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Full Name: Shakespeare
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andrew Cope
Time Span: 2013 - 2015


Shakespeare is an agent with the British Secret Service.

Not the playwright, of course. The cat. Well, a cat but definitely a special cat.

We are told of this young, frisky little feline that "Shakespeare was a loner. He only looked out for number one now." Which, to me being a cat owner for many, many years, is like stating the obvious. Of course cats look out for number one. Now and always. They're cats! It's like saying fish swim.

What makes Shakespeare so special to us is that he has the fortuity to live in the same household as Lara. If he didn't we would not know about him and this page in the compendium would not exist. But he does and Lara does and so on occasion, when Lara and her brood are called away from their assigned posts of watching over the Cook family, Shakespeare finds himself pushed into service.

So to understand Shakespeare we have to understand Lara, the dog in the same household. Lara is really LARA, which stands for 'Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal' and she is "a highly trained special agent, bred by the British Secret Service for use on dangerous missions throughout the world". When we meet her, she had found herself captured and thrown into a kennel and there her training taught her to act like any other dog and get adopted so she chose the Cook family and how uses that home as her base. Her and her subsequent offspring.

But they are all really British agents who get called away for training or briefings or whatever dog agents do when they are not at home. And since trouble does not go away just because Lara and company do, well, Shakespeare is there to take on the job!


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2015

1 Summer Shocker Summer Shocker
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2013

"There's a new secret agent in town. And this one has whiskers. Shakespeare, the ginger tabby, otherwise known as Agent 009, never officially signed up to protect the Cook children but in the world famous Spy Dog's absence, he was most definitely the best pet for the job. Shakespeare has some very big (and furry) boots to fill. And with a dangerous criminal on the loose near by to where the Cooks are camping, he may need all nine lives to do it!"
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2 Blackout Blackout
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2014

"Shakespeare, the Spy Cat, is standing in for Lara and her Spy Pups once again. This time evil oldies are intent on destroying the internet and returning Britain to 'the good old days' where life was slower and young people respected their elders."
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3 Safari Safari
Written by Andrew Cope
Copyright: 2015

"When talented and special animals start going missing across Britain, the Cook family know it's another job for their resident spy pets. Lara might be sure that the dogs can handle the case alone, but not everything goes according to the Spy Pups' plan."
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This series of three feline adventures is really part of the author's overarching 'Spy Pets' series but since the idea of mixing cats and dogs seems highly dangerous (despite my late greatly missed dog Hope having got on fabulously with my still with us and much loved cat Faith) well, I make them separate entries in this compendium.

These are silly, silly nonsense adventures made for little kids and if I had these books back when my three were of the proper age, I would gladly have given these books to them to spur their reading. After I checked them out myself, of course, because I was a good dad!


My Grade: C+


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