1907 - 1993

Writing as: Leslie Charteris

Born Leslie Charles Boyer-Yin, he was a British-American author best know for his action series about The Saint. He was born in Singapore to a Chinese father and English mother. Always interested in writing, he crafted his first book while attending King's College, Cambridge, and when that was published, he left school and took up writing full time.

Series Books
The Saint The Saint Meets The Tiger (1928)
  Enter The Saint (1930)
  The Saint Closes The Case (1930)
  The Man Who Was Clever (ss) (1930)
  The Policeman With Wings (ss) (1930)
  The Avenging Saint (1930)
  The Lawless Lady (ss) (1930)
  The Man Who Could Not Die (ss) (1931)
  The Story of a Dead Man (ss) (1931)
  The Impossible Crime (ss) (1931)
  The Saint - Wanted For Murder (1931)
  Alias The Saint (1931)
  The Saint Meets His Match (1931)
  The National Debt (ss) (1931)
  Featuring The Saint (1931)
  The Melancholy Journey of Mr. Teal (ss) (1932)
  The Saint's Getaway (1932)
  The Saint vs. Scotland Yard (1932)
  The Inland Revenue (ss) (1932)
  Two Men From Munich (ss) (1932)
  The Million Pound Day (ss) (1932)
  The Property of the Deceased (ss) (1932)
  The Gold Standard (ss) (1933)
  The Man From St. Louis (ss) (1933)
  The Death Penalty (ss) (1933)
  The Brain Workers (ss) (1933)
  The Export Trade (ss) (1933)
  The Unblemished Bootlegger (ss) (1933)
  The Owner's Handicap (ss) (1933)
  The Bad Baron (ss) (1933)
  The Brass Buddha (ss) (1933)
  The Perfect Crime (ss) (1933)
  The Brighter Buccaneer (1933)
  The Saint And Mr. Teal (1933)
  The Tough Egg (ss) (1933)
  The Five Thousand Pound Kiss (ss) (1933)
  The Appalling Politician (ss) (1933)
  The Unpopular Landlord (ss) (1933)
  The New Swindle (ss) (1933)
  The Unusual Ending (ss) (1933)
  The Green Goods Man (ss) (1933)
  The Blind Spot (ss) (1933)
  The Case of the Frightened Innkeeper (ss) (1934)
  The Elusive Ellshaw (ss) (1934)
  The High Fence (ss) (1934)
  The Mixture As Before (ss) (1934)
  The Man Who Liked Toys (ss) (1934)
  The Art Photographer (ss) (1934)
  The Tall Timber (ss) (1934)
  The Loving Brothers (ss) (1934)
  The Treasure of Turk's Lane (ss) (1934)
  The Damsel in Distress (ss) (1934)
  The Uncritical Publisher (ss) (1934)
  The Art of Alibi (ss) (1934)
  The Higher Finance (ss) (1934)
  The Ingenuous Colonel (ss) (1934)
  The Unfortunate Financier (ss) (1934)
  The Newdick Helicopter (ss) (1934)
  The Prince of Cherkessia (ss) (1934)
  The Sleepless Knight (ss) (1934)
  The Simon Templar Foundation (ss) (1934)
  The Noble Sportsman (ss) (1934)
  The Saint Intervenes (1934)
  The Saint Goes On (1934)
  The Saint In London (1934)
  The Saint In New York (1935)
  The Saint Overboard (1936)
  The Spanish War (ss) (1937)
  The Unlicensed Victuallers (ss) (1937)
  The Saint Bids Diamonds (1937)
  The Ace Of Knaves (1937)
  The Beauty Specialist (ss) (1937)
  The Saint Plays With Fire (1938)
  Follow The Saint (1939)
  The Miracle Tea Party (ss) (1939)
  The Invisible Millionaire (ss) (1939)
  The Affair of Hogsbotham (ss) (1939)
  The Happy Highwayman (1940)
  The Saint In Miami (1940)
  The Benevolent Burglary (ss) (1940)
  The Man Who Was Lucky (ss) (1940)
  The Star Producers (ss) (1940)
  The Charitable Countess (ss) (1940)
  The Smart Detective (ss) (1940)
  The Mug's Game (ss) (1940)
  The Man Who Liked Ants (ss) (1940)
  The Well-Meaning Mayor (ss) (1940)
  The Wicked Cousin (ss) (1940)
