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Full Name: Nick Campos
Series Name: Saint Nick
Codename: Santa Claus
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Part-Time Agent

Creator: Bradley Wright
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


Nick Campos is a part-time agent for the CIA.

Well, he is affliated with the Agency, if unofficially, because of who he really is. We will get more on than in a minute.

Nick Campos is a former U.S. Army Ranger who, at age 40, was nearing the time to get out and it was bothering him because he had no idea what he might do - other than the cliche of buying a run-down bar and drinking himself to death or boring other people that way with his war stories - and he has a bunch. His career in the Rangers is looking downward as he is getting into more and more trouble with really penny-ante things like smuggling illegal cigars - all just to fight the boredom and worry about the futre.

There is one thing that will happen to definitely change his outlike, though:

He becomes Santa Claus.

Wow, talk about burying the lead! Yep, Nick Campos, hard drinkin', hard fightin', hard lovin' Nick Campos. He was outside his tent encampment in the desert of Iraq on Christmas Eve of 2018 taking a stroll - okay, he had just relieved himself - when he hears over a dune a moan, actually several of them. And animal snorts. He cannot stop his curiosity so he investigates and finds ... a sleigh. And some reindeer (in Iraq?). And an old fat man in a red suit. Said chubby fellow with the awesome white beard was dying of a heartattack and told Campos he was passing his powers onto him. And then the old fat man passed away and the sleigh took off, with Campos on it, and that is how Campos became Saint Nick.

Jump ahead one year and Campos is back active, having come to L.A. and locating and capturing three of the FBI's most wanted and pinpointing a fourth. That got him noticed. And then the CIA came calling, already having met the new Santa as the new Santa had intended.

The new Santa wants to use his new-found abilities for something more than just delivering presents or coal. When you have the incredible ability to know who had been naughty or nice - and when and where such activities took place - that makes you pretty useful to a lot of various organizations. When a person can do that for anyone - including high-level terrorists - one organization particularly intrigued is the CIA.

This is how Nick Campos, aka the new Santa Claus, joins with the Agency and some of his own friends and colleagues - did I mention Jack, the head Elf at the North Pole - to go find some really bad bad guys.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

1 Saint Nick Saint Nick
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2019

This Christmas, Santa Claus is coming to town and he is after a terrorist. This man killed Nick Campos' good friend years before and now that Nick has the power of Santa Claus, he is going to go after that guy, with the CIA's blessing.
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2 Saint Nick 2 Saint Nick 2
Written by Bradley Wright
Copyright: 2020

"The national media has been covering the rise of human trafficking ad nauseum, yet no significant improvements in the situation have been made. Nick plans on changing that, because he figures there is no more fitting a role for Santa than to help the children. While he delivers freedom for all the unfortunate boys and girls, he's got something a little stronger in mind than coal for the perpetrators' stockings."
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When I read the concept for this series, I grinned. A huge grin. I am an absolute sucker for the bizarre and a gun-totin' butt-kickin' Santa who is also a trained terrorist-hunting Army Ranger?

No need to suspend disbelief here, my friends. I'm buying into it totally with gusto. I mean, if you can still believe in Santa, why not give him a semi-automatic and step out of the way?

I became a fan of author Bradley Wright with his Xander King series of spy adventures not to mention a couple of non-spy books. I have recently read the first of his Tom Walker adventures and loved it. So anything by Mr. Wright will get a look-see (and likely a buy). Even if it is about Santa Claus.


My Grade: B+


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