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Full Name: Robert McCall
Series Name: The Equalizer
Nationality: American
Organization: The Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael Sloan, Richard Lindheim
Time Span: 1985 - 2023


Robert McCall is a former agent with the Company.

The exact identity of this intelligence bureau, also referred to as the Agency, is never specified but there is sufficient evidence pointing towards the CIA, if unspoken. McCall was an agent for many, many years and based on the contacts he has, he has made a big name for himself. Those he made his home in New York City, having a very nice apartment there as well as an ex-wife and a grown musician son, he was a man of the world and saw action in every part of the planet. His knowledge of languages and traditions is impressive.

At the time of the first recorded adventure, McCall is in his late 50's or very early 60's. He is growing extremely tired of the duplicity and the underhanded ways the cloak and dagger game is played and would very much like out. A particularly brutal event in a NY subway in which he promises a desparate man holding a hostage that if the man let the hostage go, all would be fine. The hostage is released and another agent shoots and wounds the man. To keep the wounded and still dangerous man from harming anyone, McCall must kill him. That is the final straw.

McCall turns in his papers and retires. Unfortunately, no one retires from this Agency and his New York boss, known only as Control, lets him know how scared his bosses are. Too much information is in his head, Control warns, to be let free. It was almost certain a hit squad would be dispatched to take him out. "Let them come" was McCall's response. Before too much time has passed, Control lets McCall know he worked out a deal with the upper echelon - let McCall live and maybe he would be there for a favor now and then.

It was not just to get out that McCall retired, though. Not hurting for money, and feeling a need for penance, he began a small one-man crusade to help the underdog get out from under. His reasoning is quite clear to himself - he has done enough bad things on behalf of his "employers" to last several lifetimes and he wants to even things out a bit. This reasoning is not so understandable to some who knew him in the old days. Control, for all his protests against his friend's actions, is one of the few who does comprehend.

"Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer" is the advertisement in the newspaper. It gives a phone number in Manhattan where help can be reached, although McCall has obviously learned to never answer the phone directly but let the machine get it and play back messages later. If McCall decides that the caller is legitimate and not, as often is the case, someone looking for a hand out or an acquaintance rubbed out, he will contact the person and schedule a meet in a safe location. Once he takes the case, though, regrets are in store for those he rules deserving of it.

Since McCall is no stranger to the City and many of his former associates, and not a few opponents, live there, he thinks nothing of routinely calling upon them for assistance. Many are less than happy about the calling but some, like his protege and young friend, Mickey Kostmayer, delights in working again with his old mentor and gladly drops whatever he is doing when summoned. Since that is sometimes something Control had him doing, friction can be high between McCall and Control. Nevertheless, the old friendship between McCall and Control goes back a long way and despite his irritations, Control has come to McCall's help himself more than once.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:1987
Last Appearance:2020

The three books in the series that were published were novelizations of several of the episodes. They were published in Britain first. It is unknown if they were ever released in the States.

In 2014, the series got a reboot with a movie release and a book by Michael Sloan, one of the creators of the original series.

1 The Equalizer The Equalizer
Written by David Deutsch
Copyright: 1987

Novelizations of two episodes from Season 1: Pilot: The Equalizer by co-creator, Michael Sloan, in which a woman is being stalked and a security expert is endangered by his own bosses, and The Children's Song by Howard Chesley, Joel Surnow, and Maurice Hurley which has McCall trying to protect the only witness for a murder by a group of rapists.

2 The Equalizer: To Even The Odds The Equalizer: To Even The Odds
Written by David Deutsch
Copyright: 1987

Novelizations of two episodes from Season 1: The Defector by Heywood Gould in which McCall helps a double agent defect as he also teaches a young boy to stand up to bullies, and Back Home by Neil Cohen, Joel Surnow, and Maurice Hurley which has a banker who is simultaneously trying to force tenants out of a building even as he is planning the murder of his wife.

3 The Equalizer: Blood And Wine The Equalizer: Blood And Wine
Written by David Deutsch
Copyright: 1987

Novelization of one episode from Season 3: Blood and Wine by Coleman Luck which has McCall joining with a monk, a man who once was a terrorist, as they look for the man's former partner who is planning on a major event.

