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Full Name: Impossible Mission Force
Codename: IMF
Nationality: American
Organization: Unknown Cabinet Department
Occupation Agency

Creator: Bruce Geller
Time Span: 1966 - 1997


The Impossible Mission Force is a secret agency of American Intelligence.

The basis behind the organization was that there were many assignments deemed so impossible which still needed to be attempted but since their likelihood of success was so small, the 'official' intelligence departments of the government were loathe to attempt them. If a band of unofficial agents, not connected to any branch of the government, were to try and fail, deniability would be available.

Exactly to whom the members of this elite squad answered was never stated. The terms of each mission laid out in the taped briefings, clearly indicated that the 'Secretary' would disavow any caught or killed agent. This would leave out the CIA or NSA or FBI since they were run by Directors. Both the State Department and the Department of Defense are viable possibilities, especially since most of the missions were against enemies of a foreign nature. However, many of the later operations were against domestic enemies, particularly the 'Syndicate'.

The procedure behind each mission was basically the same. The team leader would be directed somehow to a never-repeated location where the assignment would be given. A taped message which would self-destruct shortly after play concluded was accompanied by whatever documentation was needed, usually a small group of photographs. It was up to the team leader to devise a plan to accomplish the goal. Who his team members would be was up to him, chosen from a group of volunteers who were all highly skilled in one field or another. The leader would choose the team members, brief them on their assignments, and then go into action.

While the team leader had a decent number of candidates from which to choose, and would on occasion use a new one, it became obvious that he had a trusted set that he went to over and over. Each of these people must have been very successful in their own right or highly compensated by the IMF team because they were pulled away for a dangerous mission at a moment's notice many times each year.

The first twenty-plus documented missions were lead by Dan Briggs, a fairly plain looking, non-descript man who nevertheless possessed an incredible mind for planning incredible schemes and for being able to shift to equally ingenius plan-b's when things went wrong. Briggs was generally calm under any circumstance but on occasion he was not adverse to letting his feelings show, if only momentarily.

As the series progressed, Briggs stopped leading the team and was no longer part of the action. It was never stated what the reason was and there was no indication that he had been disavowed in any way. He simply stopped running the team.

He was replaced by a silver-haired man of equally impressive planning capability, the handsome and sophisticated Jim Phelps. Phelps' good looks and charm allowed him to mold himself effortlessly into any role. He could be a movie producer scouting a new location or an investment banker on the trail of a good buy. He could charm the ladies and back-slap the men with equal aplomb all the while keeping an eye on everything happening around him and listening via earplug to his teammates.

Every good undercover team needs a gorgeous, seductive femme fatale to lure men to their doom, smooth-talk secrets from the shyest stranger, and on more than one occasion slip a mickey into a glass. For almost half of the documented adventures, that part was filled by the former model, Cinnamon Carter. She had a sultry look that could memorize the coldest dictator and a set of lips that begged to be kissed but which would only allow it if she got her way. As alluring as she definitely was, she showed on many occasions that she was as strong willed as any of her male colleagues and, when captured a time or two, she held up under very unpleasant circumstances. Upon her departure from the team, she was replaced with the raven-haired beauty known only as Tracey who worked a score of missions. After her there was golden-locked Lisa Casey and the ultra-sophisticated Mimi Davis.

A good disguise is invaluable in an undercover case. The IMF team went far beyond the normal use of fake mustaches and wigs, however. Using the skills of true geniuses in the arts, they were able to create facial masks which were virtually undetectable unless extremely close-up. Added to that the skill to learn to mimic a person's voice and physical patterns and the team had someone who could not only sneak into the enemy camp, they could replace a key member with a look-alike to destroy from within. The quick-change artist known as the 'Man of a Million Faces', Rollin Hand, was the inside disguise man for many of the earlier missions. When he left the team, he was replaced the 'The Great Paris', a magician whose real name was never disclosed.

Technology, always advancing at a fantastic pace, was constantly an intrical part of any of the plans. It was vital to easedrop or display a holographic image or turn the lights or heat on or off on cue from a distance. Smoke and mirrors were never enough; magnets and acoustics and light shows and much, much more were required. Handling all of that while squeezing through incredibly tight ventilation shafts and crawl spaces and drilling inside walls and so on was Barney Collier. Collier was not only a certifiable genius for the devices he understood and created, he was also an expert at forgery and could create documents good enough to fool virtually anyone.

Finally, all the equipment that was used often weighed a ton and that meant someone strong had to be there to cart it into place and, when a suspect or a corpse needed hefting, it was the strongman's job to do it. Willy Armitage was that muscle for virtually every mission that Briggs and Phelps led. Generally a man of few, if any words, Armitage was a great man to have at your back with brawn was needed, whether it was lifting a great weight or punching a nose. It also fell to Armitage to help procure the many things needed for the job, not an easy task to do in foreign countries with little notice or support.

The IMF team fought dictators, would-be world dominators, mad scientists, assassins, hitmen, gangland leaders, and the occasional dirty politician or law enforcement official. They did so without fanfare or recognition. They had to because they did not exist and could and would be disavowed in an instant.

For many years, Jim Phelps was the leader of the IMF team which put down an incredible number of tyrants, mad scientists, underworld crime bosses, corrupt politicians and the odd assortment of crackpots and despots. Each time he received another mission, deemed impossible by the powers that be and strife with the likelihood of failure and disavowment for the actions, he came up with a plan and the right team to pull it off. As all plans go, they often needed adjustment when in the belly of the enemy and he was able to concoct a coherent viable Plan B.

As all things must end, so did the time for the incredible group of operatives and their leader and retirement ended their escapades. Phelps handed to a successor the satchel filled with volunteers from which he chose the members for each mission. Who that new man was was never divulged as the saga of the IMF team found its finish. Almost a decade and a half would pass.

The representative from the Secretary showed up on Phelps' doorstep with word that his replacement had, after many years of service, perished on a mission. There was no one ready or able to take his place. The IMF project would be put in mothballs unless Phelps came back and took control, at least as long as it took to train a new guy. Reluctantly the now aged silver-haired spymaster took command again, his first mission being to track down the one who killed the former leader.

In the new IMF team the jobs to be performed remained much as they did in the first group.

Nicholas Black was the master of disguise, able to create molded face masks so lifelike as to be almost undetectable. Adding in an incredible gift for mimicry and voice impersonation, he was able to be just about anyone he needed to be.

The electronics and gadgetry that the IMF needed to use had increased tremendously over the years and keeping up with all that high-tech wizardry was Grant Collier, son of the original gadget-guy, Barney Collier. The younger man was not only great with doo-dads and behind the scene schenanigans but he also was quite a good actor so his role was heightened.

The strong man needed to cart huge containers of whatever was needed was filled by Max Harte who added to his skill set with the fact that he was a very good pilot, useful for getting into and out of danger.

Lastly, the femme fatale, so vital in virtually every mission to charm, distract, bedazzle, and bewilder, was handled by two different women. First was Casey Randall who handled her job remarkably until tragedy struck and she was killed, becoming the first member of a Phelps team to be disavowed. Her position was taken up by the equally capable and beautiful and intelligent Shannon Reed.

The recorded number of the missions of this new team was considerably fewer than Phelps' first go-around but the world had changed quite a bit since he released the reins and Phelps found that he and his people had to think faster than before and be prepared to have everything change at a moment's notice. They were ready for it.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1969

       The amazing success of the television series, deemed almost immediately a hit, showed what a terrific idea the developers had and they knew they needed to maximize their rewards. In addition to a game or two and the usual lunch pail and other marketing merchandises, they knew that books had to be in the line-up.
       They needed an author who could do justice to the intellectual property and they turned to Walter Wager, a man who had under his pen-name of John Tiger already created several good selling spy novels in the I Spy franchise. He did not disappoint his readers. In fact, since creator Bruce Geller had been so reticent to reveal the back story for any of the characters, Wager took it upon himself to create some tidbits about Briggs and later Phelps himself.
       Another author, Max Walker, also had a hand in the television tie-in novels, drafting two of the four.

       As with most movie and television tie-ins, they were never expected to set the world on fire. They were just to please the more intense fan and generate more revenue. They definitely succeeded.

1 Mission: Impossible Mission: Impossible
Written by John Tiger
Copyright: 1967

Dexon-9 is a nerve gas which attacks the brain cells, leaving the inhaling victim an imbecile, incapable of reasoning. The despot in charge of the northeast South American nation of Santilla wants to use the dangerous creation to further his power. Naturally, it is the IMF who must stop him. Dan Briggs leads.

2 Code Name: Judas Code Name: Judas
Written by Max Walker
Copyright: 1968

The Soviet agent codenamed Atlas, endowed with a fantastic memory, had prowled the inner regions of Red China and learned the facts behind a plan to invade the West. Now this agent, after a falling out with his bosses, has faked his own death in Switzerland. The IMF must get to him and extract the secret plans from his mind.

3 Code Name: Rapier Code Name: Rapier
Written by Max Walker
Copyright: 1968

A genius American scientist is the creator of a fantastically miniature computer capable of putting the U.S. technology years ahead of the Opposition. Naturally, the other side wants him desperately. When he has insists on attending a World Inventors' Conference on a Caribbean resort island, the IMF sent to keep him alive.

4 Code Name: Little Ivan Code Name: Little Ivan
Written by John Tiger
Copyright: 1969

The target is Little Ivan, a cute name for a very dangerous tank, said to be indestructible. The IMF must steal this tank so the West can acquire the new metal that makes up the armor, even though the tank is behind the Iron Curtain.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1968
Last Appearance:1971

1 Mission Impossible Annual 1969 Mission Impossible Annual 1969
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1968

Published by Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co. Ltd.
A collection of 3 short stories, 3 reprinted Dell comic book missions and 5 features as follows.
The Short Stories are:
1. Operation Skyhook
2. So This is the Cold War
3. The Bullion Robbery
The Dell Comic Story Reprints are:
1. The Lethal List (Dell #2)
2. The Invaders (Dell #2)
3. The Deadly Defector (Dell #1)
The Feature Articles are;
1. The Facts
2. The Figures
3. Spy in the Sky
4. Q-ships
5. Spy Items

2 The Priceless Particle The Priceless Particle
Written by Talmage Powell
Copyright: 1969

A genius scientist in a small Middle Eastern country has created a man-made protein that can help feed millions if perfected but the man has been thrown into prison protesting the dictatorship that controls his homeland. The IMF must get him out.

3 The Money Explosion The Money Explosion
Written by Talmage Powell
Copyright: 1969

The small Caribbean nation of Esperanza has a fledgling democratic government which the Communists are trying to disrupt by flooding their economy with counterfeit. The IMF must stop the plot.

