Red Mist Feral

Red Mist Feral

Written by R. T. Green

"Arriving home, we are thrown straight into the deep end of the new threat. As Zana said, ‘I am quaking in my boots because of a gang of teenagers, Madeline. Can things get any worse?’

The evil Arik made sure he fathered a son with a human woman before he died at my hands. So did the other six men who originally came to Earth. Grown into teenagers far quicker than normal, these half-human half-Calanduran mutant ferals possess enhanced abilities, and similar desires to their fathers. But even worse, they are being secretly helped by an unknown wealthy and powerful human, who only has his own global interests at heart.

One of the other ferals, Cara, is rapidly becoming an unstable time-bomb, and together with Arek, this modern-day ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ turn into a major threat to London and the rest of the world.
Zana blames herself, and is only too happy to go with Duncan Scott’s suggestion and put herself in mortal danger in order for DIAL to discover the feral’s location.

But for me, if Zana putting her life at risk is not bad enough, a threat of an entirely different kind rocks our boat… and that particular war of the worlds is much closer to home."