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Full Name: Madeline deWinter
Nationality: British
Organization: DIAL
Occupation Agent

Creator: R. T. Green
Time Span: 2020 - 2020


Madeline deWinter is an agent with DIAL.

Temporary agent, as she is reminded more than once and never in a pleasant voice. She is not an official operative with the organization but rather on loan to them for one specific job but that job will turn out to be a lot longer than anyone expected.

As to what DIAL is, that remains a mystery to me. It does not appear to be an acronym, at least if it is one the breakout of the letters is not in any of the adventures I have read. It is referred to at least once as "the department codenamed DIAL" and mention made of it being an offshoot of MI6. It is run by a small balding man "dressed as always in a finely-tailored black suit, white shirt and red bowtie. Gold half-round spectacles gave him a slightly caricatured look, but those who crossed him knew only too well there was nothing amusing about DIAL's commander-in-chief." It is also quite covert in nature and "not even the metropolitan police knew DIAL existed."

Back to deWinter, she was temporarily seconded to DIAL to help by going undercover to get friendly with a target. This was surprising to her because deWinter's main purpose in life was to kill. As she puts it, "My name is Gerard deWinter, and I'm a cold heartless human being. There are reasons why, but I freely admit to my shortcomings. I don't have feelings like other people do, so I'm a safe bet for the job... guaranteed not to get involved." She adds elsewhere, "I didn't have much experience when it came to high emotion. Splashing around the deep end in the pool of life was the other side of the universe for me."

And yet for reasons she cannot understand, this 36-year-old operative is picked to befriend an alien terrorist named Zana, one of a team of 7 in the cell. DIAL had identified each member (how was not revealed) but they had yet to determine what the purpose of the cell was; if it was an act of terrorism, what was the target?

Once deWinter did get close to Zana, and she to her, their lives would never be the same and the fate of the world would truly rest on their shoulders.

Note: it is important for anyone reading this synopsis and considering reading the series to read My Comments below as well as checking out the companion series Gerard deFerrier.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2020

1 Red Mist Rising Red Mist Rising
Written by R. T. Green
Copyright: 2020

"My name is Madeline deWinter, and I’m a cold heartless human being. There are reasons why, but I freely admit to my shortcomings. I don’t have feelings like other people do, so I’m a safe bet for the job… guaranteed not to get involved.

Zana is beautiful, classy, and is being closely watched by a secret department of MI6 codenamed DIAL. Yet after months of observation they are still no nearer to knowing what terrorist atrocity she is planning. Someone has to go undercover, gain her trust and discover the truth. They know just the person.


I work for MI6, off the books. My profession doesn't officially exist; I’m a mere shadow to those who wield the power. I nullify people for a living, and I’m perfectly suited to the work. I don’t possess a heart or a soul to get in the way.
When they offer me a job way outside my normal remit, and my comfort zone, at first I refuse the mission, but then make a life-changing U-turn and accept it. A decision I will come to question as my world and my emotions spin out of control. But it isn't until the final curtain begins to close and all hell breaks loose, that I finally see Zana’s true colours.
And discover the one certainty of life with a heart is that sooner or later it will get shattered into tiny pieces."
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2 Red Mist Phoenix Red Mist Phoenix
Written by R. T. Green
Copyright: 2020

"I killed a fellow MI6 agent. I didn’t mean to, a fit of emotional overload took over my actions. Now because of that, I’m on the run. Heartbroken and alone, I make it to my father’s home in the Caribbean, unaware I am being pursued by both friends and enemies. There is a shocking development back in London, but off the grid and out of contact, no one is able to give me the life-changing news.

Until it’s too late.

On an unrelenting road to self-destruction, I meet a local girl who throws me a lifeline. Grasping it desperately with both hands, I begin to rediscover my spirit.

But nothing is what it seems, and I find myself plunged into an intricate game of emotional chess, the queen’s pawn in what becomes a nightmare far worse than the one I left behind."
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3 Red Mist Fearless Red Mist Fearless
Written by R. T. Green
Copyright: 2020

"Battered and bruised, both physically and emotionally, we head back to London. News has come that the terror threat we thought was over is alive once more, and this time more insidious and horrifying than ever.