4 Mission Impossible Annual 1970 Mission Impossible Annual 1970
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1969

Published by Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co. Ltd.
A collection of 3 short stories, 3 reprinted Dell comic book missions and 4 features as follows:
The short stories are:
1. A Real Blast!
2. Please Can We Have Our B.A.11 Back?
3. A Power of Evil
The Dell Comic Story Reprints are:
1. Race For Life (Dell #4)
2. Perfect Plot (Dell #4)
3. Target in the Sea (Dell #1)
The Features Articles are:
1. Welcome to the Team, Mr. Phelps
2. Alias Peter Graves
3. Keyhole in the Sky
4. Underwater Agent

5 Mission Impossible Annual 1972 Mission Impossible Annual 1972
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1971

Published by World Distributors.
A collection of 7 short stories, 2 comic book missions and 9 features as follows:
The short stories are:
1. Bang on Target
2. The Big Heist
3. Codename - Scapegoat
4. Double Trouble
5. The Jackboot Kicks
6. Mafia Mayday
7. The Seventh Santa Claus
The comic book stories are:
1. Jungle Drama
2. The Weatherman Plot
The feature articles are:
1. How Good A Spy Would You Make?
2. Round the World Quiz
3. Know Your Sports
4. Possible Words
5. Mission Achieved!
6. Operation Rescue
7. Impossible People
8. Spy A Joke!
9. All Locked Up!


Number of Stories:14
First Appearance:1968
Last Appearance:1973

1 Operation Skyhook Operation Skyhook
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1968

1st of 3 stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1969. Plot unknown

2 So This Is The Cold War So This Is The Cold War
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1968

2nd of 3 stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1969. Plot unknown

3 The Bullion Robbery The Bullion Robbery
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1968

3rd of 3 stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1969. Plot unknown

4 A Real Blast! A Real Blast!
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1969

1st of 3 stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1970. Plot unknown

5 Please Can We Have Our B.A.11 Back? Please Can We Have Our B.A.11 Back?
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1969

2nd of 3 stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1970. Plot unknown

6 A Power of Evil A Power of Evil
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1969

3rd of 3 stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1970. Plot unknown

7 The Breakout The Breakout
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1973

Found in TV Action Annual 1974. Phelps and his team have the mission to rescue Prof. Von Heinken from a maximum security prison in Central Europe. Can they all get out alive?
Click here to read the story.

8 Bang On Target Bang On Target
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1971

1st of 7 stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1972.
[plot unknown]

9 The Big Heist The Big Heist
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1971

2nd of 7 stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1972.
[plot unknown]

10 Codename - Scapegoat Codename - Scapegoat
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1971

3rd of 7 stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1972.
[plot unknown]

11 Double Trouble Double Trouble
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1971

4th of 7 stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1972.
[plot unknown]

12 The Jackboot Kicks The Jackboot Kicks
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1971

5th of 7 stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1972.
[plot unknown]

13 Mafia Mayday Mafia Mayday
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1971

6th of 7 stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1972.
[plot unknown]

14 The Seventh Santa Claus The Seventh Santa Claus
Written by Unknown
Copyright: 1971

7th of 7 stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1972.
[plot unknown]


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1968
Last Appearance:1968

1 Missing: Impossible Vs The Mob Missing: Impossible Vs The Mob
Director: Paul Stanley
Writers: Allan Balter, William Read Woodfield, Robert Towne
Actors: Peter Graves as Jim Phelps, Martin Landau as Rollin Hand, Barbara Bain as Cinnamon Carter, Greg Morris as Barney Collier
Released: 1968

Taken from Episodes 2-11 and 2-12. Released outside the US to movie theaters in the UK and other countries. Honest Businesses have been taken over by a criminal mastermind and it is up to the IMF team to stop him.


Number of Episodes:171
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1990
Network:CBS (US)

Steven HillDan Briggs [ 1 ]
Peter GravesJim Phelps [ 2-7 ]
Barbara BainCinnamon Carter [ 1-3 ]
Martin LandauRollin Hand [ 1-3 ]
Greg MorrisBarney Collier [ 1-7 ]
Peter LupusWilly Armitage [ 1-7 ]
Bob Johnson[voice] [ 1-7 ]

       From September, 1966 to March, 1973, on CBS, the IMF handled 171 hair-raising missions against a wide assortment of enemies, both foreign and domestic. The show, created by Bruce Geller, proved to be extremely popular prompting considerable satires on comedy shows.
       The premise is simple. There are many missions which are flat out impossible to accomplish - certain to fail. Since someone has to try anyway, that dirty task falls to the members of this elite group of volunteers.
       Each mission, the leader, be it Dan Briggs or his replacement Jim Phelps, would come up with a plan and select from his collection of volunteers those needed to carry this plan out. These volunteers came from a wide range of professions, each person good at their normal job be it modeling, engineering, acting, sports, or whatever. They had offered their talents to be called upon when the need arose. It was up to the leader to choose which volunteer was needed.
       The plans usually involved disguises, seduction, misdirection, gadgetry, and subterfuge. They were awesome stories! Often far-fetched, relying on the bad guys being far more gullible than would be assumed and the good guys have a ton more luck than anyone deserved, especially week after week. And yet it worked reliably for seven years and left the world with a super-catchy theme song, a image of a fuse burning that was unmistakable and a phrase that became part of the American lexicon, "this tape will self-destruct in ..".

       In the first season, the leader was Dan Briggs, played by Steven Hill. When shooting schedules put work on Saturdays, Mr. Hill elected on religious reasons to not return the next year and the handsome Peter Graves was pulled in for the role. He would remain in charge for the remaining six seasons and for second series as well.
       Other steady agents were Cinnamon Carter (Barbara Bain) and Rollin Hand (Martin Landau) for the first three seasons until contract negotiations well apart and they left. The role of primary female ingénue was somewhat in flux from then on with Lee Meriwether as Tracey in season 4, Lesley Ann Warren as Dana in season 5, and Lynda Day George as Lisa Casey in seasons 6-7.
       On all the jobs, fancy gadgetry, electrical wiring, bugging, and any other technical tricks were carried out by the highly resourceful and ever dependable Barney Collier, played admirably by Greg Morris. And the man who carried all of the heavy equipment and, on more than one occasion an unconscious body or two, was Willy Armitage, played by Peter Lupus.

       One tidbit floating about had the reason that there was virtually no character development and, except for a couple of episodes of a personal nature, little background on any of the characters was that Bruce Geller wished the emphasis to be on the mission, not the agents. Mr. Geller passed away at a very young age while engaging in his off-work passion, flying, so the idea remains unsettled.

1 Pilot
Episode S1-1, first aired 09/17/1966

In order to remove two nuclear warheads from a Caribbean island and prevent their imminent use, the "IMF" team enters a hotel being used as the headquarters of the island’s dictator so that the team members may gain access to the hotel’s vault where the warheads are being kept.

2 Memory
Episode S1-2, first aired 09/24/1965

Joseph Baresh, an IMF agent with a photographic memory, allows himself to be captured and subjected to a harsh interrogation to help destroy a politically connected mass murderer.

3 Operation Rogosh
Episode S1-3, first aired 10/01/1966

When an unbreakable foreign agent (Fritz Weaver) known as "The Monster" who specializes in mass murder is discovered in Los Angeles, the IMF team needs to break him (only to discover a planned biological attack on Los Angeles area water system). The team must trick him into revealing the location of his biological devices by convincing him that it is three years into the future, he is back in his own country, and he is on trial for being an American spy.

4 Old Man Out: Part 1
Episode S1-4, first aired 10/08/1966

With the rest of IMF team posing as a traveling circus performing in a city park next to an impregnable prison, Rollin allows himself to be imprisoned to rescue physically infirm Cardinal Vossek (Cyril Delevanti), the leader of a country’s freedom movement who was arrested and held in the prison for interrogation (and then scheduled for execution).

5 Old Man Out: Part 2
Episode S1-5, first aired 10/15/1965

Continuation of the previous episode. The team's rescue plan hit a snag at the end of the previous episode when Cardinal Vossek was transferred to another cell.

6 Odds on Evil
Episode S1-6, first aired 10/22/1965

In order to prevent an arms delivery to the prince (Nehemiah Persoff) of a principality by an arms dealer (Vincent Van Lynn) and to make sure that he cannot buy more (so that he is prevented from attacking an oil-rich, neighboring state), the IMF team enters a casino to rig the games.

7 Wheels
Episode S1-7, first aired 10/29/1966

In order to unfix the election result in a foreign country (and prevent the police-controlled Nationalist party from establishing a terrorist dictatorship), the IMF team enters a police station being used as both a polling place and the headquarters of the party so that Barney may gain access to the station’s backroom where the fixed voting machines rigged with three "zero" wheels are being kept.

8 The Ransom
Episode S1-8, first aired 11/05/1966

When a friend's daughter is kidnapped by a crime boss and held as ransom for the exchange of an informant held in protective custody, Briggs calls in the IMF team to rescue her.

9 A Spool There Was
Episode S1-9, first aired 11/12/1966

Rollin and Cinnamon pose as reunited ex-lovers in an unfriendly country in order to retrieve a spool of recording wire hidden by an agent killed while evading capture.

10 The Carriers
Episode S1-10, first aired 11/19/1966

In order to stop an expert in American traditions, slang, and customs (Arthur Hill) from conducting his plan of bacteriological warfare against the U.S. and to put him permanently out of business, the IMF team infiltrates a mock-up of an American town located behind the Iron Curtain where enemy agents learn to act as Americans.

11 Zubrovnik's Ghost
Episode S1-11, first aired 11/26/1966

In this "haunted house" episode, a scientist (Beatrice Straight) is being asked to defect by the ghost of her late husband. In order to keep her from going behind the Iron Curtain and to get her working for the IMF again, Rollin, Barney, and IMF agent Ariana Domi (Martine Bartlett) pose as a psychic research team, countering the efforts of a medium (Donald Davis) who is pressuring her to work from behind the Iron Curtain.

12 Fakeout
Episode S1-12, first aired 12/03/1966

With an ill-mannered leader of an international narcotics syndicate (Lloyd Bridges) living in a country that has no extradition treaty with the U.S., Cinnamon romances him in order to get him out of the country so that he can be legally arrested and stand trial in the U.S. (kidnapping him has been ruled out as being politically embarrassing).

13 Elena
Episode S1-13, first aired 12/10/1966

When a woman named Elena (Barbara Luna) acting as a key agent of the IMF begins to behave in a bizarre manner indicating a severe emotional disturbance, Rollin and a psychiatrist (Barry Atwater) need to find out in six days why she is behaving so strongly and decide whether she will continue to be a dangerous threat to the IMF; if not, she will be killed.

14 The Short Tail Spy
Episode S1-14, first aired 12/17/1966

Two feuding assassins of different ages representing two groups of an enemy country are focused on assassinating a professor who recently defected to the U.S.

