Jonny Quest Annual 1967

Jonny Quest Annual 1967

Written by Unknown

According to, this contains the following articles/stories:
THE SECRET OF PIRATE'S COVE: When Jonny, Dr. Quest, Race and Bandit take a vacation in Cornwall, England, they run afoul of enemy spies with a mind-controlling drug who plan to take over the world!
SURF RIDING: A one-pager about surfing.
BANDIT BOUNDS IN: When Jonny and Race are kidnapped, and Dr. Quest is threatened by a ruthless villain, it's up to Bandit to turn the tables on the bad guys.
THE ANCIENT AND MODERN ART OF SPYING: The story of two spies, one ancient and one modern.
THE GIANT 'EYE' ON SPACE: A brief article about the Mark I radio telescope at the University of Manchester Nuffield Radio Astronomy Labs in Cheshire, England.
THE ISLE OF CATS: When Jonny and Bandit spot a giant jaguar walking on its hind legs, no one believes first.
WOULD YOU MAKE A SPY?: A quiz to determine your spy potential.
CRATER CAPERS: Dr. Quest's trip to Italy to confer with a top-level scientist from Naples is not as top-secret as they had hoped, as unscrupulous elements plan to steal their latest nuclear power advance.
THE RUBY RAY: As the US Army plans to conduct a secret missile test launch, enemies conspire to destroy the missile.""