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Full Name: Stony Man
Nationality: American
Organization: Stony Man Group
Occupation Agency

Creator: Unknown
Time Span: 1983 - 2015


       Stony Man is an ultra-secret agency working for the President.
       Initially it seemed that the concept of Stony Man was a forum in which to have joint missions between three ongoing series: The Executioner, Able Team, and Phoenix Force. All three had been the brainchild of Don Pendleton and the editors at Gold Eagle. The first book was more of a Super-Bolan (see The Executioner) than the start of a new series itself.
       The concept of the organization had been established in the Executioner series when it was desired to change the lead character, Mack Bolan, from a lone vigilante out to destroy the Mob into a force for freedom fighting enemy agents and deadly terrorism around the world. People that Bolan had met and recruited for his first war were invited to join the new fight in several ways. They could stay at the new headquarters of the organization, located in a farm in rural Virginia nicknamed Stony Man Farm, and help Bolan from afar or they could join one of two separate paramilitary teams and see action of their own.
       1981 saw the creation of the Stony Man organization in the pages of the Executioner. 1982 saw it continue in that series as well as the two news series about those teams, Able Team and Phoenix Force. Finally, in 1983, in a book that was considered to be the first of a publishing line of 'Super-Bolans', the three series were temporarily combined in one adventure, called the Stony Man Doctrine. To the fans, it was a great event but was considered largely a one-shot deal.
       Eight years later, however, the concept of a series about this 'ultra-covert intelligence organization' was resurrected and more books were put out, slowly at first but soon building in frequency until they reached a bimonthly stage, alternating with Super-Bolan novels. Not coincidentally, this return of the Stony Man series came at the same time the two team series were brought to a close and the characters melded into the overall group.
       Although the basis for the concept was that Mack Bolan would work with Able Team and Phoenix Force, as time went along that changed slightly. Not every adventure had all three elements, though most stayed with that formula. One in a while Bolan would work with only one team and more and more, Bolan might not appear at all.
       It might be thought easy to not include the Stony Man series in this book of spy series and just treat it as a strictly military force with hi-tech weaponry. However, as the later books in the series brought out more and more, the concept of a very secret intelligence organization capable of monitoring, infiltration, and action makes it, to me, mandatory to include it.
       Stony Man is meant to be the CIA and NSA combined with major ass-kicking attitude.


       Many of the stories are over the top. Many are way out there. Many have as much to do with spy work as my clumsy maneuvers on the floor have to do with dancing.
       Nevertheless, they have proven to be extremely successful to a core group of fans who religiously wait for the next to come out.
       And some of them are damn good stories! You get to watching who has written which and you learn there are a couple of dynamite authors working on this series. Just as some terrific writers got their start writing for Nick Carter<.i>, there are some cranking out these and The Executioner books that should one day be quite successful with their own work.


My Grade: C


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