Writing as: Mel Odom

According to a bio on Amazon: "I write in a number of fields, but always with the hope of telling an interesting tale that will incite a reader to think for himself or herself, to examine his or her own place in the world, and offer a little nudge in the direction of dreams, faith, and personal growth in spite of whatever odds a person has to face. I also believe we were all put here for a purpose. Hopefully, several purposes. I'm a father, a little league coach, a teacher, a friend, and a writer. I struggle to keep that balance, as many of us do these days, but I hold tightly to the belief that I'm doing all I can be doing, and doing what I should be doing."

Series Books
Mack Bolan Siege (1990)
  Evil Kingdom (1991)
  Inferno (1994)
  Killpoint (1995)
  Dead Center (1996)
Xander Cage xXx (2002)
The Executioner War Born (1989)
  Death Wind (1989)
  Ice Wolf (1989)
  Devil Force (1990)
  Wild Card (1990)
  Night Hit (1991)
  Storm Warning (1992)
  Eye of the Storm (1992)
  Fast Strike (1993)
  Lethal Agent (1994)
  War Paint (1994)
  Select Fire (1995)
  Armed Force (1995)
  Blood Harvest (1996)
  Crimson Tide (1998)
  Nuclear Game (2003)
  Deadly Pursuit (2003)
  Final Play (2003)
Room 59 Black Widow (2009)
Stony Man Stony Man II (1991)
  Stony Man III (1991)
  Stony Man V (1992)
  Secret Arsenal (1994)
  Terms Of Survival (1996)
  Virtual Peril (1997)
  Law Of Last Resort (1998)
Other Shadow of Honor - with Tom Clancy [Net Force Explorers] [YA] (2000)
  Gameprey - with Tom Clancy [Net Force Explorers] [YA] (2000)
  High Wire - with Tom Clancy [Net Force Explorers] [YA] (2001)