1951 - 2018

Writing as: David Bischoff

According to the short bio on Fantastic Fiction: "David Bischoff was born in 1951 in Washington D.C. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1973 and spent many years at NBC Washington. He published many novels, short stories and articles. As a teen, Bischoff was a great fan both of humorous stories of Keith Laumer, and the funny, erotic art of Vaughn Bode."

Series Books
Jonny Quest The Forbidden City of Luxor (1996)
  The Pirates of Cyber Island (1996)
  The Monsters From Beyond Time (1996)
  Evil Under The Ice (1996)
  Journey Into Q-Space (1996)
  Trouble On Planet Q (1996)
  The Lake Of Terror (1996)
  The War Of The Wizards (1996)