Trust The Saint

Trust The Saint

Written by Leslie Charteris

Collection of 6 short stories:
1) The Helpful Pirate - British Intelligence asks Simon Templar to go to Germany to find a missing scientist.
2) The Bigger Game - Templar is the referee for a wager between a retired matador a big game hunter.
3) The Cleaner Cure - How can a man die from having his tie cleaned? The Saint is curious.
4) The Intemperate Reformer - The temperance leader has some pretty unpleasant things going on that the Saint wants to resolve.
5) The Uncured Ham - To get back at an actor who has been quite naughty, the Saint sets up a sting involving Hamlet.
6) The Convenient Monster - The death of a man and a dog are being blamed on the Loch Ness monster but the Saint finds something nasty is afoot.