Full Name: Tuff Dawson
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Unknown
Time Span: 1962 - 1963


       Tuff Dawson is an agent with the British Secret Service.
       The organization for which he works, and has worked for apparently quite some time, is the Secret Operations Ministry (SOM), described simply as "the mysterious Ministry of which the public never heard but which Guards Britain's deadliest secrets". Illogically, this extremely hush-hush group that is not known by all but a select few has employees like Dawson who have an identification badge with the organization's name and a miniature reproduction of a wolf's head with the letters "S.O.M." beneath.
       Heading the department is a man who is only referred to as "Z1". He shows many times over that he has very high opinions of Dawson's abilities but he does at times show his gruff nature. Dawson is always respectful but unfazed.
       Regarding codenames/numbers, what Dawson has, if he indeed has one, is not revealed. For that matter, what Dawson's real first name is remains a secret as well since it is unlikely his parents felt 'Tuff' was a suitable given name. Speaking of that nickname, Dawson has been described as "as tough as his name and with nerves of steel".
       Dawson is said to be Britain's ace Secret Agent but luckily for his success potential is still unknown to his country's enemies. He is able to travel to an area and investigate a problem without having the opposition already onto who and what he is. That, of course, does not mean that the other side will not catch on quickly, which it does far more often than is good for Dawson's health considering the number of times he gets knocked out.
       Dawson does not work alone. From the very first adventure we have of him, he has a partner/assistant by the name of 'Slim' Harris, another agent with a nickname instead of a given name. Harris is described as young and is shown over again to be just about as intrepid as his older companion. Early on Harris tells Dawson, "like you, I'm always packed and ready to go".


Number of Stories:46
First Appearance:1962
Last Appearance:1963




My Grade: -


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