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Full Name: Tom Walker
Nationality: American
Organization: Unnamed Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Bradley Wright
Time Span: 2023 - 2023


Tom Walker is an agent with Maxwell Solutions.

That private corporation is a quasi-official intelligence organization, read here 'security consultant', which takes on missions for the American government that are too sensitive to ever be on the record of any official department. There are always problems to be handled, bad guys to be eliminated, but the doing so would jeopardize severely the career, if not the freedom, of any found involved should things so sideways.

The company is run by Karen Maxwell, daughter of the late founder. while it could easily be said that the operations of the organization had been done with the utmost of patriotic intents back when the elder had run the show, it is no longer a statement of fact. Karen Maxwell had found over the last few years of her running the show that there was considerably more money to be earned by making her firm's talents be used by people with selfish motives. Maxwell Solutions still does considerable amount of work for the government but it definitely had its lucrative side jobs.

One of those operatives working for Maxwell is Tom Walker, a man likely in his late thirties or early forties. He has been with the organization for more than two decades, handling an impressive number of difficult assignments and in the process eliminating a good number of bad people.

He would have still been the best agent in the company had it not been for a mission he was on with another operative taking down a target. Both were seen by an innocent, a pregnant woman in the wrong place. The other agent knew protocol meant no witnesses but her death was not something Walker could justify.

Now he is on the run from a very powerful and determined employer, set on his death because he was no longer in the fold and he knew where many bodies were buried, literally. He was a perceived threat that had to be dealt with.

Walker's origins are quite interesting. An orphan in the foster system all his childhood and having his share of bad temp parents, Walker was living with a couple at the age of 15 when he got fed up with the constant abuse the drunken foster father heaped on him, his foster siblings, and his foster mother. Walker's standing up to the man resulted in that man's bloody death and young Walker in custody for murder.

That is when a representative from Maxwell Solutions came to visit and made him an offer. Train and then work for it and the problem would be made to go away. It is the training that is of particular interest: "He was constantly in training, sometimes up to fifteen hours a day. Though there was no way Walker could have known it were true, the men bringing hell on his fifteen-year-old body told him his training outdid even a Navy Seal regimen. And that went on for three relentless years-the toughest three years of Walker's life-and he'd seen some doozies."

This is the sort of man that Karen Maxwell decided to make an enemy.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2023
Last Appearance:2023

1 Killer Instinct Killer Instinct
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2023

"Tom Walker arrives in his hometown and in less than an hour, the clandestine government program he works for tries to kill him. Not much of a welcome. 
To make matters worse, the farm where he seeks refuge has––unbeknownst to the owner, Leila––an underground drug ring operating on her property. But despite this newfound danger, Leila risks her own life just to nurse Walker back to health. Then she is taken . . . Injured, disoriented, and alone, with his own violent past seeking its revenge, Walker refuses to leave without saving the woman who saved him. Even if it means neither of them make it out alive. "
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2 Holy Water Holy Water
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2023

"The police haven't had any luck finding twelve-year-old Amy Turnberry in the small lake town of Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. Walker, being the stranger, is an easy target for suspicion. What they don't understand is that he's also their only chance against what is coming. When Walker decides he has no choice but to help, not even his long career of hunting bad guys can prepare him for the evil working in the shadows. What at first seems like a small-time kidnapping, quickly evolves into a sinister crime ring, whose motives reach beyond the physical realm."
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3 Blind Pass Blind Pass
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2023

"There's trouble on the Gulf Coast of St. Pete Beach, Florida. Tom Walker may be new to the area, but he's no stranger to bad people and the sinister things they do."
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Wow, did I enjoy the heck out of this series!

I foolishly started with the second book (something I seldom do) and I loved it. Could not put it down! And there were enough mentions of things happening in the first book that I knew I absolutely had to read it. When I did, I was captivated. Not only was the action terrific and the plot quite interesting, the characters really made the story worthwhile. And the twist at the end ... never saw it coming, ever.

I do feel it necessary to point out my one and only complaint about this exciting two-book (hopefully more to come) series and that is it is a bit wordy. The characters tend to talk way way too long rehashing things - and that sort of complaint coming from me is, well, petty. Still... I would suggest cutting back on the "yeah, but what I'm saying is ..."

But the author should not cut back on anything else because I am now a big Tom Walker fan.


My Grade: B+


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