Writing as: Bradley Wright

According to the bio on his website: "I was born and raised in Kentucky. Unlike the stereotype, I do enjoy wearing shoes, but not surprisingly the rest is a cliché. I LOVE Bourbon, race horses and gorgeous rolling hills of bluegrass (especially in the fall). I spent my childhood playing sports (like most KY boys) and writing songs, poems and stories (unlike most KY boys). My imagination was always appreciated by my wonderful friends and family, especially when I started to hone my skills of doing impressions. There wasn't a Jim Carrey movie or an Eddie Murphy character that I didn't spend hours perfecting the character's voices.

In high school I found I was pretty damn good at hitting home-runs so I went on to play for Marshall University. Good thing I got a baseball scholarship too, because I was so bad at math my Dad was afraid no college would have me. I was all right until they started adding letters to the math equations. After that... I. Was. Out.

After college I got into the restaurant business and that worked out well enough to pay my bills now as I chase my real dreams––playing make-believe."

Series Books
Xander King Whiskey & Roses (2013)
  Vanquish (2016)
  King's Ransom (2017)
  Vendetta (ss) (2017)
  King's Reign (2018)
  Scourge (2018)