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Full Name: Star and Spud
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andrew Cope
Time Span: 2009 - 2012


Star and Spud are agents for the British Secret Service.

Well, I am not really sure if they actually are acknowledged by that organization. Certainly their mom, Lara, was for several years as she was without a doubt the best spy dog that department had ever had. Lara was really LARA, "Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal", codename GM451. When she had to go undercover for her protection, she choose the Cook family (Mum, Dad, Ben, Sophie, and Ollie). Safely hidden, she was still able to handle a few missions for the government, including a few go-rounds with the very nasty and dangerous Mr. Big.

After a time, she met and became close to a handsome pedigreed dog (she was more of a mongrel herself) and they produced a wonderful litter of pups. There were 7 altogether - or 8, it is a bit uncertain. All but two were given to good homes. Two, the aforementioned Star and Spud, remain with Lara and the Cooks and get mostly the same spy training that Lara had years before.

Star is female. Spud is male. Their exact breed of dog is kind of up in the air considering Mom's heritage but since Mom does not care, why should they - or us, really!

Both are young, impetuous, nosey, and frisky. Both love the training they get from Mom (though not necessarily the discipline) and both adore the action that both will find just about everywhere they go - find or create as the case may be.

Just as their mother was an enhanced canine, so are they having inherited a lot from her. That gives them a nice assortment of unusual skills (unusual for a dog) and they will find these talents invaluable when they go into action saving the country, and the Cooks.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2009
Last Appearance:2012

       This set of half-dozen adventures designed for 6-11 year old readers is a continuation of the Spy Dog tales of secret agent Lara, who had a litter of pups part way through her adventures. Two of them remained by her side and became agents on their own. These are those stories.

1 Treasure Quest Treasure Quest
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2009

"Our favourite canine secret agent Lara has two brand-new puppies! And they're ready for an adventure at Aunt Aggie's smuggler's cottage, with its creaky floorboards and dark hidden tunnels . . . Especially when there's an ancient castle nearby with a legend of hidden gold. Soon the Spy Pups are sniffing out an underground adventure – can they reach the treasure in time?"
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2 Prison Break Prison Break
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2010

"Spud and Star are on a daredevil rescue mission to save Lara from the evil Mr Big! He's been in prison plotting his revenge and unless the pups can outwit him, Lara is in deadly danger."
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3 Circus Act Circus Act
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2010

"Every time the circus is in town, sparkling jewels worth millions of pounds go missing! The Spy Pups must embark on an exciting new adventure -- join the circus and catch the robbers!"
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4 Danger Island Danger Island
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2010

"Beaches up and down Britain are in terrible danger. A greedy trickster is polluting the seas -- soon there'll be nowhere safe to swim. But when Spud discovers a mysterious underground secret, only he and Star can save the day -- and the seaside!"
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5 Survival Camp Survival Camp
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2011

"The training never stops, even where you're a qualified Spy Pup! Spud and Star are off to an outdoor survival camp where it's all hard work and no play . . . But there's something fishy going on in the lake that needs further investigating. Can the pups learn their new skills in time to sniff out another adventure?"
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6 Training School Training School
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2012

"Spud and Star can't wait. They're in New York training with the FBI - America's very best spies! But a rogue secret agent has spotted the pups' amazing skills. And unless Spud and Star carry out a dastardly crime for evil Agent Brad Onkers, he'll make sure they never see their mum Lara ever again!"
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Much as I said about the parent (literal and figurative) of this series, Spy Dog, the same goes for this one. It is silly and cute and meant for young kids to read themselves or have read to them.

Star and Spud make great pets to read about. I think I would grow very tired very early if they were really living in my house. Thankfully, I can do my reading about them - super, super fast to read - and then leave them at the Cook residence. No fuss, no muss.

If I had another grandchild, I would be thrilled to sit and read these stories to him or her and hopefully get them interested in reading themselves.


My Grade: C+


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