scam   Beauty Scam
Strips: 8 - 47
Dates: 10/05/1948 - 11/19/1948

40 strips - A nasty piece of work named Jolly Joe is starting a protection racket targeting showgirls in nightclubs - pay $5 a week or bad things happen. When his henchman sprays acid on one woman on stage and the Saint is in the audience, Templar has to step in.

3 Mystery Debutante   Mystery Debutante
Strips: 48 - 99
Dates: 11/20/1948 - 01/19/1949

52 strips - The newspaper headline says that a mystery débutante has hired the Saint as a bodyguard. The interesting fact is that she did not know about it. And neither did Simon Templar.

4 Nassau Treasure   Nassau Treasure
Strips: 100 - 148
Dates: 01/20/1949 - 03/17/1949

49 strips - An aging treasure hunter and his adult daughter have found a buried treasure but loose lips let a modern day pirate know about it and he has taken the woman as a hostage to ensure the father delivers the loot. The father appeals to the Saint for help.

5 Rex Martin   Rex Martin
Strips: 149 - 207
Dates: 03/18/1949 - 05/16/1949

59 strips including the first of the Sunday editions - Wealthy Colonel Wrenn has a daughter infatuated with an 'adventurer' that Wrenn does not trust. He appeals to Simon Templar to come to his estate in Virginia to see if the object of her affection is a scam artist.

6 Virus 13   Virus 13
Strips: 208 - 335
Dates: 05/17/1949 - 09/21/1949

128 strips

7 Rio   Rio
Strips: 336 - 432
Dates: 09/21/1949 - 12/26/1949

97 strips

8 Hell   Hell
Strips: 433 - 527
Dates: 12/26/1949 - 04/09/1950

105 strips

9 Valdor   Valdor
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 04/07/1950 - 09/06/1950

10 Arms   Arms
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 09/06/1950 - 12/31/1950

11 Midnight   Midnight
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 12/30/1950 - 04/20/1951

12 Plays With Fire   Plays With Fire
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 04/21/1951 - 07/27/1951

13 Dope   Dope
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 07/28/1951 - 10/13/1951

14 Good Hunting   Good Hunting
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 10/15/1951 - 01/05/1952

The Saint helps a Russian scientist and his daughter defect while in Switzerland. Used as the source for story 6 in The Saint In The Sun and the tv episode The Russian Prisoner, episode 5-3.

15 Triangle   Triangle
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 01/28/1952 - 06/07/1952

16 Spectre   Spectre
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 06/28/1952 - 09/27/1952

17 Flying Saucer   Flying Saucer
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 09/29/1952 - 01/02/1953

18 Honolulu   Honolulu
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 01/03/1953 - 03/04/1953

19 Without Appeal   Without Appeal
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 04/04/1953 - 07/18/1953

20 Nemo   Nemo
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 07/20/1953 - 09/26/1953

21 Antilla   Antilla
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 09/27/1953 - 01/24/1954

22 Keys Treasure   Keys Treasure
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 01/25/1954 - 03/01/1954

23 Contest   Contest
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 03/22/1954 - 05/16/1954

24 D.F. Jakes   D.F. Jakes
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 05/17/1954 - 08/07/1954

25 Chinatown   Chinatown
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 08/09/1954 - 09/12/1954

26 Uranium   Uranium
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 09/13/1954 - 11/07/1954

27 Muscles   Muscles
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 11/09/1954 - 02/06/1955


28 Valentine   Valentine
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 02/07/1955 - 05/08/1955


29 Dig (Goggles)   Dig (Goggles)
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 05/09/1955 - 07/17/1955


30 HiFi   HiFi
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 07/18/1955 - 10/23/1955


31 Greta-Piracy Part 1   Greta-Piracy Part 1
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 10/23/1955 - 01/22/1956


32 Greta-Piracy Part 2   Greta-Piracy Part 2
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 01/23/1956 - 06/03/1956


33 Tag   Tag
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 06/07/1956 - 11/01/1956


34 Pilby   Pilby
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 11/02/1956 - 03/15/1957

Note: Adapted for an unpublished story called 'Bet On The Saint'