  Palm Springs (ss) (1942)
  Arizona (ss) (1942)
  The Saint Two In One (1942)
  Hollywood (ss) (1942)
  The Saint Goes West (1942)
  The Saint Steps In (1942)
  The Saint At Large (1943)
  The Black Market (ss) (1944)
  The Sizzling Saboteur (ss) (1944)
  The Saint On Guard (1944)
  Paging The Saint (1945)
  The Saint Sees It Through (1946)
  Iris aka The Old Routine (ss) (1948)
  Judith aka The Naughty Niece (ss) (1948)
  The King of the Beggars (ss) (1948)
  Jeannine aka The Lovely Sinner (ss) (1948)
  Lucia aka The Homecoming of Amadeo Urselli (ss) (1948)
  Teresa aka The Uncertain Widow (ss) (1948)
  Luelia aka The Saint and the Double Badger (ss) (1948)
  Emily aka The Doodlebug (ss) (1948)
  Dawn aka The Darker Drink (ss) (1948)
  Lida aka The Foolish Frail (ss) (1948)
  The Masked Angel (ss) (1948)
  Saint Errant (1948)
  Call For The Saint (1948)
  The Saint At A Daredevil Circus! (ss) (1951)
  Rome: The Latin Touch (ss) (1953)
  Jaun-Les-Pins: The Spanish Cow (ss) (1953)
  Lucerne: The Loaded Tourist (ss) (1953)
  Tirol: The Golden Journey (ss) (1953)
  The Rhine: The Rhine Maiden (ss) (1953)
  Amsterdam: The Angel's Eye (ss) (1953)
  Paris: The Covetous Headsman (ss) (1953)
  The Saint In Europe (1953)
  The Saint On The Spanish Main (1955)
  Jamaica: The Black Commissar aka The Man from Moscow (ss) (1955)
  Puerto Rico: The Unkind Philanthropist (ss) (1955)
  The Virgin Islands: The Old Treasure Story (ss) (1955)
  Haiti: The Questing Tycoon (ss) (1955)
  Nassau: The Arrow of God (ss) (1955)
  Bimini: The Effete Angler (ss) (1955)
  France: The Reluctant Nudist (ss) (1956)
  Middle East: The Lovelorn Sheik (ss) (1956)
  Malaya: The Pluperfect Lady (ss) (1956)
  Vancouver: The Sporting Chance (ss) (1956)
  The Bunco Artists (ss) (1956)
  The Happy Suicide (ss) (1956)
  The Good Medicine (ss) (1956)
  The Unescapable Word (ss) (1956)
  The Perfect Sucker (ss) (1956)
  The Careful Terrorist (ss) (1956)
  Bermuda: The Patient Playboy (ss) (1956)
  England: The Talented Husband (ss) (1956)
  The Saint Around The World (1956)
  The Golden Frog (ss) (1958)
  The Romantic Matron (ss) (1958)
  The Revolution Racket (ss) (1958)
  The Pearls of Peace (ss) (1958)
  Concerning The Saint (1958)
  Senor Saint (1958)
  The Element of Doubt (ss) (1959)
  The Gentle Ladies (ss) (1959)
  The Water Merchant (ss) (1959)
  The Percentage Player (ss) (1959)
  The Fruitful Land (ss) (1959)
  The Saint Cleans Up (1959)
  The Ever-Loving Spouse (ss) (1959)
  The Saint To The Rescue (1959)
  Trust The Saint (1962)
  The Convenient Monster (ss) (1962)
  The Uncured Ham (ss) (1962)
  The Intemperate Reformer (ss) (1962)
  The Cleaner Cure (ss) (1962)
  The Bigger Game (ss) (1962)
  The Helpful Pirate (ss) (1962)
  Provence: The Hopeless Heiress (ss) (1963)
  Florida: The Jolly Undertaker (ss) (1963)
  The Saint In The Sun (1963)
  Cannes: The Better Mousetrap (ss) (1963)
  St. Tropez: The Ugly Impresario (ss) (1963)
  England: The Prodigal Miser (ss) (1963)
  Nassau: The Fast Women (ss) (1963)
  Lucerne: The Russian Prisoner (ss) (1963)
  Vendetta For The Saint (1964)
  The Saint and the Fiction Makers (1968)
  The Saint Returns (1968)
  The Saint On TV (1968)
  The Saint Abroad (1969)
  The Saint In Pursuit (1970)
  The Saint and the People Importers (1971)
  Saints Alive (1974)
  Catch The Saint (1975)
  The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace (1976)