15 The Legacy
Episode S1-15, first aired 01/07/1967

In this "treasure hunt" episode, sons of Adolf Hitler's most trusted Nazi officers gather in Zurich, Switzerland, to locate Hitler's "personal fortune" believed to be worth more than $300 million.

16 The Reluctant Dragon
Episode S1-16, first aired 01/14/1967

An expert in rocket control (Joseph Campanella) working from behind the Iron Curtain was supposed to follow his wife (Mala Powers) in defecting to the U.S. a year earlier, but he was reluctant in leaving.

17 The Frame
Episode S1-17, first aired 01/21/1967

When four elected officials are killed in "accidents" and replaced with persons favorably disposed toward organized crime, Dan and Rollin pose as caterers for a lavish get-together at the home of the U.S. syndicate boss (Simon Oakland) in order to stop him from expanding into government.

18 The Trial
Episode S1-18, first aired 01/28/1967

Dan allows himself to be arrested, charged, and subjected to a show trial as a would-be saboteur in order to stop and discredit a public prosecutor and the head of the secret police (Carroll O'Connor) so that he will never be a political threat or threaten international peace.

19 The Diamond
Episode S1-19, first aired 02/04/1967

When the despotic prime minister of a white-supremacist West African regime attempts to sell the world's largest uncut diamond in order to finance a campaign driving the native majority off their tribal trust lands, the IMF Force is sent to destroy him.

20 The Legend
Episode S1-20, first aired 02/11/1967

Dan and Cinnamon impersonate a former Nazi and his daughter who are invited to attend a reunion of aged Nazi leaders at the home of Nazi fugitive Martin Bormann, who is planning the creation of the Fourth Reich.

21 Snowball in Hell
Episode S1-21, first aired 02/18/1967

The IMF must recover or destroy a vital component for a nuclear weapon that is in the hands of an evil prison warden (Ricardo Montalbán), and make sure that the warden does not give the formula to anyone else.

22 The Confession
Episode S1-22, first aired 02/25/1967

When the assassination of a U.S. senator Kent Smith by a Communist bloc agent threatens to lead to war between America and the Communist Bloc, Dan and the IMF set out to prove the killing was actually orchestrated by the senator's principal backer.

23 Action!
Episode S1-23, first aired 03/04/1967

An Eastern European filmmaker plans to release a film he created to falsely allege an American war crime in Vietnam; the IMF must prove the film to be a fake.

24 The Train
Episode S1-24, first aired 03/18/1967

The IMF team must simulate a train ride carrying a dying prime minister to a Swiss hospital, to convince the leader that his chosen successor would become an oppressive dictator upon his ascension.

25 Shock
Episode S1-25, first aired 03/25/1967

When an American envoy is kidnapped and replaced by a disguised agent planning to assassinate a U.S. diplomat, the IMF must stop the assassination and elicit the whereabouts of the real envoy out of the enemy agent.

26 A Cube of Sugar
Episode S1-26, first aired 04/01/1967

The IMF meets drug culture as Rollin and Cinnamon infiltrate a prison to recover a kidnapped agent as well as a microchip hidden within an LSD-laced sugar cube.

27 The Traitor
Episode S1-27, first aired 04/15/1967

Eartha Kitt guest stars as a contortionist recruited by Dan to help discredit an agent who has defected to the enemy.

28 The Psychic
Episode S1-28, first aired 04/22/1967

Cinnamon poses as a psychic to convince a tycoon that his life is in danger, leading to a high-stakes poker game against Rollin.

29 The Widow
Episode S2-1, first aired 09/10/1967

First episode to feature Peter Graves as Jim Phelps. The IMF capture a heroin distributor and Cinnamon goes undercover as his "widow" in order to shut down part of "the Syndicate.

30 Trek
Episode S2-2, first aired 09/17/1967

The IMF team must recover some Incan gold artifacts, but their mission is further complicated when the one man who can lead them to the stolen artifacts goes blind.

31 The Survivors
Episode S2-3, first aired 09/24/1967

The IMF team must rescue two top-secret government scientists and their wives who have been working on a revolutionary new weapon, Project 12.

32 The Bank
Episode S2-4, first aired 10/01/1967

The head of a bank in the East Zone (James Daly) murders would-be defectors after being entrusted with their money, and the IMF must eliminate him before he can use the embezzled money to launch a new Nazi movement.

33 The Slave: Part 1
Episode S2-5, first aired 10/08/1967

Slavery is still practiced in a Persian Gulf nation, but there is tension in the nation's leadership on the issue. IMF is tasked with stopping this trade, by exploiting this tension. The IMF's plan is to unleash a cloud of bats inside the prince's bedroom in order to kidnap the princess and sell her at the slave market.

34 The Slave: Part 2
Episode S2-6, first aired 10/15/1967

Continuation of the previous episode. Barbara Bain is sold to a slave trader, and then switched with the kidnapped princess just before the auction. The princess is an English woman who has convinced her husband, the king's brother, that slavery is wrong. The IMF contrives to get the king's brother to the slave auction, where he discovers his own wife being sold at auction. The king's brother then demands an end to slave markets in his country.

35 Operation Heart
Episode S2-7, first aired 10/22/1967

When an innocent American archaeologist becomes entangled in a plot to assassinate the president of a country (Pernell Roberts), the IMF must rescue the seriously ill American and prevent the president being killed by his chief of security (Michael Strong).

36 The Money Machine
Episode S2-8, first aired 10/29/1967

An African financier (Brock Peters) is printing counterfeit currency that could destroy his nation's economy. The IMF must put him out of business and recover the stolen printing plates he is using to make the counterfeits.

37 The Seal
Episode S2-9, first aired 11/05/1967

A stolen jade statuette is sacred to a small Asian country, and in order to prevent an international incident the IMF must recover it from the private high-security collection of a wealthy but paranoid American defense contractor (Darren McGavin) by using ther services of the newest member of the IMF Team--a specially trained cat named Rusty.

38 Charity
Episode S2-10, first aired 11/12/1967

In order to recover millions of dollars (in the form of platinum bars) stolen from the needy by a married couple (Fritz Weaver, Hazel Court) and to put a stop their charity racket for good, the IMF team goes to the couple’s estate on the French/Italian border where a group of millionaires have been invited for the collection of $1 million supposedly to build a new hospital wing.

39 The Council: Part 1
Episode S2-11, first aired 11/19/1967

By taking over honest businesses, a criminal enterprise headed by Frank Wayne (Paul Stevens) is corrupting the nation’s economy by depositing millions of dollars into Swiss bank accounts, causing an intolerable drain of U.S. gold reserves. In order to get the syndicate’s records, turn them over to the proper authorities, and put an end to the organization.

40 The Council: Part 2
Episode S2-12, first aired 11/26/1967

Continuation of the previous episode. This two-part story was released theatrically outside the US as Mission: Impossible vs. the Mob.

41 The Astrologer
Episode S2-13, first aired 12/03/1967

When the exiled leader of a country was seized by the head of the secret police, he possessed microfilm containing the names of officials and citizens who support him which, if returned to the country, would result in their murder and kill their chance of liberation. In order to rescue him and ensure the microfilm does not return to the country, Cinnamon poses as an astrologer, and Barney and Rollin secretly board an aircraft transporting the leader and perform an in-flight rescue operation through the cargo compartment of the aircraft.

42 Echo of Yesterday
Episode S2-14, first aired 12/10/1967

The head of Europe’s munitions plant (Wilfrid Hyde-White) is planning to turn over complete control of his vast industrial empire to the leader of a resurging neo-Nazi group (Eric Braeden). In order to stop them, Jim poses as an American Nazi, and Cinnamon poses as a photographer resembling the industrial leader’s former wife to re-awaken old memories of her murder committed by Adolf Hitler.

43 The Photographer
Episode S2-15, first aired 12/17/1967

The IMF must break the enemy's encryption code to prevent a pneumonic plague release in the United States.

44 The Spy
Episode S2-16, first aired 01/07/1968

A map of NATO's missile defense system must be duplicated in order to fool a female spy.

45 A Game of Chess
Episode S2-17, first aired 01/14/1968

A gold shipment, sent to fund an anti-communist resistance movement, has been seized by the country's government and the IMF must get it to its intended recipients, but an international chess champion and con artist is also after the gold.

46 The Emerald
Episode S2-18, first aired 01/21/1968

Microfilm detailing an enemy plot is affixed to an emerald in the possession of a notorious arms dealer; the IMF must obtain the microfilm and eliminate the enemy agent who has been sent to buy the gem.

47 The Condemned
Episode S2-19, first aired 01/28/1968

When a childhood friend of Phelps' is sentenced to death in Latin America, the IMF go "off-book" to save him. This episode has no tape scene or dossier scene, and Cinnamon Carter (Barbara Bain) does not appear, nor is she mentioned.

48 The Counterfeiter
Episode S2-20, first aired 02/04/1968

The IMF must arrange the arrest of the owner (Edmond O'Brien) of a chain of medical clinics who is distributing counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

49 The Town
Episode S2-21, first aired 02/18/1968

In an "off-book" mission, Phelps accidentally discovers that a small town is filled with enemy sleeper agents; he is drugged and declared paralyzed by a stroke, but Rollin smells a rat.

50 The Killing
Episode S2-22, first aired 02/28/1968

Conventional law-enforcement methods cannot stop a criminal mastermind, but his superstitions may be his undoing.

51 The Phoenix
Episode S2-23, first aired 03/03/1968

A museum curator (Alf Kjellin) must be prevented from giving an experimental alloy to a foreign power.

52 Trial by Fury
Episode S2-24, first aired 03/10/1968

The IMF must save a Latin American political prisoner who is falsely accused of being an informant by other prisoners while being held in isolation in his totalitarian country's prison camp.

53 Recovery
Episode S2-25, first aired 03/17/1968

When U.S. bomber crashes behind the Iron Curtain, the IMF must recover its fail-safe before a brilliant U.S. defector can reveal its secrets to the communists.

54 The Heir Apparent
Episode S3-1, first aired 09/29/1968

Cinnamon impersonates a lost princess to foil the planned coup of a would-be military dictator (Charles Aidman).

55 The Contender: Part 1
Episode S3-2, first aired 10/06/1968

Barney impersonates a boxer to prevent gangsters (Ron Randell, John Dehner) from corrupting U.S. sports.

56 The Contender: Part 2
Episode S3-3, first aired 10/13/1968

The conclusion of the previous episode.

57 The Mercenaries
Episode S3-4, first aired 10/27/1968

The IMF travel to Africa to stop a gold-hungry mercenary (Pernell Roberts) and end his reign of terror.