35 Escoria   Escoria
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 03/16/1957 - 10/18/1957


36 Gray Ghost   Gray Ghost
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 10/19/1957 - 03/19/1958


37 Paris   Paris
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 03/20/1958 - 08/28/1958


38 Sorcelou   Sorcelou
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 08/29/1958 - 01/01/1959


39 Brazil   Brazil
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 01/02/1959 - 07/17/1959


40 Nazi Loot   Nazi Loot
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 07/18/1959 - 01/07/1960


41 Gunrunners   Gunrunners
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 01/08/1960 - 04/20/1960


42 Duke Part 1   Duke Part 1
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 04/21/1960 - 07/10/1960


43 Duke Part 2   Duke Part 2
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 07/11/1960 - 09/15/1960


44 Mexico   Mexico
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 09/16/1960 - 01/26/1961


45 African   African
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 01/27/1961 - 06/15/1961


46 Art Robbers   Art Robbers
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 06/16/1961 - 09/16/1961


47 Love's Sweet Refrain   Love's Sweet Refrain
Strips: 1 - 1
Dates: 1947 - 1947



Number of Games:2
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1967

1 Stars and their Cars Stars and their Cars
D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd.
Copyright: 1966

From the pages of Diana's Top Secret Diary. Guess the 3 Secret Agents by the cars they drive.

2 Saint Shooting Game Saint Shooting Game
Target Shooting
Copyright: 1967

Are you a Saint? If not, you can play as if you are by helping The Saint get away from those after him. Take the pistol, put in a dart and shoot at the dynamite. Hit it and up goes the boat chasing him. The game includes Target Board with Stand, 2 Safety Darts (red with black suction cups) and a Red Pistol. The picture on game box and target board depicts Roger Moore as Simon Templar (The Saint) chased by the bud guys. It is a water chase scene between two boats. Play alone or with a friend. The winner or saint is the player that hits the dynamite the most.

3 QuizMaster - What Do You Know About Cars On TV? QuizMaster - What Do You Know About Cars On TV?
Thorpe & Porter
Copyright: 1969

From the pages of Super DC No. 6 printed in the UK. Listed only because of the 3 spy series. What cars were driven on TV by the main characters in the follow series? 1. The Prisoner; 2. The Saint; 3. The Avengers; 4. Sexton Blake; 5. Fraud Squad.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2003
Last Appearance:2015

1 The Saint: A Complete History... The Saint: A Complete History...
Written by Burl Barer
Copyright: 2003

Terrific fact-filled history of the Saint. The full title is: The Saint: A Complete History in Print, Radio, Film and Television of Leslie Charteris' Robin Hood of Modern Crime, Simon Templar, 1928-1992

2 The Saint On TV The Saint On TV
Written by Ian Dickerson
Copyright: 2011

An in-depth, fun and easy-to-read informative guide to the Saint as he was portrayed on television, detailing Roger Moore's years, Ian Ogilvy's resurrection, and the work that came later.

3 The Saint On The Radio The Saint On The Radio
Written by Ian Dickerson
Copyright: 2015

From his first words spoken on the radio in the early 40s to the new century, the Saint has had his tales told for over six decades. This reference book details the facts in a fast and fun way, as befits the character himself.


       Oh, but how I have loved the Saint. Since the first time I saw Roger Moore bring that modern-day swashbuckler to life on the small screen, I was hooked. Even when I read the first couple of books and was a tad confused that he was not exactly as Moore protrayed him, I stuck around and soon I came to see the similarities and accepted the differences and know that both were terrific and worth my time.
       The only hassle I found was the mixed up order I read the novels and novellas and short stories. Back then there was no Internet to consult. Publishers had their own order for the books and they did not agree. Even worse, many of the books had different titles, especially between UK and US editions and trying to figure out what to read next just proved impossible.
       Still, it was the Saint and that made it good enough for me.

       I pondered for quite a long time whether to put the Saint into this compendium. Several people asked me why he was not yet and each time I shrugged. I did not know if he belonged. Then I sat down with each book and looked to see which one had adventures that would definitely fit a spy category, which might or might not, and which were decidedly not spy-related at all. I was astonished to find that the number of Yes books were more than the number of No ones. The Maybe books did not count either way. Finally I decided to ask him to join.

       The Saint is one of the most unique characters in modern fiction. There have been numerous wannabees but no one has ever been quite as suave, daring, whimsical, dashing, and charismatic a character as this heir to the Robin Hood title. I am very pleased that I got to know him.


My Grade: A

Your Average Grade:   A+


GoldenI A+ 7/25/2014 5:59:29 PM

A similar literary experience...Charter/Ace, the series' U.S. publisher did everything they could to milk the Roger Moore link. And I fell for it...trashing the series as they did. But as I've grown older I've come to appreciate Charteris's pen. The Fiction Makers remains one of my all-time favorite spyfare experiences...absolutely loved the movie and two episodes. I watched the Saint on late night sindication before I met Bond. Simon Templar was my first favorite spy/cad/Robin Hood.

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