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Full Name: Lara
Codename: GM451
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Other - A Dog

Creator: Andrew Cope
Time Span: 2005 - 2016


Lara is an agent for the British Secret Service.

She had no last name, at least not at first, though later when she goes to live with the Cook family it would not be unreasonable to say her name was then Lara Cook. Neither would it be important to most people since Lara is a dog.

Here is where I tell you that the name Lara was selected as her name because her name tag says so - LARA. Of course, that tag does not mention that the name is really an acronym standing for Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal. In truth, she really "didn't have a name, just a reference number, GM451, given to her by the British government".

This outwardly cuddly mongrel was, in fact, a highly trained special agent, bred by the British Secret Service for use on dangerous missions throughout the world.

She came to be in a kennel looking for a home because in her previous mission, she had been captured by a bad guy and finally gotten free. Her training said "if separated from her handlers, she had to pretend to be a normal dog, allow herself to be captured by the RSPCA and secure herself a nice home with a family. She should simply melt into the background and wait for the Secret Service to track her down." 

That nice home, she decided, would be with the Cook family who become a major factor to the adventures of Lara since she quickly comes to love them - and they her - and protecting them becomes almost as important to her as whatever mission she is given or decides on her own to do. The Cooks consist of Mum and Dad and their three young children, Ben, Sophie, and Ollie.

Lara is a pretty remarkable spy dog. She can understand several languages besides Dog. English, of course. And Advanced Cat and Basic Dolphin are a couple more. She is an ace surfer and a champion juggler (really!). She can also play cricket.

And she goes after bad guys out to harm her country.


Number of Books:12
First Appearance:2005
Last Appearance:2016

These adventures designed for 6-9 year old kids are really novellas instead of books. Super fast reads for us folks a bit more than that age.

1 Spy Dog Spy Dog
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2005

"Her last mission went wrong and now she is being hunted down by an evil drugs baron, Mr. Big. Lara must go undercover as a normal dog, 'choose' a family to look after her and await her retrieval by the Secret Service. But can she keep her true identity a secret? Can she thwart the plans of Mr. Big? And can she bear to return to government service, after weeks of cosy domestic bliss?"
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2 Spy Dog Captured! Spy Dog Captured!
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2006

"Even in retirement, Lara's sharp spy instincts always give her a nose for mystery. There's more to the Cooks' holiday island than meets the eye, and it's down to Lara to sniff it out . . ."
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3 Spy Dog Unleashed! Spy Dog Unleashed!
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2007

"The dastardly Mr. Big has escaped from prison. Not only does he want to frame super Spy Dog Lara and land her in big trouble, he's got his evil eye on the Millennium Diamond. It's the world's most precious jewel and it's about to disappear."
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4 Spy Dog Superbrain Spy Dog Superbrain
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2008

"A gang of villainous head teachers are plotting to make their school the very best. They're creating a secret formula, and the final ingredient is the brain of a child. They'll stop at nothing (even BANNING playtime) to get what they want. Can anyone stop their dastardly plot? Canine super spy Lara sniffs out her most dangerous mission yet."
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5 Spy Dog Rocket Rider Spy Dog Rocket Rider
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2009

"On the trail of her long-lost dad, Lara discovers a team of rocket-building scientists - evil ones. Their leader is a nasty criminal who wants to cause trouble in space and only Lara can stop him!"
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6 Spy Dog Secret Santa Spy Dog Secret Santa
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2009

"This December LARA and her pups Spud and Star are hot on the trail of an evil computer hacker. Stanley Strange plans to hijack Christmas! Can the super spies catch Stanley before he goes crackers and makes an explosive getaway?"
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7 Spy Dog Teacher's Pet Spy Dog Teacher's Pet
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2011

"Sophie's new teacher is having some bad luck -- first her house is broken into, and then the school! But this is a robbery with a difference -- the thieves don't steal anything!"
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8 Spy Dog Rollercoaster! Spy Dog Rollercoaster!
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2012

"When Ben wins a competition to name a new rollercoaster, the Cook family head off to Enchanted Towers for the grand opening. But a pick-pocket is on the loose and Lara is determined to catch the thief before the grand opening."
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9 Spy Dog Brainwashed Spy Dog Brainwashed
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2012

"Lara decides to go to a new gym with Mr and Mrs Cook - she has a bit of a pooch paunch to shift. But she makes a shocking discovery!
Harriet Hawk, the evil gym owner, is brainwashing everyone into becoming an army of criminals, robbing banks and raiding jewelers all over the country. But there's an even more dastardly masterplan afoot - to use the hypnotized grownups to kidnap the country's school children!"
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10 Spy Dog Mummy Madness Spy Dog Mummy Madness
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2014

"National security is under threat! The evil Mr Big has escaped from prison AGAIN and he's on a mission to steal Egypt's most valuable treasure, The Nile Ruby. The Prime Minister knows only one agent can stop this evil criminal mastermind - SPY DOG!"
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11 Spy Dog Storm Chaser Spy Dog Storm Chaser
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2014

"It's raining chickens!
An unusual storm cloud has been hovering over Brickfield town and LARA knows that something isn't quite right about it - it smells, sort of . . . chickeny. The people of Brickfield are becoming strangely grumpy so LARA, Spy Dog extraordinaire, must investigate. If the town doesn't see sunshine soon the consequences could be dogastrophic!"
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12 Spy Dog Gunpowder Plot Spy Dog Gunpowder Plot
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2016

"Mr. Big is on the loose. He's planning a final crime that will make him the most famous criminal alive: blowing up every prison in the country! Lara and her spy team have their noses to the ground and know something evil is coming. Lara follows the clues to London and Big Ben's clock tower, where the explosives are set."
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These terrific, super-fast reads are meant for kids to read for themselves or, if a tad younger, read to them. There is not a lot too them because kids have a very short attention span and besides, these adventures are super quick ones so why linger? And there are a bunch of them so picking a new one every few days is a cool way to let very young kids see the joys of reading - especially spy-fi stories.

And who doesn't like a good book about a lovable dog! They are cute, adorable, fun to watch, and, since these are fictional ones on paper (digital or otherwise), they are hypoallergenic.


My Grade: C+


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