58 The Execution
Episode S3-5, first aired 11/10/1968

To stop a brutal racketeer (Vincent Gardenia) from controlling the U.S. grocery industry, the IMF must convince his hitman to turn state's evidence.

59 The Cardinal
Episode S3-6, first aired 11/17/1968

To secure power, a general replaces a country's beloved cardinal with a lookalike; the team devises a plan to switch them back.

60 The Elixir
Episode S3-7, first aired 11/24/1968

In South America, the IMF must prevent a vain, Evita-like matriarch (Ruth Roman) from seizing power in a coup.

61 The Diplomat
Episode S3-8, first aired 12/01/1968

The IMF must discredit an enemy diplomat (Fernando Lamas) who is supplying a foreign power with the locations of U.S. missile control centers.

62 The Play
Episode S3-9, first aired 12/08/1968

The IMF must discredit a foreign minister of culture whose influence prevents his premier from establishing a non-aggression pact with the United States.

63 The Bargain
Episode S3-10, first aired 12/15/1968

In Miami, the IMF must prevent a crime syndicate from funding an exiled dictator's (Albert Paulsen) plan to launch a counter-revolution.

64 The Freeze
Episode S3-11, first aired 12/22/1968

A bank robber (Donnelly Rhodes) plans to wait in prison on a lesser charge until the statute of limitations expires on his theft; the IMF must convince him to retrieve the loot early, before his double-crossed partners get wind of the con.

65 The Exchange
Episode S3-12, first aired 01/05/1969

Cinnamon is captured behind the Iron Curtain, and Jim must kidnap, break, and trade an enemy agent before she breaks, bargaining with a treacherous officer (John Vernon) in the process.

66 The Mind of Stefan Miklos
Episode S3-13, first aired 01/12/1969

A double agent within U.S. intelligence is being fed false information, but his suspicious handler (Edward Asner) asks for a security check. Miklos (Steve Ihnat), an enemy mastermind, is sent to investigate and the IMF must convince him that the information is true and the handler is the traitor.

67 The Test Case
Episode S3-14, first aired 01/19/1969

A "hired gun" bacteriologist is developing a deadly but short-lived virus for the Warsaw Pact; the IMF must eliminate him and his virus.

68 The System
Episode S3-15, first aired 01/26/1969

When a crime boss escapes justice the IMF must trick an underling operating a crooked casino into turning state's evidence.

69 The Glass Cage
Episode S3-16, first aired 02/02/1969

Barney and Willy get arrested in an Eastern Bloc nation to fake the escape of a resistance leader, who is in an escape-proof cell.

70 Doomsday
Episode S3-17, first aired 02/16/1969

When a nearly bankrupt European industrialist (Alf Kjellin) tries to recover his fortune by selling a nuclear bomb to the highest bidder, the IMF must keep the weapon out of the hands of third-world nations.

71 Live Bait
Episode S3-18, first aired 02/23/1969

An enemy internal security chief (Anthony Zerbe) uses his own assistant (Martin Sheen) in the hope of out-foxing the IMF and exposing a high-ranking American agent.

72 The Bunker: Part 1
Episode S3-19, first aired 03/02/1969

Imprisoned underground in an Eastern European nation, a brilliant scientist is being forced to develop a deadly missile.

73 The Bunker: Part 2
Episode S3-20, first aired 03/09/1969

In the conclusion of the previous episode, the IMF must rescue the scientist (Milton Selzer) and his wife (Lee Meriwether) before another nation's master of disguise can assassinate him.

74 Nitro
Episode S3-21, first aired 03/23/1969

A near-eastern ultra-nationalist assigns a demolitions expert (Mark Lenard) to kill his nation's leadership so a peace treaty can be replaced with a declaration of war. The IMF must act in time.

75 Nicole
Episode S3-22, first aired 03/30/1969

Jim, shot and captured during exfiltration, is joined by an attractive double agent (Joan Collins) – but whose side is she really on?

76 The Vault
Episode S3-23, first aired 04/06/1969

Coup plotters (Nehemiah Persoff, Jerry Riggio) have looted a treasury to unseat a South American president (Rodolfo Acosta).

77 Illusion
Episode S3-24, first aired 04/13/1969

The IMF must eliminate two of the three contenders for chief of secret police in an eastern European nation.

78 The Interrogator
Episode S3-25, first aired 04/20/1969

An enemy officer (Henry Silva) knows a deadly secret, but is under interrogation in another hostile nation.

79 The Code
Episode S4-1, first aired 09/28/1969

In order to stop an invasion and shatter an alliance between two countries, the IMF team must photograph and break a code in a matter of minutes, by mounting a chosen-plaintext attack. First appearance of Leonard Nimoy as Paris.

80 The Numbers Game
Episode S4-2, first aired 10/05/1969

The IMF team tries to get a deposed dictator to divulge his Swiss bank account number by making him believe World War III is about to begin.

81 The Controllers: Part 1
Episode S4-3, first aired 10/12/1969

Jim and a female agent pose as scientist who claim to have invented a new, more efficient drug which turns people into willing slaves. Their objective is to replace the real drug with a placebo.

82 The Controllers: Part 2
Episode S4-4, first aired 10/19/1969

The Team must are forced to change tactics when one of their targets is killed upsetting the plan.

83 Fool's Gold
Episode S4-5, first aired 10/26/1969

Paris poses as a counterfeiter in order to get access to and destroy a safe containing 100 million drona worth of counterfeit money as well as the plates used to make it. If the counterfeit money is released then that nation's gold reserves will be depleted and the pro-Western government will be overthrown in a revolution. The main challenge when entering the vault is to overcome the vault's ultrasonic defenses.

84 Commandante
Episode S4-6, first aired 11/02/1969

Jim and Willy pose as U. S. religious workers who are willing to trade guns in exchange for the life of an imprisoned priest who is about to be executed.

85 Submarine
Episode S4-7, first aired 11/16/1969

An fanatic ex-SS officer plans to fund neo-Nazis with stolen money upon his release as a prisoner. The IMF team simulates a submarine journey to trick him into divulging his Swiss bank account number.

86 Mastermind
Episode S4-8, first aired 11/23/1969

Paris convinces a mob figure that he can read the mind of his double-crossing boss, while Barney attempts to steal an incriminating file from the boss's safe.

87 Robot
Episode S4-9, first aired 11/30/1969

A country is unaware that its premier is long dead and has been replaced by a double (both played by Leonard Nimoy) who is about to name a successor.

88 The Double Circle
Episode S4-10, first aired 12/07/1969

An art lover is made to believe he can own a priceless Buddha statue. In the meantime the IMF team tries to retrieve a formula by breaking into his impenetrable safe.

89 The Brothers
Episode S4-11, first aired 12/14/1969

A Middle Eastern king needs to be restored to the throne, so the IMF team simulates a kidney transplantation during which he seemingly will donate his kidney to his murderous brother.A compilcation arises during the "operation" when supporters of the "evil" brother try to "sabatoge" the opertions and kill both brothers. In the end the supporters of the evil brother accidentally kill him thinking he is the "deposed" Brother.

90 Time Bomb
Episode S4-12, first aired 12/21/1969

The IMF team must stop a terminally ill renegade Allied agent from detonating an atomic bomb in an enemy capital.

91 The Amnesiac
Episode S4-13, first aired 12/28/1969

A stolen isotope could make atomic weapons affordable to every country in the world. Paris poses as an amnesia victim to retrieve the stolen isotope.

92 The Falcon: Part 1
Episode S4-14, first aired 01/04/1970

The IMF team must stop an arranged wedding between the king (Noel Harrison)'s cousin Francesca (Diane Baker) and a ruthless usurper to the throne (John Vernon), and rescue the king, Francesca and the man she truly loves.

93 The Falcon: Part 2
Episode S4-15, first aired 01/11/1970

The wedding is halted when Francesca shoots herself dead… or does she?

94 The Falcon: Part 3
Episode S4-16, first aired 01/18/1970

The IMF launch the last stage of their plan, but time is running out...

95 Chico
Episode S4-17, first aired 01/25/1970

The IMF team plans to use a trained dog named Chico to retrieve two parts of a microfilm that, when combined, reveal a list of double agents who have infiltrated a drug cartel and who are in danger of being exposed by the microfilm.

96 Gitano
Episode S4-18, first aired 02/01/1970

Paris, Willy and guest agent Zorka (Margarita Cordova) pose as gypsies and rescue a 12-year-old king (Barry Williams). To fool his assassins, the king has to dress up like a girl.

97 Phantoms
Episode S4-19, first aired 02/08/1970

Using a clever projection system a dictator is made to believe that he sees the spirits of his dead victims. He must be removed from power so a political moderate can take control of the government and stop the planned purge of the nation's pro-West artist community.

98 Terror
Episode S4-20, first aired 02/15/1970

Jim and his team must infiltrate a prison to block the release of a ruthless terrorist who is about to be pardoned.

99 Lover's Knot
Episode S4-21, first aired 02/22/1970

The IMF must break a spy ring in London. Matters get complicated by the fact that Paris develops feelings for the beautiful Lady Weston, who is part of that spy ring. After that, he is cast as a jealous lover in a romantic love triangle.

100 Orpheus
Episode S4-22, first aired 03/01/1970

The IMF team must stop an unknown assassin.

101 The Crane
Episode S4-23, first aired 03/08/1970

Jim and his team rescue a prisoner and hide him at a conspicuous location right under his captors' noses. Then they use the rescue to topple the military junta that rules the nation.

102 Death Squad
Episode S4-24, first aired 03/15/1970

While on holiday with Jim, Barney kills a man in self-defense and is marked for execution by the dead man's brother (Pernell Roberts), a corrupt chief of police. The IMF team must rescue Barney before it is too late and expose the police chief's true colors.

103 The Choice
Episode S4-25, first aired 03/22/1970

A mystic (Leonard Nimoy) plans to abuse his powerful influence over a duchess to ascend to the throne.

104 The Martyr
Episode S4-26, first aired 03/29/1970

Paris poses as the son of a martyred youth leader in order to stop a dictator who plans to crush the youth movement of his country.

105 The Killer
Episode S5-1, first aired 09/19/1970

The IMF must stop a contract assassin (Robert Conrad) who makes all his decisions based on random chance.

106 Flip Side
Episode S5-2, first aired 09/26/1970

The IMF must bust an illegal pharmaceutical ring where a US manufacturer (Dana Elcar) sells – legally – to a Mexican businessman (Robert Alda), who then smuggles the product back across the border to a west-coast distributor (Sal Mineo).

107 The Innocent
Episode S5-3, first aired 10/03/1970

First appearance of Sam Elliott as recurring IMF team member Doug. When Barney is accidentally poisoned and subsequently caught during an attempt to destroy a computer, the IMF must persuade the only person in the area who can fill in for Barney to do the job – except he's reluctant to help and threatens to turn the team in.

