Red Mist Rising

Red Mist Rising

Written by R. T. Green

"My name is Madeline deWinter, and I’m a cold heartless human being. There are reasons why, but I freely admit to my shortcomings. I don’t have feelings like other people do, so I’m a safe bet for the job… guaranteed not to get involved.

Zana is beautiful, classy, and is being closely watched by a secret department of MI6 codenamed DIAL. Yet after months of observation they are still no nearer to knowing what terrorist atrocity she is planning. Someone has to go undercover, gain her trust and discover the truth. They know just the person.


I work for MI6, off the books. My profession doesn't officially exist; I’m a mere shadow to those who wield the power. I nullify people for a living, and I’m perfectly suited to the work. I don’t possess a heart or a soul to get in the way.
When they offer me a job way outside my normal remit, and my comfort zone, at first I refuse the mission, but then make a life-changing U-turn and accept it. A decision I will come to question as my world and my emotions spin out of control. But it isn't until the final curtain begins to close and all hell breaks loose, that I finally see Zana’s true colours.
And discover the one certainty of life with a heart is that sooner or later it will get shattered into tiny pieces."