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Writing as: Ron Renauld

In addition to penning numerous adventures of Mack Bolan, the Executioner, and his companion series, Stony Man, Mr. Renauld has written novelizations of several television shows or movies. He has also worked for a time as a television story editor.

Series Books
Able Team Cowboy's Revenge (1987)
  Clear Shot (1988)
  Strike Force (1988)
  Final Run (1988)
  Red Menace (1988)
  Cold Steel (1988)
  Blood Mark (1989)
  White Fire (1989)
  Dead Zone (1989)
Airwolf Airwolf (1984)
  Airwolf: Trouble From Within (1985)
Mack Bolan Firepower (1992)
  Rampage (1993)
  Sworn Enemies (2002)
  Strike And Retrieve (2003)
  Pressure Point (2004)
  Ballistic Force (2005)
  Blood Play (2010)
The Executioner Double Action (1992)
  Shifting Target (1994)
  Blood Dynasty (2006)
  Homeland Terror (2006)
  Loose Cannon (2009)
  Killing Ground (2010)
Stony Man Vector Three (2001)
  Roots Of Terror (2003)
  Rolling Thunder (2004)
  Hostile Dawn (2009)