108 Homecoming
Episode S5-4, first aired 10/10/1970

Jim Phelps discovers a series of murders going on in his hometown, and he brings in the rest of the IMF team to help him get to the bottom of it.

109 Flight
Episode S5-5, first aired 10/17/1970

In order to foil an assassination, the IMF must convince the only man (John Colicos) who knows the identity of the assassin that his plane has crash-landed onto a notorious penal colony.

110 My Friend, My Enemy
Episode S5-6, first aired 10/25/1970

While motorcycling in Europe, Paris is recognized by enemy agents, kidnapped, and programmed to murder his "control" – Jim Phelps.

111 Butterfly
Episode S5-7, first aired 10/31/1970

Paris must impersonate a kabuki artist and Willy must fight a jujitsu master in order to expose the murder of the Japanese wife of an American businessman by her wealthy isolationist brother (Khigh Dhiegh).

112 Decoy
Episode S5-8, first aired 11/07/1970

The IMF must spirit the daughter of the late premier of an Eastern-bloc country – and the secret dossier he gave her – to the west out from under the nose of her brother and the country's security chief, who knows of her desire to defect and wants the secret document, a list of moderate pro-Western officials.

113 The Amateur
Episode S5-9, first aired 11/14/1970

While the IMF smuggles a secret weapon out of an Eastern-bloc country, they must contend with the meddling of a nightclub owner (Anthony Zerbe) who is not as clever as he thinks he is.

114 Hunted
Episode S5-10, first aired 11/21/1970

While attempting to smuggle the ill leader of a black nationalist movement from the clutches of his country's murderous white settler minority, Barney is wounded by the secret police and forced to seek refuge with a deaf-mute seamstress. Can the IMF find Barney before the secret police do?

115 The Rebel
Episode S5-11, first aired 11/28/1970

After a scientist is executed, the IMF must discover the location of his notebook in order to keep it out of the hands of the military, led by a scheming colonel (Mark Lenard).

116 Squeeze Play
Episode S5-12, first aired 12/12/1970

Paris impersonates an American mobster in order to infiltrate the Syndicate's Mediterranean branch, obtain the list of their opium suppliers, and prevent the branch's terminally ill boss (Albert Paulsen) from perpetuating his empire.

117 The Hostage
Episode S5-13, first aired 12/19/1970

At the conclusion of a successful mission in a Latin country, revolutionaries kidnap Paris, believing he actually is the successful American hotel magnate that he had been portraying.

118 Takeover
Episode S5-14, first aired 01/02/1971

A youth organizer is hired by a political boss and his puppet mayor (Lloyd Bochner) to foment student violence in order to make their political opponents appear weak.

119 Cat's Paw
Episode S5-15, first aired 01/09/1971

The IMF helps Barney avenge the murder of his older brother by the black Mob.

120 The Missile
Episode S5-16, first aired 01/16/1971

An enemy agent attempts to steal the guidance system and schematics for a top-secret missile, but the IMF has secretly switched them out for fakes in order to set enemy weapons research back. Unfortunately, the team must also contend with a psychotic mechanic who is convinced that Dana Lambert is his former girlfriend.

121 The Field
Episode S5-17, first aired 01/23/1971

In order to help Barney cross an enemy minefield and destroy a nuclear satellite, Paris impersonates the American defector who designed the minefield. But when the real defector is accused of murder, the enemy forces take Paris into custody and reactivate the mines, with Barney trapped inside the field.

122 Blast
Episode S5-18, first aired 01/30/1971

Jim and Dana infiltrate a crew of bank robbers in order to discover the identity of the mysterious man they're funding, who aims to eventually overthrow the US government.

123 The Catafalque
Episode S5-19, first aired 02/06/1971

To discover the hidden location of a secret nuclear treaty and avoid a Cuban-style missile crisis, the IMF team must convince the son (John Vernon) of the country's deceased former leader that the new leader is framing him for murder.

124 Kitara
Episode S5-20, first aired 02/20/1971

In order to rescue a renowned resistance leader imprisoned in an African colony governed by apartheid, the IMF utilize drugs and a special light bulb to trick a white governor (Lawrence Dobkin) into believing that his race has been altered.

125 A Ghost Story
Episode S5-21, first aired 02/27/1971

A fascist militia leader (Andrew Duggan) must be made to believe that he is seeing and hearing ghosts in order to find where he has hidden the corpse of his son, which contains the only remaining clues to the secret of a deadly nerve gas.

126 The Party
Episode S5-22, first aired 03/06/1971

An US imprisoned Spymaster Colonel (Frank Marth) of the East European People's Republic gave his wife a code representing the location of the list of his government's spies in the US, then hypnotized himself to forget the list and its location, with the wife serving as the only trigger. In order to get the list, the IMF throws a fake party for the couple at the real embassy of the EEPR.

127 The Merchant
Episode S5-23, first aired 03/17/1971

The IMF uses a rigged card game in order to bankrupt an illegal arms dealer (George Sanders). But when the computer the team was using is sabotaged, Paris must beat the arms dealer at five-card stud poker without any help.

128 Blind
Episode S6-1, first aired 09/18/1971

Jim undergoes surgery to be temporarily blinded in order to pose as a ex-federal investigator [who had been caught in an explosion caused by the Syndicate at an industrial facility] to protect a undercover officer in the Syndicate from being exposed by a Syndicate rival.

129 Encore
Episode S6-2, first aired 09/25/1971

To bring down a pair of crime syndicate bosses by finding evidence of a murder committed by them years before, the IMF must convince one of them (William Shatner) that he has travelled back in time to his youth in 1937.

130 The Tram
Episode S6-3, first aired 10/02/1971

The IMF must infiltrate a Syndicate financial meeting – held at a mountain resort only accessible by aerial tramway – to discover the group's Swiss bank account number.

131 Mindbend
Episode S6-4, first aired 10/09/1971

A Syndicate boss has been using a psychopathic doctor to brainwash former prison inmates to assassinate public officials and then kill themselves immediately after, and Barney must go undercover and resist the doctor's "training" to expose them.

132 Shape-Up
Episode S6-5, first aired 10/16/1971

The IMF has to break the Syndicate control over a waterfront and its docks by making the local boss believe a ship is haunted by the ghost of a man he killed.

133 The Miracle
Episode S6-6, first aired 10/23/1971

The IMF makes a Syndicate drug smuggler (Joe Don Baker) believe he has received the heart of a priest in a transplant operation, faked for the benefit of him and his associate (Billy Dee Williams), and that he is taking on the donor's personality traits in order to intercept a large heroin shipment.

134 Encounter
Episode S6-7, first aired 10/30/1971

In order to put two Syndicate operators out of commission, Casey poses as the wife (Elizabeth Ashley) of one of the operators attending a group encounter alcohol rehab center in order to convince the two operators that each is double-crossing the other.

135 Underwater
Episode S6-8, first aired 11/06/1971

When an underling steals a shipment of diamonds out from under the nose of a Syndicate fence (Fritz Weaver) and hides them underwater offshore, Casey makes the fence and the underling believe SCUBA diver Jim has already found them in order to retrieve the gems and the $75 million earmarked for their sale.

136 Invasion
Episode S6-9, first aired 11/13/1971

After an murderous East European People's Republic enemy agent (Kevin McCarthy) steals the secrets of the US Distant Early Warning (DEW) system against nuclear missile strikes, he is made to believe the United States has been invaded by the country he's spying for in order to retrieve the document and uncover the identity of his "control" who knows where the copy of DEW microfilm plans are hidden.

137 Blues
Episode S6-10, first aired 11/20/1971

Posing as an aspiring singer, Barney makes a Syndicate record executive (William Windom) believe he has an audio recording of the night the executive threw a woman off a balcony.

138 The Visitors
Episode S6-11, first aired 11/27/1971

A wealthy media tycoon (Steve Forrest)[secretly controlled by the Syndicate] has one of his own reporters murdered when the man gets too close to the truth; Jim and Casey make the tycoon believe they are extraterrestrials with the secret to eternal life in order for the tycoon to publicaly expose corrupt candidates in an upcoming election.

139 Nerves
Episode S6-12, first aired 12/04/1971

When a paranoid Syndicate enforcer (Christopher George, Lynda Day George's husband) threatens to release deadly nerve gas in a heavily populated area to force the release of his brother from prison, the IMF must recover the defective gas canister before it leaks and kills thousands.

140 Run for the Money
Episode S6-13, first aired 12/11/1971

To bring down a Syndicate man running illegal parimutuel betting parlors and stop the saboteur blowing up their competition, the IMF pits the two men against each other by making the saboteur believe he's buying a stolen and disguised super-horse.

141 The Connection
Episode S6-14, first aired 12/18/1971

In order to take down the largest supplier of uncut heroin on the eastern seaboard (Anthony Zerbe) and uncover both his opium source and his US distrubitor, the IMF makes him believe an island off the coast of Georgia is really off the coast of Africa.

142 The Bride
Episode S6-15, first aired 01/01/1972

Casey poses as the Irish mail-order bride of a Syndicate boss (James Gregory) in order to disrupt an international money laundering ring.

143 Stone Pillow
Episode S6-16, first aired 01/08/1972

In order to discover the location of film negatives an inmate is using to blackmail a Syndicate boss, cellmate Jim must bust the inmate out of prison for real.

144 Image
Episode S6-17, first aired 01/15/1972

When a Syndicate boss threatens to flee the country to avoid prosecution and take a secret list of corrupt officials with him, tarot reader Barney convinces him he has a heretofore unknown (and separated) conjoined twin to get him to divulge the list's location.

145 Committed
Episode S6-18, first aired 01/22/1972

Casey gets herself committed to a prison-like mental hospital in order to save the only witness in a murder trial against a Syndicate boss from being driven insane by the corrupt staff.

146 Bag Woman
Episode S6-19, first aired 01/29/1972

After Barney's cover is blown during an operation to discover the identity of a politician demanding bribes from the Syndicate, the rest of the team races to warn bag woman Casey that the satchel she's carrying is actually a bomb.

147 Double Dead
Episode S6-20, first aired 02/12/1972

When Willy is captured stealing the $10 million bankroll of a pair of Syndicate loan sharks, the rest of the IMF must not only turn the loan sharks against each other in order to get the money, but also rescue Willy before a Syndicate doctor can break him using a truth serum.

148 Casino
Episode S6-21, first aired 02/19/1972

To take down a Syndicate casino owner (Jack Cassidy), the IMF makes his Syndicate bosses believe he's planning to rob his own vault and flee with the money to the Caribbean.

149 Trapped
Episode S6-22, first aired 02/26/1972

To recover $8 million stolen during an Army payroll heist in Southeast Asia and nab a smuggling family, the IMF convinces one brother (Bert Convy) that the other brother (Jon Cypher) is trying to have him killed. However, after Jim is shot during the mission, he develops amnesia.