4 The Equalizer The Equalizer
Written by Michael Sloan
Copyright: 2014

Wanting quiet and solitude after his years of doing things for his country he wants to forget, Robert McCall works in a warehouse store and minds his own business. But then seeing bad people hurt good people is something he cannot ignore.
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5 Killed In Action Killed In Action
Written by Michael Sloan
Copyright: 2018

This book tells of the very beginning of Robert McCall's life as The Equalizer; a woman trying to free her daughter from white slavers and another mother who wants to find out if her son, fighting in Syria, is alive or dead.
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6 Equalizer: Requiem Equalizer: Requiem
Written by Michael Sloan
Copyright: 2020

"Robert McCall's friend, Granny, a one-time covert agent for a shadowy spy organization called The Company, sends McCall a cryptic message telling him that he is being imprisoned in a North Korean prison camp. He and the other western prisoners are being tortured. The prisoners are surrounded by dense forest from which there is no escape. McCall embarks on a perilous course to rescue his friend and the other prisoners, aided by two charismatic North Korean mercenaries. It is a suicidal mission for McCall but he has no choice to attempt it. At the same time, an old enemy of McCall has been setting up a trap for him with some handpicked mercenaries. She is the lover of a spy McCall once had to kill and her revenge on him is callous and impassioned."
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Number of Movies:5
First Appearance:1987
Last Appearance:2023

Initially after the second season of the popular television series had wrapped, a two-part episode from that season was edited and released as a VHS movie.

Nearly three decades after the original Equalizer appeared on the television screen, the great Denzel Washington brought to the big screen his own take on the concept of an Equalizer, a former operative making amends for his actions in the field by coming to the aid of those in trouble.

These movies shown below are of that Robert McCall, not this television one. They are mentioned here only for consistency sake and to help point out the difference.

Mind you, I loved the television show very much and I loved these movies as well. Different characters, really, but both definitely awesome!

Likely because of the popularity shown by the first Denzel Washington version of Robert McCall, the year after the first movie came out, the two-part episode which had started Season 3 was merged into a "movie" for sale on DVD. Since it came out between the two Washington movies, it is sandwiched between them below.

So we have two sets of two movies, one with Woodward's Robert McCall and the other set with Washington's.

1 The Equalizer: Memories Of Manon The Equalizer: Memories Of Manon
Director: Tony Wharmby
Writer: Coleman Luck
Actors: Edward Woodward as Robert McCall, Melissa Sue Anderson as Yvette Marcel, Robert Lansing as Control, Anthony Zerbe as Phillip Marcel, Anne Heywood as Manon Marcel
Released: 1987

The 37th & 38th episodes (the 15th and 16th from Season 2) of the TV series packaged as a movie on VHS by MGM Home Video.
Yvette Marcel asks her godfather Control and McCall with her father that is dead set on finding her mother that might have been killed years earlier.

2 The Equalizer The Equalizer
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Writer: Richard Wenk
Actor: Denzel Washington as Robert McCall
Released: 2014

Robert McCall works in a warehouse store and tries to forget the life he once lived as an agent. Sleep does not come easy. Neither does rest when, try as he might to live a peaceful life, he finds he cannot watch bad people hurt good people.

3 The Equalizer: Blood & Wine The Equalizer: Blood & Wine
Released: 2015

The first 2 episodes of from Season 3 of the television series were packaged as a movie on DVD.
Robert McCall is forced to work with a former terrorist on a deadly mission in New York.

4 The Equalizer 2 The Equalizer 2
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Writer: Richard Wenk
Actor: Denzel Washington as Robert McCall
Released: 2018

Robert McCall is after the rogue agents that have gotten his friend and former colleague murdered.

5 The Equalizer 3 The Equalizer 3
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Writers: Richard Wenk, Richard Lindheim
Actors: Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, Dakota Fanning as Emma Collins
Released: 2023

""Robert McCall finds himself at home in Southern Italy but he discovers his friends are under the control of local crime bosses. As events turn deadly, McCall knows what he has to do: become his friends' protector by taking on the mafia.""


