Writing as: R. T. Green

According to the bio on Amazon: "My wish is to take you on a journey to somewhere you've never been before. And on the way, make you smile, surprise you, and bring a tear or two to your eyes (good tears!) If I can do that, I'm a happy guy.

I'm an English author who doesn't write regular. 'Regular' is fine, but it's not what you'll find on our journey. Vibrant, fast-paced plots wrap around the pleasure and pain of equally-vibrant love stories, woven together to bring you the unexpected and fire up your emotions!

I find it difficult to categorize my work into one genre... so I think I might have invented a new one! Fantasy-realism. Fantasy because... well, our journey is as much fantasy as anything, plus shades of the paranormal and some sci-fi. Realism because just about every destination you will visit can be googled! My work is grounded in real settings, but where things are not quite as normal as you might expect! And where, if I've done my job right, when you reach your final destination you will sit back and say, 'Wow... that could have happened to me!'

So you won't find werewolves existing in strange worlds filled with half-human, half-animal creatures. Many, many other authors are writing those kinds of stories. I prefer to make your journey a unique one... yes, you will meet weird and wonderful characters, some of whom will make you laugh, other who will fill the journey with horror and pure evil. Demons, angels, and the occasional alien will join you as you turn the pages... but so will many characters you can relate to; normal people thrown into abnormal situations.

So please come and join me, embrace the unexpected, and take a ride to places you never knew existed!"

Series Books
Gerard deFerrier Pale Moon Rising (2020)
  Pale Moon Phoenix (2020)
  Pale Moon Fearless (2020)
  Pale Moon Phantom (2020)
  Pale Moon Feral (2020)
  Pale Moon Phenomenal (2020)
Madeline deWinter Red Mist Rising (2020)
  Red Mist Phoenix (2020)
  Red Mist Fearless (2020)
  Red Mist Phantom (2020)
  Red Mist Feral (2020)
  Red Mist Phenomenal (2020)