150 Break!
Episode S7-1, first aired 09/16/1972

In New Orleans, Jim Phelps poses as a pool shark in order to locate microfilm in a dead agent's wristwatch.

151 Two Thousand
Episode S7-2, first aired 09/23/1972

A nuclear physicist (Vic Morrow) who stole 50 kg of plutonium to sell to foreign interests is made to believe that the United States was leveled by a nuclear holocaust and that he has been catatonic for 28 years.

152 The Deal
Episode S7-3, first aired 09/30/1972

The IMF must find the key to a safety deposit box containing $5 million, which is earmarked to buy the Syndicate's way into a country's takeover.

153 Leona
Episode S7-4, first aired 10/07/1972

To rescue an undercover federal agent whose cover was blown, the IMF turns two mobsters against one another by making one of them think he is seeing visions of his dead wife.

154 TOD-5
Episode S7-5, first aired 10/14/1972

In order to recover a stolen bioweapon canister and ferret out a diabolical scientist's (Ray Walston) terrorist organization, the IMF makes the organization's courier believe he has been infected himself.

155 Cocaine
Episode S7-6, first aired 10/21/1972

In order to find out the drop location of the largest cocaine shipment ever to come to the United States, the IMF sets up an assistant (William Shatner) of a drug kingpin with what the assistant thinks is an opportunity to undercut him for a bigger payoff.

156 Underground
Episode S7-7, first aired 10/28/1972

In order to locate $27 million of Syndicate money, the IMF must take down a human smuggling ring which purports to smuggle criminals out of the country but, in reality, brainwashes them to give up the location of their stolen money and then disposes of them. This was the final episode of the original series to be scored by Lalo Schifrin.

157 Movie
Episode S7-8, first aired 11/04/1972

Barney poses as a director making a film about an unsolved murder committed by a Syndicate money man (John Vernon) in order to get hold of Syndicate financial records.

158 Hit
Episode S7-9, first aired 11/11/1972

The IMF plans to remove the remaining allies of an incarcerated Syndicate chief in order to obtain both the proof of his guilt in an unsolved murder and the identity of his secret partner known only as "The General.

159 Ultimatum
Episode S7-10, first aired 11/18/1972

The IMF has less than one day to locate and disarm a hydrogen bomb planted somewhere in the western United States by a small group led by a brilliant nuclear physicist demanding the resignation of named Congressmen and cabinet officials and the reversal of certain foreign policies of US Government.

160 Kidnap
Episode S7-11, first aired 12/02/1972

In an off-book mission, a mob boss who lost money and records as a result of the IMF operation of the sixth season episode "Casino" (S06/E21) holds Jim Phelps hostage for the purpose of using the team to steal a letter from a safe deposit box that can be used to convict him of murder.

161 Crack-Up
Episode S7-12, first aired 12/09/1972

In order to bring down a brilliant hitman (Alex Cord), the team tricks him into believing he kills people during blackouts.

162 The Puppet
Episode S7-13, first aired 12/22/1972

After the head of a criminal family is injured in a hunting accident and confined to bed, his younger brother (Roddy McDowall) wants to take control of the empire and change its policies. The IMF must determine the family's new criminal enterprise involving more than $100 million, discover the reason for the change of policy, and smash the new plan.

163 Incarnate
Episode S7-14, first aired 01/05/1973

When the ruthless leader of a criminal gang (Kim Hunter) flees to a Caribbean island that has no extradition treaty with the U.S., the IMF uses her belief in the occult to induce her to return to the US of her own free will so she can be captured and the gold she stole can be recovered.

164 Boomerang
Episode S7-15, first aired 01/12/1973

After a mobster's wife kills him and takes his vital criminal records into her possession, the IMF induces a false belief in her that he survived and is trying to kill her so that the records can be located and turned over to the authorities.

165 The Question
Episode S7-16, first aired 01/19/1973

A top KGN assassin (Gary Lockwood) claims to be defecting, and the IMF team (which includes Elizabeth Ashley) must kidnap him from the headquarters of an untrustworthy Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) in order to determine whether he's a genuine defector (or "defecting" for the purpose of feeding false intelligence).

166 The Fountain
Episode S7-17, first aired 01/26/1973

After a Syndicate executive (George Maharis) steals incriminating computerized records, the IMF makes him believe he has stumbled onto a mystical society with the secret of eternal youth to gain possession of the records before his arch-rival (Cameron Mitchell) does.

167 The Fighter
Episode S7-18, first aired 02/09/1973

The IMF returns to boxing to expose and destroy the criminal boxing operations of the Syndicate handled by its man (Joe Maross) and his partner (William Windom) who is a corrupt promoter.

168 Speed
Episode S7-19, first aired 02/16/1973

The team is sent after a powerful drug-dealer (Claude Akins), whose daughter (Jenny Sullivan) is addicted to amphetamines.

169 The Pendulum
Episode S7-20, first aired 02/23/1973

In order to prevent a secret terrorist organization known as "The Pendulum" from disrupting the power centers of the United States and executing a major attack on the country in a plan called "Project Nightfall," the IMF must convince a brilliant but ruthless member of the organization (Dean Stockwell) he's being recruited by a more powerful organization.

170 The Western
Episode S7-21, first aired 03/02/1973

After a brilliant thief Ed Nelson and his accomplice looted a country's national treasure of pre-Columbian art worth $5 million, the IMF makes the thief believe that he has precognitive visions in order to locate the art and prove his guilt. At the end is a surprising twist ending.

171 Imitation
Episode S7-22, first aired 03/30/1973

A jewel thief (Barbara McNair) and her crew (which includes Pernell Roberts) steal the crown jewels of Marnsburg, a country hostile to the US. To prevent the sale of the jewels to the Syndicate, the IMF must recover the jewels and place them in a vault of Marnsburg's consulate without any help from the unfriendly country.

172 The Killer
Episode S8-1, first aired 10/23/1988

Remake of "The Killer" (S5-1) of the original series. When an assassin kills his protégé and replacement as IMF team leader, Jim Phelps comes out of retirement in order to stop both the assassin and the man behind him, known only as "Scorpio". His team's job is complicated when it's discovered the killer makes his decisions at random.

173 The System
Episode S8-3, first aired 10/30/1988

Remake of "The System" (S3-15) of the original series. In order to get him to turn state's evidence against his Syndicate boss, the IMF makes a crooked casino owner believe his boss is setting him up to be eliminated.

174 Holograms
Episode S8-4, first aired 11/06/1988

In order to tempt the strongman leader of a Latin American country onto a US territorial island so that he can be extradicted, the IMF uses a 15-year-old boy to pose as his long-lost son. This is the first original episode to either be produced or aired for the revival series.

175 The Condemned
Episode S8-5, first aired 11/20/1988

Remake of "The Condemned" (S2-19). After Grant's father Barney Collier is framed for murder in Istanbul, the IMF must break him out of prison and determine why he was set up.

176 The Legacy
Episode S8-2, first aired 11/27/1988

Nicholas poses as one of the four grandsons of Nazi officers who want to use a stash of Nazi gold hidden by their grandfathers at the end of WWII in order to finance a wave of terrorist activities in Europe. Episode revived from the original series (S1-15).

177 The Wall
Episode S8-6, first aired 12/11/1988

In order to rescue the daughter of a West German negotiator, the team manipulates a crooked East German doctor who offers to smuggle people to West Berlin for an exorbitant fee but, in reality, delivers them into the hands of the Stasi. The episode is a loose remake of the original series episode "The Bank".

178 The Cattle King
Episode S8-7, first aired 12/18/1988

The IMF sets out to thwart an Australian cattle rancher and arms dealer who is offering to sell Stinger missiles to terrorists by making him think he has been cursed by an Aboriginal shaman. This episode is very similar to "Doomsday".

179 The Pawn
Episode S8-8, first aired 01/15/1989

When a Czechoslovakian nuclear scientist and chess grand master wishes to defect to the west with his daughter, the IMF must get him out from under the watchful eye of his escort, a suspicious Soviet colonel.

180 The Haunting
Episode S8-9, first aired 01/28/1989

The IMF team uses the supernatural interests of the domineering mother of a serial killer in order bring him down after he kills the princess of an oil-rich sultanate.

181 The Lions
Episode S8-10, first aired 02/04/1989

A royal usurper is out to kill the true heir to the throne of the Himalayan kingdom of Bajan-Du by replacing the pieces of a deadly puzzle that is part of the coronation ceremony with replicas that will ensure failure.

182 The Greek
Episode S8-11, first aired 02/11/1989

The IMF makes the heads of the organization of a Greek tycoon and relief medicine smuggler believe he is double-crossing them.

183 The Fortune
Episode S8-12, first aired 02/18/1989

While performing advanced recon for a mission to recover the money looted from the treasury of a Caribbean nation by its ousted dictator and his Eva Perón-like wife.

184 The Fixer
Episode S8-13, first aired 02/25/1989

A Washington journalist has a sideline in blackmail and the team must stop him by turning his confidante and bodyguard against him.

185 Spy
Episode S8-14, first aired 03/18/1989

The IMF must go to Africa to stop a rogue former MI6 agent from selling a cache of diamonds in order to finance the sale of chemical weapons. The mission is complicated when Jim Phelps is recognized by the enemy agent and he is shot.

186 The Devils
Episode S8-15, first aired 03/25/1989

The team investigates a member of the English gentry who involves foreign and domestic officials in Satanic rituals and human sacrifice for blackmail purposes.

187 The Plague
Episode S8-16, first aired 04/08/1989

A French terrorist has stolen a deadly bacteria that causes rapid organ deterioration in those infected by it. The IMF must convince her she has been infected herself in order to re-obtain it.

188 Reprisal
Episode S8-17, first aired 04/15/1989

When a psychotic ex-IMF scientist begins killing the old IMF team that Jim Phelps led which put him behind bars and frames Jim Phelps for the murders, the new team must figure out how he is killing from his prison cell and try to save the remaining targeted agents. Lynda Day George reprises her role of Casey from the original series; the character was given the first name "Lisa" in order to avoid confusion with the character of Casey Randall.

189 Submarine
Episode S8-18, first aired 04/29/1989

The team must track down the purveyor of a computer virus that destroys the systems of naval vessels and acquire the only antivirus from the creator.

190 Bayou
Episode S8-19, first aired 05/06/1989

The team has to take down the head of a white slavery operation in Louisiana by using the voodoo beliefs of his trusted lieutenant to drive a wedge between them.

191 The Golden Serpent: Part 1
Episode S9-1, first aired 09/21/1989

In order to bring down the ruler of a small southeast Asian principality, who is also a member of an opium cartel, the IMF makes the prince believe his long-dead twin brother is still alive and out for revenge. Greg Morris guest stars as Barney Collier.

