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Full Name: Xander King
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: Bradley Wright
Time Span: 2013 - 2022


Xander King is a freelance agent.

Sort of. He works for himself, on missions he feels he should go on, when he feels the time is right to go on them. No one can really dictate what he does. In that regard, he is a freelancer because he is independent. The iffy part is whether is it proper to regard him as an agent as opposed to an adventurer. I opted for the former but the matter is open to debate.

To the world, according to one description, Xander, short for Alexander, is "a handsome, charismatic, and successful young businessman who was able to rise above a violent tragedy in his past". That tragedy was the murder of his parents more than a decade before. The public knew, as much as they ever could know, that he had inherited control of his father's oil business and was now, along with his younger sister, extremely wealthy. It was also known that he enjoyed a very pleasant life style living in a gorgeous Kentucky mansion on his thousand-acre horse farm, being involved in numerous charities as well as owning a championship race horse that he doted on.

Not a bad life all said.

The CIA, and other intelligence agencies around the world, know a totally different Xander King. This one was a man determined to get justice for his parents so rather than go to work at the oil company, he chose to sell it and to acquire fighting skills and hone them by joining the military. The Navy, to be exact. And then to become one of the elite SEALs. The combat skills learned there were exactly what he wanted and he soaked in everything they had to teach.

After his time with the SEALs came to an end, he started his real occupation - seeking out who had murdered his parents to make them pay. And in the meantime, he found a fair number of other extreme low-life's who had done horrific things and managed to elude justice. King brought it to them as judge and jury and executioner all in one.

Along the way, King had come across Samantha Harrison, an MI6 operative he became friends with and when she grew tired of the bureaucracy of her organization, she left it to become King's partner in whatever you might choose to call what they do.

The CIA learned about this activity and instead of feeling it necessary to stop him, the Director opted to do whatever it took to get such a splendid killing machine on his staff.

The thing about being a fierce warrior with seemingly unlimited resources is that no one can really make you do something you do not want. You can, and the CIA learns, ask nicely and hope for the best.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2022

Initially the adventures were listed as the Xander King series and there were five of them released. Then two years later, another set of adventures came out with the character's name changed to its full 'Alexander' and those five earlier tales were repackages as 'Alexander King Prequel' adventures.

I have made designations as such.

1 Whiskey & Roses Whiskey & Roses
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2013

Book 1 in the Alexander King Prequel series.
Attacking the home of Xander King is a great way of getting his attention and his anger so if you do it, get the job done. They didn't and now King is after them with all his resources and his skills.
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2 Vanquish Vanquish
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2016

Book 2 in the Alexander King Prequel series.
The time on his yacht off the Virgin Islands was supposed to be recovery time but then Xander King is attacked and put into the hospital and he knows that whoever came after him is still out there and still wanting him dead. Then there is the CIA who will help him find the ones behind the attack but for a price.
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3 King's Ransom King's Ransom
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2017

Book 3 in the Alexander King Prequel series.
At first the attack that killed his racehorse and almost killed him and ended with his girlfriend being kidnapped looked like another strike at Xander King but as he goes into action to free her and get revenge, King learns it was just the first blow in a major strike against America.
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4 King's Reign King's Reign
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2018

Book 4 in the Alexander King Prequel series.
Seven young girls from America have been kidnapped south of the border and their journey into slavery has started. Xander King is determined that it will stop but when those providing the intel have been compromised, the odds look very bad.
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5 Scourge Scourge
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2018

Book 5 in the Alexander King Prequel series.
How does one fight an enemy so tiny as to be almost impossible to see but which can kill so easily? That is what Xander King and his friends are up against as one very inventive scientist has created nano-weapons that an angry pair of wealthy Greeks are using to attack America.
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6 The Secret Weapon The Secret Weapon
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2020

Book 2 in the Alexander King series.
A year ago, Alexander King decided that those he loved were in danger because of a blown covert mission and the best way to protect them was to 'die'. Now he has come out again when he saves the life of a young woman from a car bomb in London but he will soon find that the target was not as she seemed.
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7 Cold War Cold War
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2020

Book 3 in the Alexander King series.
One week ago, the entire population of a small Alaskan fell ill. Now all are dead, the suspected victims of a bioweapon. The President decides to send in Alexander King to check things out, not because he is an expert with such weapons but because he is an expert at fighting bad people.
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8 Most Wanted Most Wanted
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2021

Book 3 in the Alexander King series.
While on a secret mission in Mexico City, Alexander King is surprised by what he finds in the trunk of his car. What he discovers there will change his life forever.
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9 Power Move Power Move
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2021

Book 4 in the Alexander King series.

"Alexander King has moved his team out on its own, and the first order of business will be to deal with a secret from one of its member's past. A past that Sam Harrison thought had long been buried. Clues are hidden in locations only Sam and one other person know about, and they lead King and the team into the most deadly mission of their storied career."
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10 Enemy Lines Enemy Lines
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2022

Book 5 in the Alexander King series.

"Alexander King and his team were sent to Haiti by the president of the United States as a favor, to keep the Haitian president, Samuel Desir, safe in the midst of a volatile political climate. After refusing their services without reason, not only was Desir kidnapped, but King and his team were framed for the job."
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11 Smoke Screen Smoke Screen
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2022

Book 6 in the Alexander King series.

"Alexander King is taking a break, spending time with Natalie, and finally living life like a civilian. The problem for him is that the bad guys never take a day off. 
An enemy from King's past has been watching him, and his family. Everything they are doing is to throw this special operator off his game. And it's working. 
While they shroud King and his team in a smoke screen, their very real, and sinister plot threatens thousands of American lives. If King and his team don't see through the misdirection, a lot of people are going to die."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Vendetta Vendetta
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2017

The homicidal gang leader broke out of prison, killing several guards. Then he kidnapped the prosecutor who put him away and did so while she was on the phone with Xander King asking for his help re-catching the killer and his mob. King had not wanted to leave his Christmas Eve festivities but he knew he had no choice.
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At first glance at a synopsis of Xander King you get a young, very rich man traumatized by the murder of his parents and determined to train himself to become the ultimate in vigilante justice advocate. If that sounds like Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, you would be right. You would also be correct if you picked King. A lot of similarity in the genesis.

Quite a bit difference in the execution, though. The former dons a spiffy costume to mask his identity. The latter does not and just tries to keep from being noticed. And King is a whole lot more social than the typical portrayal of Batman.

Both have some pretty cool toys, though, and while Batman has Alfred to back him up, King has Sam Harrison and she is not only a fine warrior in her own right, she is a darn sight prettier than Alfred.

That being said, the Xander King tales are exciting and fun and fast to read. They are a bit much over the top with how great King is but it is easy to look past that and just enjoy the stories.

I sure enjoyed them and I hope there will be more to come.


My Grade: B+


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