Number of Episodes:88
First Appearance:1985
Last Appearance:1989
Network:CBS (US)

Edward WoodwardRobert McCall [ 1-4 ]
Robert LansingControl [ 1-4 ]
Keith SzarabajkaMickey Kostmayer [ 1-4 ]

In September 1985, CBS aired the first episode in a new action series starring veteran British actor Edward Woodward. According to one of the creators of the show, the original thought had been to have someone like James Coburn play the character but it was decided that Mr. Woodward would play him. For his part, Mr. Woodward definitely had the credentials especially after having already played the spy Callan on British television from 1967-1972.

The shows would traditionally start with a scene in McCall's Manhattan apartment showing the answering machine recording a new call for help, setting the scene for that night's main adventure. The dialogue was routinely brisk and pithy with lots of jabs at McCall from his old friends and warnings to mind his own business from bad guys and even better retorts from McCall. These rejoinders were often followed up with enough physical action to show how much they were meant.

Playing Control, McCall's former boss and current friend was another veteran actor, Robert Lansing, and his ability to appear mysterious and menacing was as superb as Mr. Woodward's. Throwing in the young but by no means novice agent, Mickey, played with great skill by Keith Szarabajka, and the show was a hit.

There was enough action to satisfy most couch potatoes and enough violence to give pacifists strokes on a weekly basis. The show lasted four years and might have gone on longer had not Mr. Woodward suffered from a heart attack and frail health afterwards. Even bringing in the great Robert Mitchum for a couple of episodes and having Richard Jordan take over for a few more did not save the series. Mr. Woodward did return to the show but only for another season.

Note: the dates, directors, writers, and plots shown below were taken from the terrific entry for this show in Wikipedia.

1 The Equalizer
Episode S1-1, first aired 09/18/1985
Director: Rod Holcomb
Writer: Michael Sloan

Robert McCall, disenchanted with "The Company" (an otherwise unnamed American intelligence agency), quits and starts his own detective agency. His first cases are helping a computer clerk whose life is in danger after he stumbles across some incriminating data, and a woman being stalked by a crazed man.

2 China Rain
Episode S1-2, first aired 09/25/1985
Director: Richard Compton
Writers: Joel Surnow, Maurice Hurley, Victor Hsu

When a Chinese maid's young son is snatched by mistake in place of the son of the woman's wealthy employers, McCall is hired to locate the boy.

3 The Defector
Episode S1-3, first aired 10/02/1985
Director: Rod Holcomb
Writer: Heywood Gould

McCall comes to the aid of a Russian double agent who wants to defect to the west but when the man is murdered, McCall must protect his ballerina daughter. Meanwhile, McCall also helps a teenager stand up to a group of bullies while balancing time with his latest mistress.

4 The Lock Box
Episode S1-4, first aired 10/09/1985
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writers: Frank Military, Joel Surnow, Maurice Hurley

When a teenage girl is abducted by a pimp who runs an anything-goes, invitation-only brothel, the girl's parents hire McCall to find their missing daughter.

5 Lady Cop
Episode S1-5, first aired 10/16/1985
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writers: Kathryn Bigelow, Maurice Hurley, Joel Surnow

A young policewoman hires McCall when she finds that her partner and his cronies are corrupt, and intend to make sure that she doesn't blow the whistle on them.

6 The Confirmation Day
Episode S1-6, first aired 10/23/1985
Director: Richard Colla
Writers: Eric Blakeney, Gene Miller, Edward Adler, Heywood Gould

A teenage boy hires McCall for help after his father stole a truckload of antiques, which resulted in the man's friend being shot dead and the boy's father now being wanted by the Mob. McCall also helps an old lady who is sure someone is stalking her.

7 The Children's Song
Episode S1-7, first aired 10/30/1985
Director: Richard Compton
Writers: Howard Chesley, Maurice Hurley, Joel Surnow

McCall takes his estranged son Scott for a weekend away in the country to try and bond, but they don't exactly have a quiet time when they end up protecting a girl from a group of young thugs led by Dillart who killed her boyfriend and now intend to keep her from talking.

