The Happy Highwayman

The Happy Highwayman

Written by Leslie Charteris

Collection of 9 short stories:
1) The Man Who Was Lucky - A gangster has vowed to kill a witness against him. The Saint says otherwise.
2) The Smart Detective - Simon Templar has taken a shining to some emeralds that a bad guy has but he does not know a detective is shadowing him.
3) The Wicked Cousin - A will may or may not have been tampered with leaving a friend of the Saint with little. The Saint thinks he should investigate.
4) The Well-Meaning Mayor - A police commissioner in a small US city has committed suicide and the Saint decides to get the man who drove him to it.
5) The Benevolent Burglary - At a big shindig, the Saint bets that the paintings a big shot has will be stolen within the week, getting Scotland Yard's attention.
6) The Star Producers - An acting scam takes a young woman's life savings and the Saint does not appreciate that.
7) The Charitable Countess - The high society lady is big into charities but has no charitable nature. The Saint wants to correct that.
8) The Mug's Game - Several people have been cheated at poker by a pair of pros but they do not see Simon Templar coming.
9) The Man who Liked Ants - The Saint does not know what to do when he comes across a mad scientist interested in getting giant ants to take over the world.