Night of the Eagle
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Night of the Eagle

Written by Robert Ede (writer)

Printed in Issues No. 51 thru No. 53 (3 issues) of Battle Picture Weekly. Will night give Mike Nelson cover and keep him safer.
Part 1 (No. 51) - 4 black & white pages - Britain's Deadliest Agent In A Thrilling New Spy Adventure. Nelson stops a train with a van to photograph German plans for the Russian Front. Then takes them to Russian Agents and discovers a German General who wishes to defect and who has the Atlantic Wall Defense Plans the British want. Yet has the Gestapo set a trap for The Eagle and the traitor General?
Part 2 (No. 52) - 4 black & white pages - Agent Mike Nelson In A Night Of Blazing Suspense! Now aboard a train for Paris Nelson must meet with the traitor General to get the plans he need. But, the Gestapo is bound to get in the way. With the plans stolen and the General dead The Eagle must follow the man who took them. Then Nelson discovers the other man is American O.S.S. and after the plans as well. Yet, the American doesn't has the same plans Nelson needs. Has he failed and was it the wrong General?
Part 3 (No. 53) - 4 black & white pages - A Dramatic Climax To Mike Nelson's Daring Mission! Nelson boards the train again with the help of the O.S.S. Agent. The Eagle finely meets the true traitor General and discovers the plan were sent ahead to Paris. In Paris he get the suitcase with the plans and gets away from the Germans with help from the same O.S.S. Agent.
Conclusion: Mike Nelson with the Atlantic Wall Defense Plans believes British and American lives will be saved. His mission has succeeded. This story ends after only 12 pages.

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