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The last ten major changes to the site.

  • 05/20/2024 - In My Comments about The Fifth Corner. today's entrant into the compendium, I wrote "you have to be either really bad or someone in the head office had it in for you" to get yanked from the schedule after just 3 episodes.

  • 05/19/2024 - Joining the compendium today is a British female agent for an unnamed agency who "is a gorgeous, sexy woman who has an innate talent for choosing the right personality to present to whomever she deals with." Chastity Flame uses that to accomplish a whole lot in her work and in her play and she enjoys both work and play a lot. There are three short "erotic adventures that would make James Bond blush", written by the talented K. A. Laity.

  • 05/18/2024 - It being Saturday, I have another youth-oriented spy series, this one having 4 books penned by Andrew Lane. It deals with a female operative in her mid-20s who gets teamed up with (how and why make up a good deal of the first adventure) a teenager who is the Agent Without License, which is why the series is called AWOL. It was very entertaining.

  • 05/17/2024 - Today we bring into the fold Aydyn whom I describe as a guilty pleasures. You will have to read about her to understand why. You will also get a chance to learn her "First Rule Of Being A Spy". You will enjoy reading it. There are 5 adventures about this interesting woman, penned by Sylvester S. Poulsen.

  • 05/16/2024 - We are going back in time over half a century for a very short - and very silly - two-adventure comicbook series called The Man From R.E.L.A.T.I.V.E.. I would say more here but ... nah, you should take a minute or two to read for yourself.

  • 05/15/2024 - While I had really enjoyed the first movie in today's series entry, The Art Of War, I had not taken the time to watch the 2nd or 3rd and had not considered it for membership here until a fellow spy-fan made the suggestion. So, welcome to Neil Shaw!!

  • 05/14/2024 - As I state in My Comments for today's newcomer to the site, "I am a sucker for cross-genre adventures so when I discovered a series that involved an android as a government operative, I was hooked without reading the first book." Mind you, I got a tad confused at the beginning but I totally admit it was me. I cleared myself up soon enough. Nahbi is the name of the android and the name of the series, written by Chuck Ervin, but, interestingly, he is not the main character.

  • 05/13/2024 - To quote the old but much loved Pogo comic strip from ages ago, today Friday the 13th falls on a Blue Monday! Very bad mojo!! (You had to have read it decades ago to understand.) Not bad mojo, though, is today's entrant into the compendium. Sarah Black is a novice MI6 agent who "is thrown off the cliff (literally and figuratively) right out the door" which, as I wrote, is "pretty bad for her but awesome for the readers". I concluded with "I hope we have not heard the last of Ms. Black".

  • 05/12/2024 - Happy Mother's Day!! For this occasion, and because it is next on my list, I present the pretty impressive Drenna Steel, a trained assassin for the CIA. Author John Sneeden not only gave us a kick-butt heroine but also provided me another instance of what I call a pet-chuckle - namely, let's train an individual so he/she can take out just about anyone we want eliminated, then let's at some point decide we need to remove that skilled killer and in trying to do that, let's really tick off that killer. It usually does not work out well and in Steel's case, it is a hoot to read.

  • 05/11/2024 - This Saturday we enter into the compendium a terrific children's spy series. Emma Jacks, aka EJ12, is an agent with SHINE. I mention in My Comments that had I been of the desired reading age when these first came out, I would have loved this quite lone (31 adventures) by Susannah McFarlane, though I would have likely hid my reading them because they are for ... GIRLS! Being my current age, I don't care. I liked them.

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Say the word SPY to most people and they will respond with James Bond, with good reason as he is the best known of all fictional spies. With 20+ blockbuster movies over the last 40+ years, along with the standard movie hype, virtually the entire world knows about 007 and his License To Kill.

Of course, James Bond is by no means the only spy in the world of fiction, just the best known. Who are the rest? Who has his or her own license to kill, thrill, or chill. How do these agents stack up against each other? Who would you want beside you in a car chase, in a knife fight, in a dark alley, or beneath the covers?

This site is dedicated to the many, many men and women who, at least in fiction, have defended our freedoms against all forms of enemies, foreign and domestic. Well, granted a few of them were just in it for the money and many were only after the excitement, and sex played a huge role in the motivation of more than a few. But still, their actions helped not only preserve our way of life (on paper) but also brought us, the readers, many hours of escapism and vicarious pleasure.

So, who are these people that I have slaved so diligently to present to you? They are the men and women of spy-fi about whom there is a series. Single-book characters need not apply. There has to be at least two books. Two's the minimum but the more the merrier.

Moreover, I have confined membership to the English language. If it wasn't put into English so I can read it, I haven't worried about it.

Each spy has his or her own page. Click on the "Characters" button to go to a listing page. Click on the letter the character's last name starts with (or a more common moniker like "Death Merchant" if appropriate). That will take one step further into the labrynth. Finally, select the character's name from the list and, voila!

Have fun!!