Thanks To The Saint

Thanks To The Saint

Written by Leslie Charteris

Collection of 6 short stories:
1) The Bunco Artists - Simon Templar and a lady friend go after a bunco artist couple who fleeced the lady's mother.
2) The Happy Suicide - The brother of a popular tv host by suicide attracts Templar who is not convinced the man killed himself.
3) The Good Medicine - The head of a major beauty products firm got there by stealing her ex-husband's ideas. The Saint wants to even things.
4) The Unescapable Word - The death of a leading scientist at a secret facility in Scotland prompts the Saint to investigate.
5) The Perfect Sucker - The Saint is set to unload on a con artist when he realizes the man was innocent and it was the Saint who was conned.
6) The Careful Terrorist - A reporter friend of the Saint goes up against a corrupt union boss and dies for it.