The Bionic Woman Annual (1978)

The Bionic Woman Annual (1978)

Written by Unknown

Published by Brown Watson of the U.K. contains children's games, crosswords, and stories. A collection of 2 short stories, 3 comic stories, 3 non-fiction articles, 3 games and 1 feature biography as well as number of photos and illustrations. Contest are as follows; The Short Stories are; 1. {!nv_5698|Hijacked!} 2. {!nv_5699|The Big Payoff!} The Comic Stories are; 1. Kidnappers Strike! 2. The Heavy Mob 3. Secret Of The Mountains The Non-Fiction Articles are; 1. Bionic - yesterday's dreams ... tomorrow's realities 2. Seeing Is Not Believing 3. Anything You Can Do ... how it's done The Games Are; 1. Race Against Time 2.The Bionic Woman Quiz 3. Back To The O.S.I. Base The Feature is; 1. Lindsay Wagner - Alias The Bionic Woman