8 The Distant Fire
Episode S1-8, first aired 11/06/1985
Director: Alan Metzger
Writers: Robert Sabaroff, Maurice Hurley, Joel Surnow

McCall is forced to team up with a known hitman, to save the life of a woman they both used to love from a killer.

9 Mama's Boy
Episode S1-9, first aired 11/13/1985
Director: James Sheldon
Writer: Heywood Gould

A single mother hires McCall to straighten up her troubled teenage son, who is going off the rails after falling in with a drug runner with martial arts skills.

10 Bump and Run
Episode S1-10, first aired 11/20/1985
Director: Richard Compton
Writers: Jim Trombetta, Maurice Hurley, Joel Surnow

McCall must track down a vigilante who is killing punks in his name, while also helping a female student who is in danger from some thugs after an attempted car-jacking against her went wrong, leaving one of them dead and the surviving thugs seeking retribution.

11 Desperately
Episode S1-11, first aired 12/04/1985
Director: Donald Petrie
Writer: Charles Grant Craig

McCall protects a lonely wife after a stranger tried to lure her into an affair, breaking into an apartment and murdering a man in the process. Things get even worse when the stranger turns out to be a hit-man.

12 Reign of Terror
Episode S1-12, first aired 12/11/1985
Director: Richard Compton
Writers: Steve Bello, Coleman Luck

McCall does his best to rectify the situation when the new doctor at a local clinic in gang territory is targeted by the vicious gang after she refuses to give them drugs as payment for working on their turf.

13 Back Home
Episode S1-13, first aired 12/18/1985
Director: Alan Metzger
Writers: Neil Cohen, Joel Surnow, Maurice Hurley

When McCall is hired to protect the elderly residents of a run down apartment block, who are being harassed by the block's banker owner, he also discovers that the man has arranged to have his estranged wife murdered.

14 Out of the Past
Episode S1-14, first aired 01/15/1986
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Cyrus Nowrasteh

A deranged, dying ex-con is harassing the man who testified against him. McCall is called for protection by the man's wife - the woman who McCall was married to years before.

15 Dead Drop
Episode S1-15, first aired 01/22/1986
Director: Donald Petrie
Writers: Maurice Hurley, Joel Surnow

When a man is marked for murder after innocently having his name used in a mailing racket, McCall assembles a team of contacts to stake out the group behind the scam and let it be known that McCall's client is innocent.

16 Wash Up
Episode S1-16, first aired 01/29/1986
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Mark Frost

McCall is hired by two skyscraper window washers, who are certain that their boss is trying to have them killed after they set about forming a union.

17 Torn
Episode S1-17, first aired 02/05/1986
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writers: Joel Surnow, Maurice Hurley, Carl Eastlake

McCall is hired to protect a woman and her young daughter (played by a 9-year-old Melissa Joan Hart) from her abusive husband about to be released from prison, but finds his time divided as he also tries to get even with a contact who betrayed him years before.

18 Unnatural Causes
Episode S1-18, first aired 02/12/1986
Director: Alan Metzger
Writers: Susan Woollen, Coleman Luck, Scott Shepherd

A serial killer, who targets lonely middle aged women and leaves an orchid at the scene of the crime, is on the loose. McCall investigates, while also being hired by a young wannabe actress who has fallen foul of a flashy pimp.

19 Breakpoint
Episode S1-19, first aired 02/19/1986
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writers: Scott Shepherd, Don Carlos Dunaway

McCall is attending a wedding reception when the party is suddenly taken hostage by a group of terrorists who have kidnapped a Middle East philanthropist.

20 No Conscience
Episode S1-20, first aired 03/26/1986
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Mark Frost

A womanizer is kidnapped and beaten up for a piece of information that his captors want - but he doesn't know what it is. Given 36 hours, the man hires McCall to help him, a case with many turns.

21 Unpunished Crimes
Episode S1-21, first aired 04/01/1986
Director: Alan Metzger
Writers: John Burke, Grenville Case

McCall is hired by a boy to help his inventor father, whose designs were ripped off by a multi-million dollar corporation run by a ruthless executive.

