The Eagle Must Die
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The Eagle Must Die

Written by Chris Lowder (writer), Patrick Wright (artist)

Printed in Issues No. 76 thru No. 85 (10 issues) of Battle Picture Weekly.
The enemies of the Eagle want him dead. Will Mike Nelson survive?
Episode 5-1 (No. 76) - A Most Wanted Man - 3 black & white pages.
A Deadly New Spy Adventure With Top Agent Mike Nelson! The Eagle has found a German Double of Churchill and must get away to tell London. Yet now the Germans want him dead!
Episode 5-2 (No. 77) - A Call Goes Out - 3 black & white pages.
All Over France The Call Goes Out - The Eagle Must Die! Nelson is still trying to contact London but is discovered. Can he get away and will his own Alias want him dead?
Episode 5-3 (No. 78) - The Hunt For Nelson - 3 black & white pages.
A Cunning Mind Plots Top Agent Mike Nelson's Death! The French Resistance now think Nelson a traitor and are willing to get rid of him. What does this mean for The Eagle?
Episode 5-4 (No. 79) - Death At Every Turn - 3 black & white pages.
Hunted By All Sides, The Eagle Is A Man Surrounds By Death! The now face death from everyone and the Germans plan with a fake Churchill goes on. Is Nelson Doomed?
Episode 5-5 (No. 80) - Death & Failure - 2 black & white pages and 1 color page.
The Eagle Knows That Death Is The Only Reward For Failure! The Gestapo Chief has punched Nelson off the train. Will he live and be branded a traitor?
Episode 5-6 (No. 81) - Survival Is The Mission - 3 black & white pages.
Codename "Eagle", Real Name Nelson - Mission Survival! Now branded a traitor by his own side he must fight to stay alive and find out everything he can.
Episode 5-7 (No. 82) - Is This The End? - 3 black & white pages.
Secret Agent Mike Nelson - About To Be Blown Sky-High? Nelson must avoid a bomb and contact a visiting British Diplomat. But who will reach the Diplomat first?
Episode 5-8 (No. 83) - Clipping the Eagle's Wings - 2 color pages and 1 black & white page.
The German officer Schlegel had made it look like Nelson is a traitor. Put on a plane by other British agents and taken back to London Nelson must get away! But can he?
Episode 5-9 (No. 84) - The Treacherous Plot Revealed - 3 black & white pages.
The Scene Is War-Torn London! The Contestants are Eagle And The S.S.! Nelson is running out of time and must make the German show themselves. Yet are they really after someone else?
Episode 5-10 (No. 85) - An Explosive End - 3 black & white pages.
Dare To Witness The Explosive End Of Eagle's Mission! Nelson is held by Nazis and escapes to save the Royal Family. Will the Churchill Double die?
Conclusion: Mike Nelson (The Eagle) lived and the German names Schlegel vows revenge. This story ends with about 30 pages that would have made up a whole comic book.

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