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Full Name: Nick Douglas
Nationality: British
Organization: British Military Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Unknown
Time Span: 1964 - 1965


Nick Douglas is an agent with the British Military Intelligence.

That statement is based on supposition, not hard fact. In fact, other than inference from the covers of the few recorded adventures there are, I know nothing about him.

The second adventure we have of his says in its caption that "He walked alone - and fought alone!" That would indicate he is a loner. [Note on that cover. It shows an identical blond man in a suit kneeing the jaw of an identical Nazi officer as can be seen in the first issue of John Steel.]

The third adventure shows only that he is an operative with the phrase "Non-stop action with Nick - Secret Agent!". The fourth tells that "Nick Douglas hurtles into action!" while showing him falling to the ground (but he is getting a shot off). The fifth indicated that he is in combat with jungle rebels and reaffirms hims being a secret agent. The sixth show him still in the Far East on another vital mission.

From his depiction, we can assume he is in his early 30's and has wavy blond hair and a muscular, athletic build.

The action that fills Douglas' time takes place during the Second World War. In the first adventure we have of Douglas, he is recalled from vacation for a mission of "vital importance". His easy going mannerism shows he is ready and willing for danger at any time and that he has a sense of humor. Since the mission was to head into Germany to impersonate someone, it must be assumed that he spoke German like a native. And since he would be standing so close to high ranking officials, including Hitler, who knew the real man, Douglas has to be a master of disguise.


Number of Stories:6
First Appearance:1964
Last Appearance:1965

1 Spy Trap Spy Trap
Published by Fleetway Publications Ltd

Copyright: 07/1964

From Lion Picture Library #23 - Knowing that Hitler based many of his decisions on the advice of his astrologer, Allied Intelligence sends in their best agent, Nick Douglas, to take the man's place.
Click here to read the story.

2 Danger Trail Danger Trail
Published by Fleetway Publications Ltd

Copyright: 09/1964

From Lion Picture Library #26 - [plot unknown]

3 Savage Victory Savage Victory
Published by Fleetway Publications Ltd

Copyright: 10/1964

From Lion Picture Library #28 - [plot unknown]

4 The Baited Trap The Baited Trap
Published by Fleetway Publications Ltd

Copyright: 11/1964

From Lion Picture Library #30 - [plot unknown]

5 The Jungle Rebels The Jungle Rebels
Published by Fleetway Publications Ltd

Copyright: 12/1964

From Lion Picture Library #32 - [plot unknown]

6 The Secret Mountain The Secret Mountain
Published by Fleetway Publications Ltd

Copyright: 01/1965

From Lion Picture Library #34 - [plot unknown]


From the little that I can see, this series is fairly standard British agent against the Third Reich fare. The agent can blend in anywhere. He immediately commands respect from people he has just met and they follow him without question. He is able to leap across a room to beat up a German officer who is pointing a gun at him before the stunned soldier can pull a little trigger. That sort of thing.

As a kid I did not read those kind of comics - the good guys were not wearing tights and had no cape so I was not interested. Apparently in the U.K., though, a lot of kids (and likely adults) were very interested because there were produced a ton of such adventures for quite a few years and simple economics demand that if no one wants something, it isn't made for long.


My Grade: B


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