The evil Tiri is still one step ahead, rejoining her survivors in the capital, and more determined than ever I will be hers. But as the terror deepens, it becomes clear the safety of London’s residents is not the only threat in our lives.

The love Zana and I believed was unbreakable has been shaken to its core. And as the fight against Tiri and her comrades resumes, we both realize she is not the only foe we have to face head on…"
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4 Red Mist Phantom Red Mist Phantom
Written by R. T. Green
Copyright: 2020

"‘Phantom’ tells the emotional and terrifying story of our pursuit of the evil Tiri. On our journey we run headlong into an enemy neither of us is prepared for. An enemy with a weapon so potent, its force is impossible to resist. All alone, we realize our love is the only shield we possess. But when the power of that love is stripped naked and given nowhere to run, will it prove to be enough?

Back in London, things are no better for Coop and his team. A new, even more insidious terror is about to be unleashed, and he’s missing his two favourite girls. Then it’s made all the worse as new recruits are added to the team. To his dismay it seems they are Madeline and Zana’s replacements… they’re both women, and both with very different characters. But one of them is hiding a huge secret…"
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5 Red Mist Feral Red Mist Feral
Written by R. T. Green
Copyright: 2020

"Arriving home, we are thrown straight into the deep end of the new threat. As Zana said, ‘I am quaking in my boots because of a gang of teenagers, Madeline. Can things get any worse?’

The evil Arik made sure he fathered a son with a human woman before he died at my hands. So did the other six men who originally came to Earth. Grown into teenagers far quicker than normal, these half-human half-Calanduran mutant ferals possess enhanced abilities, and similar desires to their fathers. But even worse, they are being secretly helped by an unknown wealthy and powerful human, who only has his own global interests at heart.

One of the other ferals, Cara, is rapidly becoming an unstable time-bomb, and together with Arek, this modern-day ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ turn into a major threat to London and the rest of the world.
Zana blames herself, and is only too happy to go with Duncan Scott’s suggestion and put herself in mortal danger in order for DIAL to discover the feral’s location.

But for me, if Zana putting her life at risk is not bad enough, a threat of an entirely different kind rocks our boat… and that particular war of the worlds is much closer to home."
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6 Red Mist Phenomenal Red Mist Phenomenal
Written by R. T. Green
Copyright: 2020

"Life for us both hangs by a thread. But for the DIAL team the shocks keep coming as they battle the threat from the terrifyingly-dangerous mutant duo of Arek and Cara.

Nicknamed ‘Bonny and Clyde’, their crazed, murderous revenge heads very close to home. And Cara has a shock of two of her own to add to the mix.

On the other side of the world, Coop and Comfort attempt to rescue Billy, but they too are faced with a turn of events neither of them expected.

Phenomenal’ concludes the two-part ‘serial within a series’ begun in ‘Feral’, where the unexpected rules again, and the team are forced to come to terms with both life and death..."
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This series is a combination spy-fi and sci-fi. Saying even that much should warrant a spoiler alert but saying anything more would definitely be too much.

So I will talk about a different feature of this series and that of its "companion" series, Madeline deWinter.

They are the same series.

I mean it. The same. Virtually word-for-word with some vital changes in one character's name and ... wait for it ... gender.

Gerard deFerrier and Madeline deWinter are not the same person, and yet they are.

According to my interpretation of what the author said in explanation, he crafted the stories of Madeline deWinter, making her a cold-blood government assassin seconded to DIAL for the mission of getting close to a female terrorist named Zana. He received positive feedback from his beta-readers but some of them would have preferred a male character being the one to become the friend and lover of Zana, not a female.

He did not want to change the books, though, and lose Madeline deWinter. Therefore, he took a different approach. He wrote a new series.

As I said above, virtually word-for-word. Her name became his name, of course. "She" and "her" became "he" and "him". There may have been one or two other 'minor' changes, especially when the character's relationship with Zana became more intimate (I did not look that closely). Otherwise, word-for-word.

I have read a series or two that were revised a couple decades later for a reprint to make them more current. I have even read a series where a new book was published which was an old book just modified. I have never encountered this before.

I think kind of in keeping with the concept, my write-up on this duo series is identical except for names and pronouns.


My Grade: B


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