The Death's Head Dossier
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The Death's Head Dossier

Written by Robert Ede (writer), Geoff Campion (artist)

Printed in Issues No. 13 thru No. 23 (11 issues) of Battle Picture Weekly. Again the comic story is set during World War II and unfolds as follows:
Preface (No. 13) - Advertisement - 1 black & white page.
Did Mike Nelson Really Die? Find out for sure!
Episode 2-1 (No. 14) - Secret Agent Mike Nelson Is Back! - 4 black & white pages.
Britain's Top Wartime Agent Mike Nelson Returns. Two prisoners are exchanged on the border of Germany and Switzerland, one of them is Mike Nelson. On the journey back in London he tells how he survived. Nelson recovers and is given a new mission, that of going after the Nazi Death Head Unit somewhere in England.
Episode 2-2 (No. 15) - A British General Must Die - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson Cracks A Code And A General Seems Certain To Die! General Best is to be killed and Nelson has a plan to save him and get the Death's Head Unit out into the open. Will his plan work?
Episode 2-3 (No. 16) - Nelson The Nazi? - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson Joins The Nazis - At Large In Britain! Nelson takes the place of an assassin he killed. Torpedo Warheads are to be taken and Nelson must make sure they're not used.
Episode 2-4 (No. 17) - The Death's Head Commandos - 3 black & white pages.
Caught In The Path Of A Speeding Lorry! The Judd Steelworks is to be destroyed and Mike Nelson must stop it. Has he lost his cover and do they know who he is?
Episode 2-5 (No. 18) - Assassins For The Eagle - 3 black & white pages.
Mike's Cover Is Blown - His Assassination Has Been Fixed! Nelson is to be killed, but ends up killing the two after him. Then he discovers a possible traitor. What will happen next!
Episode 2-6 (No. 19) - Nelson Vs. Forster - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson Come Face To Face With A Traitor! Colonel Forster is the traitor and Nelson must do whatever he can to stop him and assume his identity.
Episode 2-7 (No. 20) - Death From Nazis - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson Faces Death From Nazis Based In Britain! Nelson is caught and questioned, but gets away. He then sees a Prisoner of War Camp for Germans. Is it the base of The Death's Head Group and where are the tanks they stole? Also how many other British Officers have become traitors and will Nelson make it out of the camp alive?
Episode 2-8 (No. 21) - Operation Totenkopf - 3 black & white pages.
Can Mike smash the Germans' plan in time? A deadly plan was being hatched in a British prison camp! The German prisoners (last of The Death's Head Group) plan to use the tanks they stole to killer top Allied officers at a nearby gathering.
Episode 2-9 (No. 22) - Preventing A Massacre - 3 black & white pages.
Can Mike Nelson prevent a massacre by Nazi fanatics? The Death's Head Group are attacking the brass of the Allied Forces and it is up to Nelson to stop them. Will he be able to stop a massacre?
Episode 2-10 (No. 23) - Saved By Top Agent - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson Race Against Time To Prevent A Brutal Massacre! Only one tank is left after Nelson's attach on The Death's Head Group. The Top Allied Brass plan to take a train, so Nelson must save them from the remaining tank of course. Finely a victory for Nelson!
Conclusion: Nelson saves the top brass and the country. The Death's Head Dossier is closed for good thanks to him. Yes, again another comic story that could have made a whole comic book itself with 32 pages in total.
Note: This comic story was reprinted in Battle Picture Weekly Annual 1981 around 5 years after it's first printing. It was minus the ad, had only 30 pages and was told in 2 parts. Yet all text and art was used.

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