The Eagle Flies East
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The Eagle Flies East

Written by Chris Lowder (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)

Printed in Issues No. 55 thru No. 70 and No. 72 to No. 75 (20 issues) of Battle Picture Weekly, Mar 20 - Aug 07, 1976.
Mike Nelson goes to Asia. But will his luck be better?
Episode 4-1 (No. 55) - The Professor Zekker Impostor - 4 black & white pages.
Britain's Top War Agent In A Thrilling New Spy Adventure! Nelson kills and then poses as Professor Zekker to destroy plans of the germ warfare rockets. What else will he have to do to succeed?
Episode 4-2 (No. 56) - The Plane Truth - 3 black & white pages.
A Thrilling Climax With A Twist For Agent Mike Nelson! Now in Asia Nelson must find a way to finish the mission with out any help. Is the bomber plane what he needs?
Episode 4-3 (No. 57) - Terror of the Jungle - 3.5 black & white pages.
Thrilling Spy Action Filled With Suspense And Drama For Agent Mike Nelson. Marooned in a jungle in the Philippines the Eagle must find a way out. Can he help the natives and still survive?
Episode 4-4 (No. 58) - No Holds Barred - 3.5 black & white pages.
Britain's Top Agent Mike Nelson Hovering Between Life And Dead! Nelson and the natives must fight the Japanese to stay alive. Will he be captured and what else will happen?
Episode 4-5 (No. 59) - Traitor Aboard - 3 black & white pages.
Ambush! Nelson Returns To The Island Where He Stared Death In The Face! Nelson returns to the island and there discovers that someone on the American ship is a traitor. Will he get him?
Episode 4-6 (No. 60) - The Captured Scientist - 3 black & white pages.
His Codename Is 'Eagle' - His Game Is Spying - His Mission Is Death! Nelson is assigned to help U.S. Navel Intelligence rescue a Dutch Scientist from the Japanese. But is the scientist also a traitor?
Episode 4-7 (No. 61) - Another Deadly Assignment - 4 black & white pages.
Each Frame A Shock, Each Page a Blockbuster, Each Mission Spy-Packed! Nelson must find the base of a Major Chang in Borneo for the Americans and let them know where it is.
Episode 4-8 (No. 62) - The Oldest Spy Trick! - 3 black & white pages.
A Enemy Dies - A Daring Car Chase - And The Eagle Is Trapped! Nelson is sent to Singapore to get vital information for the Americans about the Japanese from a Dr. Feng. Yet to get it he must use a trick!
Episode 4-9 (No. 63) - The Agent of Death - 3.33 black & white pages.
Eagle's Three Deadly Roles - Saboteur - Assassin - Master Spy! Nelson posing as Otto Dorff has a mission to destroy a new Japanese tank if he can do it.
Episode 4-10 (No. 64) - Human Bombs! - 3 black & white pages.
Captured Nelson Learns The Secret Of The 'Human Bombs!' Nelson is sent to rescue a U.S. General from the Japanese. But will he stand a chance with the deadly special squad.
Episode 4-11 (No. 65) - Into The Jungle - 3 black & white pages.
The Jungle Is A Deadly Place - But Agent Mike Nelson Is Even Deadlier! The Eagle parachutes into the Burmese jungle with a mission to organize native guerrillas to fight the Japanese. But Can he?
Episode 4-12 (No. 66) - Rescue The Tiger God - 3 black & white pages.
The Stolen Tiger God Of Ragora Must Be Returned! Mike Nelson decides to go after the four British renegades that have taken the natives god so he can return it to them and fulfill his mission.
Episode 4-13 (No. 67) - Old Enemies - 3.5 black & white pages.
Nelson Meets Up With An Old And Vicious Enemy From His Past! The Eagle is tricked and captured. He then sees Colonel Saduki who he thought he had kill. Can Nelson get away or has he fallen?
Episode 4-14 (No. 68) - Hang By The Neck Or Suicide Subs - 4 black & white pages.
There Are Spies And Spies - But There's Only One Mike Nelson! Is Nelson dead or has he found others to help in his mission of taking out subs that plan to kill Americans?
Episode 4-15 (No. 69) - Tracking a Traitor - 4 black & white pages.
A Traitor's Day Are Numbered When Mike Nelson Investigates! The Eagle is in Singapore to find and remove a traitor.
Episode 4-16 (No. 70) - The Diamond Heist - 3 black & white pages.
An Agent's War Is Secret But Men Still Die! Some Spies Can Be Trapped But It's A Hard Task To Snare The Eagle! Nelson is sent after diamonds in a Hong Kong bank.
Episode 4-17 (No. 72) - The Terrible New Weapon - 4 black & white pages.
Evil Mind Had Devised A Terrible New Weapon Of War! Nelson must find out how the Japanese are making people into human bombs.
Episode 4-18 (No. 73) - Bombs In Their Heads - 4 black & white pages.
Some men might panic - some men turn tail - but Mike Nelson stands his ground in the Contest of Death!
Deadly Action With Mike Nelson - About To Be Turned Into A Human Bomb! Will evil men make Nelson into a bomb and can he stop those that already are?
Episode 4-19 (No. 74) - Saving the Admiral - 4 black & white pages.
Has Nelson's Spy Boss Broken Under Torture And Turned Traitor? Admiral Houston is captured and The Eagle (Mike Nelson) must try to rescue him from the Japanese. But can he?
Episode 4-20 (No. 75) - Failure & Death? - 4 black & white pages.
His Mission A Failure - Mike Prepares For A Terrible Death! Nelson has not freed the Admiral, but is captured himself. Yet will the Admiral save him and can Nelson still save the Yanks from death?
Conclusion: Mike Nelson has finished his time helping the American in the Far East and is called back to London. if this story was published and printed in one volume it could be a graphic novel with 68 pages and that's without the ads.

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