22 Pretenders
Episode S1-22, first aired 04/08/1986
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Scott Shepherd

McCall is hired by a fledgling reporter who is convinced that her new apartment neighbor is up to no good. But she can't prove anything, and the police don't want to know.

23 Prelude
Episode S2-1, first aired 10/08/1986
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Carleton Eastlake

A dictator, who McCall helped bring to power, kidnaps an American journalist who McCall must now rescue.

24 Nocturne
Episode S2-2, first aired 10/15/1986
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Carleton Eastlake

McCall comes to the aid of a blind rape victim who hears the voice of her attacker.

25 A Community of Civilized Men
Episode S2-3, first aired 10/22/1986
Director: Alan Metzger
Writers: Daniel Pyne, Scott Shepherd

A widow is being pressed to pay off her husband's debts, and enlists McCall's help to keep the collectors off her back. Jennifer Grey plays the widow's daughter.

26 Joyride
Episode S2-4, first aired 10/29/1986
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writers: Jim Trombetta, Charles Grant Craig

A hearse, bearing a coffin full of crack cocaine, is stolen and taken for a joyride by two young boys who are unaware of the contents of the coffin.

27 Shades of Darkness
Episode S2-5, first aired 11/05/1986
Director: Donald Petrie
Writer: Jack V. Fogarty

McCall must clear a National Guardsman wrongly charged with murder.

28 Nightscape
Episode S2-6, first aired 11/12/1986
Director: Aaron Lipstadt
Writer: Carleton Eastlake

McCall is asked by a rape victim (Frances Fisher) to stop her husband from seeking revenge on her attackers.

29 Counterfire
Episode S2-7, first aired 11/19/1986
Director: Alan Metzger
Writers: Scott Shepherd, Coleman Luck

McCall is framed for a blind man's murder, and the waitress who set him up is nearly killed. McCall must work with the girl to find the man who set up both of them and restore his good name.

30 The Line
Episode S2-8, first aired 11/26/1986
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Steve Volpe

McCall is called upon to help a woman whose son was killed by a citizen's patrol group.

31 Tip on a Sure Thing
Episode S2-9, first aired 12/03/1986
Director: Donald Petrie
Writer: Scott Shepherd

A bookie kidnaps a jockey's son in an attempt to fix the outcome of a horse race.

32 The Cup
Episode S2-10, first aired 12/10/1986
Director: Mario DiLeo
Writers: Andrew Sipes, Carleton Eastlake, David Jackson

Mickey Kostmayer's brother, a priest, hears a criminal confession moments before the man is murdered.

33 Heartstrings
Episode S2-11, first aired 12/17/1986
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Loraine Despres

A woman's baby son has been kidnapped, and McCall is called on to retrieve him.

34 High Performance
Episode S2-12, first aired 01/07/1987
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Jack V. Fogarty

McCall protects a construction worker who is both a witness to a killing and the murderer's next target.

35 Beyond Control
Episode S2-13, first aired 01/14/1987
Director: Alan Metzger
Writer: Coleman Luck

McCall must protect his former boss Control from a KGB hitman.

36 Carnal Persuasion
Episode S2-14, first aired 01/21/1987
Director: Leon Ichaso
Writer: Dennis Manuel

A judge offers to release a convicted man... if his wife will perform sexual favors for him.

37 Memories of Manon: Part 1
Episode S2-15, first aired 02/04/1987
Director: Tony Wharmby
Writer: Coleman Luck

A joint American/Canadian task force, led by Phillip Marcel, is destroying mob operations along the Eastern seaboard with the assistance of an informant codenamed Chrysalis. Mob boss Frank Dorgan kidnaps Phillip's daughter, Yvette, and threatens to kill Phillip if she doesn't provide the identity of Chrysalis. Yvette turns to her godfather, Control, who enlists McCall to protect the Marcels. Control reveals that Yvette is the daughter of McCall's beloved former operative, Manon...but doesn't reveal her other secret...

38 Memories of Manon: Part 2
Episode S2-16, first aired 02/11/1987
Director: Tony Wharmby
Writer: Coleman Luck

Dorgan kidnaps Yvette again to raise the stakes in his pursuit of Chrysalis. McCall must now play Dorgan against Chrysalis to thwart Chrysalis' plans and save the Marcels - while coming to terms with his own link to Yvette.