192 The Golden Serpent: Part 2
Episode S9-2, first aired 09/28/1989

Conclusion. After making the leader of the cartel believe the prince had been stealing from him, Jim Phelps and Nicholas pose as rivals trying to take over the organization.

193 The Princess
Episode S9-3, first aired 10/05/1989

In order to save a European princess targeted for assassination by a member of her inner circle from the killer known only as "Coyote", the IMF poses as a film production crew making a film about the assassin.

194 Command Performance
Episode S9-4, first aired 10/12/1989

The IMF team poses as circus performers to rescue a priest who can bring down a corrupt Baltic defense minister and recover a hidden relic which contains state secrets. Similar to the original series episode "Old Man Out".

195 Countdown
Episode S9-5, first aired 10/26/1989

Grant must get close to a religious zealot while the team works to convince her that her co-conspirator has betrayed her by bringing her leader, the Holy One, into the blast zone of a nuclear bomb she has placed in a secret location.

196 War Games
Episode S9-6, first aired 11/02/1989

A power-hungry Eastern European general plans to turn war games on his country's border into the real thing. His objective is to conquer the bordering nation's oil fields and overthrow his own government; the team must use the general's fervent belief in astrology against him.

197 Target Earth
Episode S9-7, first aired 11/09/1989

When the first private manned space flight is hijacked by terrorists, with Shannon on board, the IMF has to take control of both the spacecraft and mission control before a retaliatory US missile strike levels the base – with the rest of the team hostage inside.

198 The Fuehrer's Children
Episode S9-8, first aired 11/16/1989

A neo-Nazi leader plans to unify the world's white supremacist groups and create a fourth Reich using kidnapped children that were brainwashed from an early age.

199 Banshee
Episode S9-9, first aired 11/30/1989

During The Troubles, the IMF uses the legend of the banshee to stop a small-town pub owner who blew up a bus full of old people in order to goose his side business of arms dealing.

200 For Art's Sake
Episode S9-10, first aired 12/14/1989

An important national painting, on loan to the United States, is stolen by an art thief and placed in a hidden gallery. The IMF have to recover the painting before an international incident occurs, with a little help from a computer-forged Degas. Alex Cord, the villain from Season 7's "Crack Up" from the original series, stars as the villain in this episode.

201 Deadly Harvest
Episode S9-11, first aired 01/06/1990

The IMF travels to the Middle Eastern nation of Orambaq to disrupt a terrorist plot to destroy the American wheat harvest that would introduce virus-laden seeds into the US supply.

202 Cargo Cult
Episode S9-12, first aired 01/13/1990

The IMF must stop evil miners from using the beliefs of a Pacific cargo cult to extract gold in a manner that is killing the islanders.

203 The Assassin
Episode S9-13, first aired 01/20/1990

The team investigates a series of assassinations of government officials by their subordinates, who then kill themselves. This episode is a remake of season 6's "Mindbend".

204 The Gunslinger
Episode S9-14, first aired 02/03/1990

A wild west tourist attraction in Nevada being run by a power-broker ex-Congressman is a front for a secret operation that the IMF must uncover and put a stop to.

205 Church Bells in Bogota
Episode S9-15, first aired 02/10/1990

The plan to bring a brutal Colombian drug lord to the US to stand trial is complicated when Shannon, undercover as a singer, is in a plane crash and develops amnesia.

206 The Sands of Seth
Episode S9-16, first aired 02/24/1990

A museum curator is killing Egyptian politicians to resurrect the ancient death cult of Seth and crown himself pharaoh.


Number of Stories:23
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1973

       The Dell Publishing Company had a branch which produced comic books from the late 20s up to the early 70s. During its heyday it sold as well as its more famous competitors (DC and Marvel) but with the passage of time, most of its output has been forgotten. It never achieved the blockbuster stage with characters like Superman and Batman on the DC side and Spiderman and Fantastic Four at Marvel. What it did have was a very large stable of titles that sold consistently and with its distribution prowess, those comics were in every drug store and five-and-dime.
       One of the specialties of the Dell Comics was the use of licensed material. If a television show looked at all promising, it would likely generate a comic-book tie-in. These were often short stories in graphic format, 12-18 pages each, sometimes two stories to an issue. Each issue was a standalone, readers were not expected to have read the one before. Unlike DC/Marvel who had monthly series, Dell was content with often quarterly periodicals. Since they did not need to produce a new issue of a title every month, they could produce many titles. This fed back into the standalone philosophy because while the other comic book companies, especially Marvel, might expect to hold a reader's excitement for a month, if the next installment of an ongoing story was not coming for three months, attention spans wavered.
       Since these subjects were licensed, the writers and artists were severely limited in what they could do with the stories. No significant character development was allowed as it could contradict something that came later in the property's main line. With the standalone concept, each story had to be wrapped up inside the covers of one issue which did not give much room for complex plots. This is seen clearly in the four issues of the Mission: Impossible comics.
       While five issues of the Mission: Impossible comic book were released, it was really only four. One year after the 4th issue, for whatever reason (possibly contractual) a fifth issue came out but instead of being new material, it was a complete re-issue of the first one, cover and all.

       A few years later as the show was being aired in the United Kingdom, a magazine put out by Polystyle Publications, TV Action, filled its pages weekly with stories and articles about both British and American action shows. The content each week varied often. Mission: Impossible saw several issues containing original tales in comic book format. Some of these adventures were 7 or so pages long in a single issue or others were spread over several issues with 2 pages in each.

1 Target In The Sea Target In The Sea
Published by Dell
Contributors: Paul S. Newman (writer), Gaspar Saladino (letterer), Jack Sparling (inker and penciler)
Copyright: 05/01/1967

1st story in Mission Impossible #1 - (18 pages). Story was reprinted in Mission Impossible #5 and in Mission: Impossible Annual 1970.A reconnaissance plane crashes into the sea just a few miles off a Communist Caribbean country. The IMF team must get the camera and destroy the rest of the plane.

2 The Deadly Defector The Deadly Defector
Published by Dell
Contributors: Gaspar Saladino (letterer), Jack Sparling (penciler and inker), Paul S. Newman (writer)
Copyright: 1967

2nd story in Mission Impossible #1 - (16 pages). This story was reprinted in Mission: Impossible Annual 1969 and in Mission Impossible #5.
China's leading nuclear physicist wants to defect. He is attending a symposium in Europe and the IMF team heads there to get him but it feels like a trap.

3 The Lethal List The Lethal List
Published by Dell
Contributors: Jack Sparling (penciler and inker), Gaspar Saladino (letterer), Paul S. Newman (writer)
Copyright: 09/01/1967

1st story in Mission Impossible #2 - (16 pages) - A Soviet agent inside the Third Reich had buried a list of other agents high up on a mountain top behind what is now the Iron Curtain. With others after it, the IMF team must get to it first.
Story was reprinted in Mission: Impossible Annual 1969

4 The Invaders The Invaders
Published by Dell
Contributors: Jack Sparling (penciler and inker), Gaspar Saladino (letterer), Paul S. Newman (writer)
Copyright: 09/01/1967

2nd story in Mission Impossible #2 - (16 pages) - A Caribbean dictator is sponsoring a bacteriological laboratory and is close to creating a dangerous weapon. The IMF team must sneak a scientist inside the lab to render the weapon useless.
Story was reprinted in Mission: Impossible Annual 1969

5 Security Check Security Check
Published by Dell
Contributors: Paul S. Newman (writer), Jack Sparling (penciler and inker), Gaspar Saladino (letterer)
Copyright: 12/01/1967

1st story in Mission Impossible #3 - (16 pages) - An ultra-secure NATO missile bunker in Europe is the target for the IMF to see if they can break in. If they can, the enemy eventually might.

6 The Witness The Witness
Published by Dell
Contributors: Gaspar Saladino (letterer), Jack Sparling (penciler and inker), Paul S. Newman (writer)
Copyright: 12/01/1967

2nd story in Mission Impossible #3 - (16 pages) - An American diplomat and his assistant has been arrested behind the Iron Curtain and charged with spying. As they await a big trial, the assistant has been brainwashed to testify against his boss. The IMF team must break into prison and reverse the process.

7 Race For Life Race For Life
Published by Dell
Contributors: Gaspar Saladino (letterer), Jack Sparling (penciler and inker), Joe Gill (writer)
Copyright: 10/01/1968

1st story in Mission Impossible #4 - (16 pages) - The wife of a major East German industrialist wants to defect and bring with her major documents. She is being watched constantly by a jealous husband making her leaving impossible.
Story was reprinted in Mission: Impossible Annual 1970.

8 Perfect Plot Perfect Plot
Published by Dell
Contributors: Jack Sparling (penciler and inker), Gaspar Saladino (letterer), Joe Gill (writer)
Copyright: 10/01/1968

2nd story in Mission Impossible #4 - (16 pages) - A VIP diplomat for the West has shown up on an island ruled by a dictator. He is a prisoner but is going to be shown to be a defector to that land unless the IMF can free him. Their plan is to hijack a plane to get to the island.
Story was reprinted in Mission: Impossible Annual 1970.

9 Jungle Drama Jungle Drama
Published by World Distributors

Copyright: 1971

1st of 2 graphic stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1972.
[plot unknown]

10 The Weatherman Plot The Weatherman Plot
Published by World Distributors

Copyright: 1971

2nd of 2 graphic stories in Mission: Impossible Annual 1972.
[plot unknown]

11 Gamble For Freedom Gamble For Freedom
Published by Polystyle Publications

Copyright: 10/21/1972

Found in TV Action + Countdown #88-91 with 8 black and white pages - [plot unknown]

12 Synthetic Spies Synthetic Spies
Published by Polystyle Publications

Copyright: 11/18/1972

Found in TV Action + Countdown #92-96 with 10 black and white pages - [plot unknown[

13 Island of Fear Island of Fear
Published by Polystyle Publications

Copyright: 12/23/1972

Found in TV Action + Countdown #97-100 with 8 black and white pages - [plot unknown]

14 Race For Freedom Race For Freedom
Published by Polystyle Publications

Copyright: 01/20/1973

Found in TV Action #101-102 with 2 black and white and 2 color pages - [plot unknown]

15 Play It By Ear Play It By Ear
Published by Polystyle Publications

Copyright: 02/03/1973

Found in TV Action #103 with 7 black and white - [plot unknown]

16 The Reluctant Assassin /A Change Of Identity The Reluctant Assassin /A Change Of Identity
Published by Polystyle Publications
Contributors: John Burns (artist)
Copyright: 02/24/1973 - 03/24/1973

Found in TV Action #106-110 with 10 color pages. [plot unknown].
Note: Part 1 is named The Reluctant Assassin while Parts 2 and 3, clearly the same story, are A Change Of Identity and Part 4 has no title.

