The Saint In Europe

The Saint In Europe

Written by Leslie Charteris

Collection of 7 short stories:
1) Paris: The Covetous Headsman - A woman Simon Templar just met discovers her long-lost brother has been murdered apparently for a St.
Christopher medal he was wearing. She is then kidnapped.
2) Amsterdam: The Angel's Eye - Members of a once powerful family from an island nation are on the French Riviera to convince the Saint to help them reclaim their glory.
3) The Rhine: The Rhine Maiden - Templar rescues a woman from being hit by a car. At first they thought an accident but soon learn a gangster is out to kill her.
4) Tirol: The Golden Journey - The fiancée of a friend of the Saint is a spoilt brat who needs a taste of life without her wealth, something Templar can pull off.
5) Lucerne: The Loaded Tourist - The murder of a man about to emigrate to America gets the Saint involved, leading to a briefcase full of diamonds.
6) Jaun-Les-Pins: The Spanish Cow - Helping bodyguard a diamond courier friend, Templar is available to lend a hand when the huge uncut gem goes missing.
7) Rome: The Latin Touch - To help free an American governor held captive by a gangster to force the release of the hood's brother, the Saint gets himself captured.