The Saint On The Spanish Main

The Saint On The Spanish Main

Written by Leslie Charteris

Collection of 6 short stories:
1) Bimini: The Effete Angler - When Simon Templar tries to rent a charter in Miami Beach, the captain refuses, saying he is already booked. When Templar joins in the group doing the hiring, the captain is even more furious.
2) Nassau: The Arrow of God - A particularly nasty sort of reporter is killed by an arrow and while not really mourning the victim, the Saint is interested.
3) Jamaica: The Black Commissar aka The Man from Moscow - There is trouble brewing in Jamaica and a visiting Templar willing takes a part in stopping a Soviet takeover.
4) Puerto Rico: The Unkind Philanthropist - A woman working for a philanthropist falls victim to a con artist in Puerto Rico. The Saint thinks he will even the score.
5) The Virgin Islands: The Old Treasure Story - Three men in a bar each have a piece of a treasure map. The Saint finagles a way into the group for fun.
6) Haiti: The Questing Tycoon - Fun and amusement was what Templar was seeking but instead he found voodoo, and not a nice batch of it.