39 Solo
Episode S2-17, first aired 02/18/1987
Director: Alan Metzger
Writer: Carleton Eastlake

A woman is wanted in Pennsylvania for a policeman's murder...and McCall is the woman's new lover.

40 A Place to Stay
Episode S2-18, first aired 02/25/1987
Director: Alan Metzger
Writers: Marc Rubin, Carleton Eastlake, Coleman Luck

McCall takes the case of a runaway child who has been taken in by a child porn artist.

41 Coal Black Soul
Episode S2-19, first aired 05/06/1987
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Scott Shepherd

McCall deals with someone who claims he can't stop killing women and also has his eyes on a female psychiatrist.

42 First Light
Episode S2-20, first aired 05/13/1987
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Jack Fogarty

Scott takes on his father's role as "The Equalizer" while his father is away, and his case involves a merchant seemingly harassed by local thugs...but Robert's true nemesis holds a grudge from World War II.

43 Hand and Glove
Episode S2-21, first aired 05/20/1987
Director: Alan Metzger
Writer: Coleman Luck

An invalid woman has nightmares, and one of them comes true when one of the figures from them appears in her room.

44 Re-Entry
Episode S2-22, first aired 05/27/1987
Director: Aaron Lipstadt
Writers: Dennis Manuel, Scott Shepherd

McCall is called on to help a man who was tricked into committing a crime.

45 Blood & Wine: Part 1 & 2
Episode S3-1, first aired 09/23/1987
Director: Alan Metzger
Writer: Coleman Luck

McCall and a monk, who was a terrorist before his conversion, must track down the monk's former partner.

46 Blood & Wine: Part 1 & 2
Episode S3-2, first aired 09/23/1987
Director: Alan Metzger
Writer: Coleman Luck

McCall and a monk, who was a terrorist before his conversion, must track down the monk's former partner.

47 Suspicion of Innocence
Episode S3-3, first aired 09/30/1987
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Robert Eisele

A mentally retarded man witnesses the murder of one of his coworkers in an alley, is charged with the crime and enlists McCall to help prove his innocence.

48 In the Money
Episode S3-4, first aired 10/07/1987
Director: Aaron Lipstadt
Writers: Ed Waters, Scott Shepherd

A woman crosses some corrupt stock traders.

49 Encounter in a Closed Room
Episode S3-5, first aired 10/14/1987
Director: Jim Johnston
Writers: Ann Lewis Hamilton, Scott Shepherd

A Soviet defector's parents have been kidnapped by the KGB and will only release them if she convinces another defector to return to their home country.

50 Mission: McCall: Part 1
Episode S3-6, first aired 10/28/1987
Director: Alan Metzger
Writers: Ed Waters, Scott Shepherd

McCall is kidnapped by the KGB and Scott enlists help of a former Agency colleague Richard Dyson to free him.

51 Mission: McCall: Part 2
Episode S3-7, first aired 11/04/1987
Director: Alan Metzger
Writers: Ed Waters, Coleman Luck, Scott Shepherd, Robert Eisele

Part 2: Dyson enlists former deep cover operative Harley Gage to assist him in rescuing McCall from his KGB captors.

52 Shadow Play
Episode S3-8, first aired 11/11/1987
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Robert Eisele

McCall must help colleague Harley Gage protect a government witness from assassins who are looking to keep him from testifying before a Congressional Oversight Committee.

53 Inner View
Episode S3-9, first aired 11/18/1987
Director: Marc Laub
Writer: Jim Trombetta

McCall is enlisted by a psychic who claims to have seen a serial killer's next murder.

54 The Rehearsal
Episode S3-10, first aired 12/02/1987
Director: Alan Metzger
Writer: Robert Eisele

McCall and Gage are trapped in a theater with an acting company after someone plants bombs at all the theater's exits and cuts the phone lines.

55 Christmas Presence
Episode S3-11, first aired 12/16/1987
Director: Michael O'Herlihy
Writer: Coleman Luck

McCall and Gage are called on to protect a six-year-old boy with AIDS, whose grandmother is dealing with increasingly violent harassment from their scared neighbors.