17 Out of Harm's Way Out of Harm's Way
Published by Polystyle Publications
Contributors: John Burns (artist)
Copyright: 03/31/1973

Found in TV Action #111 with 7 black & white pages. The M.I. Force must rescue a Professor Minsk who tried to defect before he is shot into space.

18 The Supremo The Supremo
Published by Polystyle Publications
Contributors: John Burns (artist)
Copyright: 04/21/1973 - 05/19/1973

Found in TV Action No. 114 thru No. 118 with 2 black & white pages in each or 10 pages total. $50 million in gold has been stolen from a train by the Mafia and it is up to the IMF team to get the gold back.

19 Space Eyes! Space Eyes!
Published by Polystyle Publications
Contributors: John Burns (artist)
Copyright: 05/29/1973

Found in TV Action #119 with 7 black & white pages. A Russia woman becomes head of the U.S. Space-Eyes Network, but then is hurt and kidnapped. The IMF Team must rescue her before she tells what she knows about a top secret satellite system. Yet is she still working for the Russians?

20 The Man From Death Row The Man From Death Row
Published by Polystyle Publications
Contributors: John Burns (artist)
Copyright: 06/09/1973 - 07/14/1973

Found in TV Action No. 122 thru No. 126 with 2 pages of story in each or 10 pages total. A judge sentences a man to death for his crimes in 1963. For 10 years the man waits and then is given freedom because the death sentence is abolished. Now the IMF team must protect the judge and his family. But the oldest daughter gets kidnapped and the man freed is the one who has her. He wants a ransom, so the team goes into action to save her.

21 Perilous Cruise Perilous Cruise
Published by Polystyle Publications
Contributors: John Burns (artist)
Copyright: 07/23/1973

Found in TV Action No. 128 with 7 black & white pages, but printed in 2 parts (on pages 2-5 & 21-23). A Super Size Mission Impossible Story. The IMF Team's mission is to protect thirteen wealthy people on a cruise in the far east.

22 On The Sun's Anvil On The Sun's Anvil
Published by Polystyle Publications
Contributors: John Burns (artist)
Copyright: 08/11/1973-08/25/1973

Found in TV Action No. 130 thru No. 132 with 2 color page in each or 6 pages total. A mission to kill a Colonel Sayid Khan fails, so the IMF team is sent to stop a possible war in the Middle East.

23 The Merchants of Death The Merchants of Death
Published by Polystyle Publications
Contributors: Unknown (artist)
Copyright: 1973

Found in TV Action Holiday Special 1973. New machine guns are hi-jacked and the M.I. team is sent to get them back. Will the visiting Oil Sheikh buy the guns or will he enjoy cowboy movies? Read and find out!


Number of Entries:4
First Appearance:1968
Last Appearance:1996

1 Mission Ridiculous Mission Ridiculous
Published by EC
Contributors: Dick DeBartolo (writer), Mort Drucker (artist)
Copyright: 04/1968

Printed in Mad Magazine #118 (UK #78) and from the "To Scheme the Impossible Scheme Dept." A parody satire of the TV Series with Peter Graves as Mr. Phelts, Greg Morris as Blarney, Peter Lupus as Billy, Martin Landau as Bowling and Barbara Bain as Synonym. This team of secret agents try to retrieve stolen microfilm in the most questionable way they can.
Note: This comic story was reprinted in Mad Super Number Five in 1971, in Mad Super Special Spring 1981, and in 1001 MAD Pages You Must Read Before You Die in 2009.
Click here to read the story.

2 A TV Scene We'd Like To See A TV Scene We'd Like To See
Published by EC
Contributors: Chevy Chase (writer), Mort Drucker (artist)
Copyright: 04/1970

Printed in Mad Magazine #134. A short one-page satire of the TV series. Mr. Phelps (Peter Graves) gets an assignment that is quite unexpected.
Note: This comic story was reprinted in Mad Super Special Spring 1981. in Mad About TV in 1999, and in Totally MAD in 2012.
Click here to read the story.

3 Wishin' For The Impossible Wishin' For The Impossible
Published by Mad Magazine
Contributors: Dick DeBartolo (writer), Angelo Torres (artist)
Copyright: 1996

Printed in Mad Magazine #347, July 1996 and from the I.M. Farce Dept.The old TV series is taken and given a new cast for a big screen movie. A member of this new IMF team is Ether Hunk (Tom Cruise) and it looks like he comes across Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog, Denis Rodman, Boris and Natasha. Plus there is also a mermaid! It is a parody satire of the TV show at first and then also the very first Mission: Impossible movie in a new series.  In this version of the movie Hunk discovers that Yelps is the IMF mole.
Click here to read the story.

4 Mission: Implausible Mission: Implausible
Published by Globe Communication Corp
Contributors: John Severin (artist)
Copyright: 1996

Printed in Cracked Blockbuster #10, Summer 1996.
Mr. Pholps is at the city dump to get the latest mission. Will the team be able to put off their mission or fail? Find out!
Click here to read the story.


Number of Games:2
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1969

1 Mission: Impossible Game Mission: Impossible Game
Board Game
Copyright: 1966

A game for 2 to 4 players. The players start at the four corners of the board using the spinner to move 1 to 6 spaces. There are also Road Block and Mission Impossible Card that are used. Winner is the player that finishes his or her mission by getting to the center of the board. Appears to have been a game like Parcheesi or Sorry.

2 Mission: Impossible - 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T Mission: Impossible - 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T
Model Kit
Copyright: 1969

A 1/25 wild customized kit of the famed Open Roadster Convertible Car from the highly entertaining TV series. All parts were authentic reproduced so the car would be spot-on like the real car. Your mission is to build a version in tan, gold or blue.


Number of Collectibles:2
First Appearance:1968
Last Appearance:1968

1 Mission: Impossible - Surveillance Van Mission: Impossible - Surveillance Van
Copyright: 1968

The 6th vehicle of 6 in the Star Cars Collection Series 1. The van is built in 1:64 scale and is painted black with the "Mission: Impossible" logo on each side. It looks like a van used by a TV news crew. This series had vehicles for 1 movie and 5 TV series. The other 5 vehicles are as follows;
1. Grease - Grease Lightning (Movie Hot Rod)
2. Taxi - Sunshine Cab #804 (TV Series Car)
3. The Brady Bunch Wagon (TV Series Car)
4. Happy Days - '56 Ford Pick-Up (TV Series Truck)
5. M*A*S*H* 4077's Jeep (TV Series Jeep)
All vehicles were made of die-cast metal and as Special Edition with storage box to remember classic moments past.

2 Mission: Impossible Versus The Mob LC Set Mission: Impossible Versus The Mob LC Set
Lobby Cards
Paramount Pictures
Copyright: 1968

A series of 8 promo cards that were sent to theaters across the US that played the movie. Each has a still photo scene from the movie.


Number of Items:1
First Appearance:1997
Last Appearance:1997

1 Discards Discards
Television Episode
Copyright: 1997

Actress Barbara Bain, who played secret agent Cinnamon Carter, appeared as that character in Season 5, Episode 10 of Diagnosis Murder starring Dick Van Dyke. According to IMDB, in that story, recurring character Dr. Jesse Schlatter "gets involved in a deadly web of international intrigue when he discovers his father is a secret agent being hunted, and it's soon discovered that an old case may hold the clues to catching the culprit."


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:1991
Last Appearance:1991

1 The Complete Mission: Impossible Dossier The Complete Mission: Impossible Dossier
Written by Patrick J. White
Copyright: 1991

Recounts the history and origins of the famed popular television series. Discusses all contributions of the cast, the crew, the writers, the directors and producers. Also gives star bios, plot summaries for each of the episodes and some behind the scenes information as well. A terrific reference guide for all who might have a need for more Mission: Impossible. Reprinted in 1996 in the UK.

2 Hero-A-Go-Go! Hero-A-Go-Go!
Written by Michael Eury
Copyright: 2017

This book is subtitled "Campy Comic Books, Crimefighters & Culture Of The Swinging Sixties." It mentions and gives details on a number of Spy Series within! Welcome to the Camp Age when spies liked their wars cold and their women warm and good guys beat bad guys with a pun and a punch. Celebrate the Camp Craze of the Swinging Sixties when just about everyone was a secret agent.


I doubt you could find anyone who has read any spy series who has not seen, or didn't know quite well, the Impossible Mission Force. It lasted longer on television than any other spy series and provided several icons to American culture: theme music, self-destructing tape, disavowal, and doing the impossible.

It was terrific. I loved it! As a teenager I followed the adventures week after week and though even I at time marvelled at how dumb the bad guys could be at times, it never was onerous enough to keep me from enjoying the show and coming back next week.

Though you never got to know the background on any of the characters to speak of, you got their basic essences right away. Briggs and Phelps would come up with some Plan B at a moment's notice if needed. Collier could fix any device with chewing gum and spit (this was before the wonders of duct tape became as known as they are now). Woe to any bad guy, no matter what size they were, who tried to get past Armitage when he was set as a blocker. Do not look deeply into Cinnamon's eyes (or Tracey or Casey) lest you lose your will power. And do not trust anyone because no matter how well or how long you know them, they could turn out to be Rollin Hand or the Great Paris in disguise.

The series was made first and foremost for television and it worked best there. The books are enjoyable add-ons to the television show. By themselves, they would not have made it but since they were never intended to stand on their own, they work reasonably fine. The same could be said for the comic books. Neither medium allowed for anything other than the standard but since the tv show limited itself to that, no harm done.

I was a huge, gigantic, unabashed fan of the original series. Many of the last few years' missions were missed by me while serving in the military but my memory of the show and my appreciation for it never sagged. For that reason, I was ecstatic when I learned that the IMF team was again working behind the scenes to keep us safe. And the fact that it was being led again by Jim Phelps, played so fantastically by Peter Graves, made me even more excited.

The show tried its best and did entertain me but it did not do well enough to survive more than two years. It was considered by many to be a failure. I disagree. First, the climate in the television industry had changed to an only-the-top-survives attitude. In the race to be the best, shows that were only good were thrown out in the hopes that maybe, just maybe the next one coming along would be the One. For the show to have made it not only through a first season but also a second was impressive.

Add to that the fact that the schedulers of the series moved it from Sunday night where the older generation who knew the original would see it to Saturday when nobody watched much. They did this half way through the first season so many fans lost track of where (or more accurately, when) it was. Then in the beginning of the second season, it was moved to Thursday but put it up against the blockbuster The Cosby Show, almost a death blow. When ratings dived even further, they moved it back to Saturday nights. Bouncing time slots can kill any show.

But even a rabid fan such as myself had to admit that the revival did not have the same spark that the original did. It was good. Just not good enough.


My Grade: B+


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