Writing as: Andrew Cope

According to the bio in his first book, "Andrew Cope was born in Derby in 1966. He is a teacher and writer, and a huge fan of Derby County Football Club. He really does have a dog called Lara, who has one sticky-up ear and came from the RSPCA, but he’s not sure if she is actually a highly trained secret agent. Andrew lives with his wife and two children."

Series Books
Spy Cat Summer Shocker (2013)
  Blackout (2014)
  Safari (2015)
Spy Dog Spy Dog (2005)
  Spy Dog Captured! (2006)
  Spy Dog Unleashed! (2007)
  Spy Dog Superbrain (2008)
  Spy Dog Rocket Rider (2009)
  Spy Dog Secret Santa (2009)
  Spy Dog Teacher's Pet (2011)
  Spy Dog Rollercoaster! (2012)
  Spy Dog Brainwashed (2012)
  Spy Dog Mummy Madness (2014)
  Spy Dog Storm Chaser (2014)
  Spy Dog Gunpowder Plot (2016)
Spy Pups Treasure Quest (2009)
  Prison Break (2010)
  Circus Act (2010)
  Danger Island (2010)
  Survival Camp (2011)
  Training School (2012)