Saint Errant

Saint Errant

Written by Leslie Charteris

Collection of 9 short stories:
1) Judith aka The Naughty Niece - Judith wants Simon Templar to help stop her uncle from stealing an invention of her father.
2) Iris aka The Old Routine - Iris is a very bad actress. Her plays are paid for by her husband, a very bad protection racketeer.
3) Lida aka The Foolish Frail - When Joan asks Templar for help freeing her sister from a blackmailer, they discover the sibling has been murdered.
4) Jeannine aka The Lovely Sinner - A dictator owns a priceless pearl necklace that is the target of more than one thief.
5) Lucia aka The Homecoming of Amadeo Urselli - A nasty criminal is plaguing an entire village in Greece until Templar travels through.
6) Teresa aka The Uncertain Widow - Teresa needs the Saint to help her locate her husband in Mexico.
7) Luelia aka The Saint and the Double Badger - The luscious Luella is the bait in a badger game that hooked Templar's friend so he sets himself up a the next sucker.
8) Emily aka The Doodlebug - The Saint's friend's mother has been hoodwinked into buying a fake gold mine.
9) Dawn aka The Darker Drink - Dawn is the sleeptime dream of a bank teller who is being pursued by a couple of nasty types.