The Saint Around The World

The Saint Around The World

Written by Leslie Charteris

Collection of 6 short stories:
1) Bermuda: The Patient Playboy - A woman appeals to Simon Templar for help getting her kidnapped husband back.
2) England: The Talented Husband - A female friend of the Saint was recently paralyzed in an accident which the Saint believes was caused by her spouse.
3) France: The Reluctant Nudist - The wedding of a very rich man to a very young woman turns very bad when he is murdered.
4) Middle East: The Lovelorn Sheik - An oil prospector is in trouble with the local high official and looks to Templar for help.
5) Malaya: The Pluperfect Lady - Templar is in the wrong place at definitely the wrong time when trouble breaks out in Malaya.
6) Vancouver: The Sporting Chance - A rocket scientist is about to defect to keep his family safe when the Saint steps in to help.