56 A Dance on the Dark Side
Episode S3-12, first aired 01/13/1988
Director: Jonathan Perry
Writer: David Lightstone

McCall must protect a police switchboard operator who overheard a policeman talk about his former partner's murder and is now being threatened into silence.

57 The Child Broker
Episode S3-13, first aired 01/20/1988
Director: Mark Sobel
Writer: Mick Curran

McCall helps a young woman whose boyfriend is being used as a pseudo-slave.

58 Video Games
Episode S3-14, first aired 01/27/1988
Director: James A. Contner
Writer: Peter McCabe

An investigative reporter tracking information on a call-girl operation and his daughter's death goes missing.

59 Something Green
Episode S3-15, first aired 02/10/1988
Director: Luis Soto
Writer: Kevin Droney

A diplomat has kidnapped his son from his ex-wife and has $10 million in mob money in tow. McCall is called on to stop them from leaving the country.

60 The Mystery of Manon: Part 1
Episode S3-16, first aired 02/17/1988
Director: Bradford May
Writer: Coleman Luck

Control's goddaughter Yvette Marcel returns, asking Control and McCall for help with her father Phillip, who has received information that his wife Manon - long believed to be dead - may still be alive.

61 The Mystery of Manon: Part 2
Episode S3-17, first aired 02/24/1988
Director: Bradford May
Writer: Coleman Luck

With Phillip now dead, McCall and Control must discover the true identity of the woman who believes herself to be Manon - and expose the shadow party controlling her.

62 No Place Like Home
Episode S3-18, first aired 03/16/1988
Director: Tobe Hooper
Writer: Robert Eisele

A man on welfare is in need of help from McCall to protect him from his abusive landlord.

63 Last Call
Episode S3-19, first aired 03/23/1988
Director: Michael O'Herlihy
Writer: Robert Crais

Kostmayer and several others are taking hostage by a rapist on the run from a Mafia assassin.

64 Regrets Only
Episode S3-20, first aired 03/30/1988
Director: James A. Contner
Writer: Robert Crais

A woman is stalked by her ex-husband.

65 Target of Choice
Episode S3-21, first aired 04/06/1988
Director: Mark Sobel
Writer: Kevin Droney

A murderer is paroled, and the man who helped put him away finds out he is living in his neighborhood.

66 Always a Lady
Episode S3-22, first aired 05/04/1988
Director: Marc Laub
Writers: Scott Shepherd, Peter McCabe

McCall is called on to try to save a former colleague, who is apparently framed for money theft.

67 The Last Campaign
Episode S4-1, first aired 10/26/1988
Director: Richard Compton
Writers: Lee Batchler, Janet Scott Batchler

A state senate candidate is blackmailing the incumbent to endorse him for election.

68 Sea of Fire
Episode S4-2, first aired 11/02/1988
Director: Alan Metzger
Writers: Peter McCabe, Coleman Luck

McCall is called on to help a high school principal deal with a gang who raped a female student in the school gym.

69 Riding the Elephant
Episode S4-3, first aired 11/09/1988
Director: Donald Petrie
Writer: M. K. Lorens

Two Thai nationals are being hassled by a racketeer with connections to McCall's past employers.

70 Eighteen with a Bullet
Episode S4-4, first aired 11/16/1988
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Bruce A. Taylor

McCall and Kostmayer help a young singer escape the clutches of her manager, who is up to no good.

71 Day of the Covenant
Episode S4-5, first aired 12/07/1988
Director: James A. Contner
Writer: Robert Eisele

In a case of mistaken identity, Scott's girlfriend is kidnapped by an Afrikaner fanatic who believes she is a terrorist.

72 Splinters
Episode S4-6, first aired 12/14/1988
Director: Paul Krasny
Writer: Coleman Luck

Kidnappers take Kostmayer hostage and torture him in an attempt to turn him on McCall.

73 Making of a Martyr
Episode S4-7, first aired 01/11/1989
Director: Bradford May
Writers: Wayne Powers, Donna Powers

A gun control advocate receives threatening phone calls.

