The Brighter Buccaneer
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The Brighter Buccaneer

Written by Leslie Charteris

Collection of 15 short stories:
1) The Brain Workers - taking the role of Sebastian Tombs, the Saint goes after a stock swindler.
2) The Export Trade - Simon Templar is employed to courier a necklace to Paris but he is up to something.
3) The Unblemished Bootlegger - A fake charity con man finds himself being conned by the Saint.
4) The Owner's Handicap - A loan shark is being especially nasty to his clients and that attracts the Saint.
5) The Tough Egg - An illegal casino owner in London wants to retire but Templar wants his booty.
6) The Bad Baron - A jewel thief calling himself 'The Fox' is out for the same bracelet the Saint wants.
7) The Brass Buddha - Templar is interested in the purchase of an expensive statuette but ends up involved in a con game.
8) The Perfect Crime - Another moneylender who does not play by the rules is the target of the Saint.
9) The Appalling PoliticianTrade treaty secrets have been stolen and Teal asks Templar to help recover them.
10) The Unpopular Landlord - When Templar learns of a landlord who is bilking little old ladies, he cannot resist getting involved.
11) The New Swindle - A previous recipient of the Saint's attention has a new con going and Templar steps in.
12) The Five Thousand Pound Kiss - A large diamond called the 'Star of Mandalay' is Simon Templar's target but it also attracts someone else.
13) The Green Goods Man - A counterfeit con game has a new twist but that just makes the Saint more interested.
14) The Blind Spot - A patent agent is stealing from his would-be clients causing one victim to attempt suicide.
15) The Unusual Ending - The con man that Templar went after twice is trying to leave the country but the Saint thinks otherwise.