Operation Black Death
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Operation Black Death

Written by Chris Lowder (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)

Printed in Issues No. 100 thru No. 112 (13 issues) of Battle Picture Weekly & Valiant..
The Eagle (Mike Nelson) must stop another evil plan by the Germans. Can he do it?
Prolog (No. 100) - 1 black & white page.
A British Professor has been taken by the Germans and will help them with their new plan.
Episode 6-1 (No. 100) - Getting Professor Gifford's Papers - 3 black & white pages.
He's Back! Top Agent Mike Nelson, Codename Eagle Returns! The Germans are in England to get the Professor's papers, then Nelson gets them back. What will happen next?
Episode 6-2 (No. 101) - Survive or Die! - 3 black & white pages.
Nelson proves it's the survival of the fittest in the spy world! Nelson has been drugged and caught by the Nazis. He must get away before they have a chance to kill him.
Episode 6-3 (No. 102) - The Sinister Weapon - 3 black & white pages.
Top Agent Mike Nelson - Out to Smash the Nazis' Most Sinister Weapon! Nelson has decided it best to take a captured U-boat to Germany and kill Gifford.
Episode 6-4 (No. 103) - Sabotage Doubled - 3 black & white pages.
Watch Out, Nazi Germany - The Eagle Has Returned On A New Mission! Nelson and Bauer are the only ones left alive after the sub is bombed. Nelson also must get the German Captain of the boat to destroy it.
Episode 6-5 (No. 104) - Nelson's Fate - 2 color pages and 1 black & white page.
Nelson finds some allies in the German Police, yet he must get to Berlin. Can he elude the Gestapo and a Russian agent? Find Out!
Episode 6-6 (No. 105) - More Than One Way - 3 black & white pages.
Spy Drama With Mike Nelson In The Streets Of Berlin! After Nelson's run in with a KGB agent on the train he gets to Berlin to kill Gifford, but is set up by the Gestapo as he takes aim. Will he get away or be bombed by the Allies?
Episode 6-7 (No. 106) - Is This The End of the Eagle - 3 black & white pages.
Caught by the Gestapo The Eagle hovers between life and death! Caught by the bombing of a getaway car, Nelson is now held by the Gestapo. Will he get better and escape to fulfill part of his mission?
Episode 6-8 (No. 107) - Dazed & Drugged - 3 black & white pages.
Spy Thrills And Drama With Ace Agent Mike Nelson! Nelson has been drugged and is dazed from it, yet to escape he must fight a Gestapo agent. Will he be able to find the factory for the gas to destroy it?
Episode 6-9 (No. 108) - Cold Blooded - 3 black & white pages.
Spy Drama To Make Your Blood Run Cold! With the factory destroyed Nelson must disrupt the Nazi plan at the top. Yet will he be side tracked at the Berlin Zoo and did the Russian agent really die?
Episode 6-10 (No. 109) - The Russian & The Bunker - 4 black & white pages.
It's A Race Against Time In The Blitzed Streets Of Berlin! Nelson meets up with the Russian KGB agent again while the Germans are releasing the deadly gas in the streets of Berlin. Yet will he get away from the Russian and whose bunker has he entered? Also there is information and an illustration of a German leader's bunker.
Episode 6-11 (No. 110) - Inside Hitler's Bunker - 3 black & white pages.
Seatbelts on As We take you Inside Hitler's Bunker! Nelson has walked into the bunker of Hitler by mistake. Can he get out and find the bunker with the plague-gas to destroy it?
Episode 6-12 (No. 111) - The S.S. Killers - 3 black & white pages.
Some of the plague-gas has been given to the German soldiers and they are using it in the streets of Berlin. Can Nelson stop them and will Schlegel get away?
Episode 6-13 (No. 112) - The Final Gas - 2 color pages and 2 black & white pages.
This is it!! The Final Dramatic Episode of Mike Nelson's Attempt to Smash a Nazi Plan! Nelson has the last plague-gas cylinder attached to his leg. Will it prove fatal for him and others? Also find out if Nelson can stop Gestapo and Russian agents.
Conclusion: Nelson has survived to fight another day, the KGB agent is dead for his traitorous acts and Schlegel and other German agents have flown the area. Nelson vows to hunt them all down.

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