74 The Sins Of Our Fathers
Episode S4-8, first aired 01/18/1989
Director: Paul Krasny
Writer: Tom Towler

A mobster's son is kidnapped as part of a revenge plot against his father.

75 The Visitation
Episode S4-9, first aired 02/01/1989
Director: Bradford May
Writer: Robert Eisele

An ex-lover of McCall's is forced to help victims of a virus carried by two men who have killed an international arms dealer.

76 Past Imperfect
Episode S4-10, first aired 02/15/1989
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Gail Morgan Hickman

A cartel uses a man's estranged son to try to make the man do what they want him to.

77 Trial by Ordeal
Episode S4-11, first aired 03/01/1989
Director: Marc Laub
Writer: Coleman Luck

McCall defends Control against treason charges filed against him by The Company.

78 Silent Fury
Episode S4-12, first aired 03/08/1989
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writers: Donna Powers, Wayne Powers

McCall helps a deaf robbery victim.

79 Lullaby of Darkness
Episode S4-13, first aired 03/30/1989
Director: David Jackson
Writer: Coleman Luck

McCall is called on to help a mother and daughter escape their abusive home life.

80 17 Zebra
Episode S4-14, first aired 04/06/1989
Director: Alan Metzger
Writer: Jacqueline Zambrano

McCall investigates the death of several homeless people who have died from heart attacks while in ambulances.

81 Starfire
Episode S4-15, first aired 04/13/1989
Director: Bradford May
Writer: Robert Eisele

McCall helps a man who is convinced he is an alien being hunted by killers.

82 Time Present, Time Past
Episode S4-16, first aired 04/20/1989
Director: Gordon Hessler
Writer: Tom Towler

Scott and a Bulgarian defector (who was aided by his father) are kidnapped, and Scott enters his father's line of work when he tries to rescue the man.

83 Prisoners of Conscience
Episode S4-17, first aired 04/27/1989
Director: Marc Laub
Writer: Robert Eisele

McCall tries to free a Chilean poet from the grasp of a man who killed his father years ago.

84 The Caper
Episode S4-18, first aired 05/04/1989
Director: Alan Metzger
Writer: Tom Towler

A cleaning woman witnesses a murder and tries to solve it.

85 Heart of Justice
Episode S4-19, first aired 05/11/1989
Director: Bradford May
Writer: Gail Morgan Hickman

A man hellbent on getting revenge on the men who attacked his wife enlists McCall's help when he finds out someone else has gotten to them first.

86 Race Traitors
Episode S4-20, first aired 06/29/1989
Director: Robert E. Warren
Writers: Wayne Powers, Donna Powers, Gail Morgan Hickman

McCall comes to the aid of a black family being harassed by racists.

87 Endgame
Episode S4-21, first aired 08/10/1989
Director: Alan Metzger
Writer: Coleman Luck

A man who is a master of strategy games uses his knowledge to plot revenge against two sisters.

88 Suicide Squad
Episode S4-22, first aired 08/24/1989
Director: Marc Laub
Writer: Jacqueline Zambrano

McCall aids a young student who has turned to drug dealing after he loses his athletic scholarship at college.


Number of Digests:1
First Appearance:1986
Last Appearance:1986

1 The Equalizer Annual 1987 The Equalizer Annual 1987
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1986

Published by World International Publishing.
A collection of stories (comic & text) and possibly other stuff based on the TV series.


I was so much a fan of the series, I never missed an episode. If I was not in front of the television when the latest episode was aired, I was there later when my VCR replayed it. I had already loved Edward Woodward as Callan from when I saw him while stationed overseas so the idea of seeing an older but more deadly version taken on corrupt politicians, gangsters, nasty boyfriends, and the like was too much fun to not watch.

Technically, Robert McCall, the Equalizer, is no longer a spy and most of what he does is no longer spy related but considering the fact that sometimes they are and the fact that he uses the resources, willingly or not, of the Company means this series definitely belongs in this compendium. Add to that the fact that this answers the question of what happens to civilians when they up against professionals.

The writing of the novelizations is very well done and are worth reading, if only to recapture the fun that was the Equalizer.


My Grade: A-


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