The Saint Intervenes
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The Saint Intervenes

Written by Leslie Charteris

Collection of 14 short stories:
The Ingenuous Colonel - At a racetrack, two con men pick the wrong patsy for their scam - Simon Templar.
The Unfortunate Financier - The swindler specializing in Middle East oil stock scams did not know his new secretary is Patricia Holm, girlfriend of the Saint.
The Newdick Helicopter - A friend of Templar has fallen victim to a con about a new form of helicopter and the Saint wants to get even.
The Prince of Cherkessia - Inspector Teal is given the job of safeguarding a crown made for a foreign prince.
The Treasure of Turk's Lane - An unscrupulous land developer is using nasty tactics to force a friend of Templar to sell his ancestral home.
The Sleepless Knight - A trucking company is forcing its drivers to push themselves and an innocent cyclist loses his life because of it.
The Uncritical Publisher - Templar's friend has written a book but the publisher steals the proceeds.
The Noble Sportsman - A British politician is found dead and Teal looks into it with Templar's help.
The Damsel in Distress - Templar is hired to kidnap a forger and bringing back to England for a shot-gun wedding.
The Loving Brothers - Templar makes the mistake of getting between two swabbling brothers over their father's will.
The Tall Timber - An interesting scam involving trees in Brazil attracts Templar's attention.
The Art Photographer - Naughty photographs are being sold and people hurt when Templar decides to get involved.
The Man who Liked Toys - Teal and Templar are again working somewhat together on a case involving a man who loved playing with toys
The Mixture as Before - A con man claims he can make diamonds in his bathtub. Templar cannot resist checking it out.