1988 - 1954

Writing as: Sydney Horler

Sydney Horler was a very prolific British writer of thrillers, especially spy adventures. He was born in Essex and educated at Redcliffe School and Colston School in Bristol. He worked as a journalist for several years at different locations, ending up in London, before deciding to write books for a living.

Series Books
Harker Bellamy The Curse Of Doone (1928)
  Tiger Standish (1932)
  My Lady Dangerous (1932)
  Tiger Standish Comes Back (1934)
  The Mystery of the Seven Cafes (1935)
  The Grim Game (1936)
  Tiger Standish Takes The Field (1939)
  Tiger Standish Steps On It (1940)
  The Lady With The Limp (1944)
  Exit The Disguiser (1948)
Brett Carstairs The Man Who Walked With Death (1931)
  The Spy (1931)
Bunny Chipstead In The Dark (1927)
  Chipstead Of The Lone Hand (1928)
  The Secret Agent (1934)
  The Enemy Within The Gates (1940)
Brian Fordinghame The Prince Of Plunder (1913)
  False-Face (1926)
  The Murder Mask (1930)
  High Stakes (1932)
Justin March Enter The Ace (1941)
  Hell's Brew (1952)
  The Dark Night (1953)
Tiger Standish Tiger Standish (1932)
  Tiger Standish Comes Back (1934)
  The Mystery of the Seven Cafes (1935)
  The Grim Game (1936)
  Tiger Standish Takes The Field (1939)
  Tiger Standish Steps On It (1940)
  Tiger Standish On The War-Path (ss) (1941)
  The Laughing Tornado Gets A Split Lip (ss) (1941)
  Tiger Standish Does His Stuff (1942)
  Tiger Standish Has A Party (ss) (1943)
  The Lady With The Limp (1944)
  Exit The Disguiser (1948)
  They Thought He Was Dead (1949)
  The House Of Jackals (1951)
Baron Veseloffsky False-Face (1926)
  Miss Mystery (1928)
Paul Vivanti The Mystery of No. 1 (1925)
  Vivanti (1927)
  The Worst Man in the World (1929)
  Vivanti Returns (1931)
  Lord Of Terror (1935)
  Virus X (1945)
Other Standish of the Rangeland (1916)
  The Breed of the Beverleys (1920)
  Goal! (1920)
  The Legend of the League (1922)
  Love, the Sportsman (1923)
  McPhee aka The Great Game (1923)
  The Ball of Fortune (1925)
  School! School! (1925)
  The House of Secrets (1926)
  The Man Who Saved the Club (1926)
  On the Ball! (1926)
  The Black Heart (1927)
  That Fellow Hagan! (1927)
  The 13th Hour (1928)
  Heart Cut Diamond (1929)
  Lady Of The Night (1929)
  Checkmate (1930)
  Danger's Bright Eyes (1930)
  The Evil Chateau (1930)
  The Exploits of Peter (1930)
  A Pro's Romance (1930)
  Adventure Calling! (1931)
  Cavalier Of Chance aka Peril! (1931)
  The False Purple aka Princess After Dark (1931)
  Midnight Love (1931)
  The Temptation of Mary Gordon (1931)
  Wolves of the Night (1931)
  Gentleman-in-waiting (1932)
  Horror's Head [Inspector H. Emp] (1932)
  The Formula aka The Charlatan (1933)
  Harlequin of Death (1933)
  Huntress Of Death (1933)
  The Man Who Shook The Earth (1933)
  The Menace (1933)
  The Man From Scotland Yard (1934)
  S.O.S (1934)
  Song of the Scrum (1934)
  The Vampire (1935)
  The Lessing Murder Case (1935)
  The Traitor (1936)
  Death At Court Lady (1936)
  The Hidden Hand (1937)
  Instruments of Darkness (1937)
  They Called Him Nighthawk [Gerald Frost (Nighthawk)] (1937)
  Dark Journey (1938)
  A Gentleman for the Gallows (1938)
  Knaves & Co (1938)
  The Evil Messenger [Sebastian Quin] (1938)
  The Phantom Forward (1939)
  Terror On Tip-toe (1939)
  Here Is an S.O.S [Chief Constable George Meatyard] (1939)
  Girl Trouble (1940)
  Haloes for Hire (1940)
  The Return of The Nighthawk [Gerald Frost (Nighthawk)] (1940)
  Dr. Cupid (1941)
  The Man Who Died Twice (1941)
  The Man Who Stayed To Supper (1941)
  Nighthawk Strikes To Kill [Gerald Frost (Nighthawk)] (1941)
  Danger Preferred (1942)
  The Man in White (1942)
  The Night of Reckoning (1942)
  Now Let Us Hate (1942)
  Fear Walked Behind [Sebastian Quin] (1942)
  High Hazard (1943)
  The Hostage (1943)
  The Man Who Mislaid the War (1943)
  The Man Who Preferred Cocktails (1943)
  Murder Is So Simple (1943)
  Springtime Comes to William (1943)
  The Man with Dry Hands (1944)
  Sinister Street (1944)
  Nighthawk Mops Up [Gerald Frost (Nighthawk)] (1944)
  A Bullet for the Countess (1945)
  Marry the Girl (1945)
  Murder for Sale (1945)
  Terror Comes to Twelvetrees (1945)
  High Pressure (1946)
  Oh, Professor! (1946)
  The Corridors of Fear (1947)
  The House of the Uneasy Dead (1947)
  The Man with Three Wives (1947)
  Ring Up Nighthawk [Gerald Frost (Nighthawk)] (1947)
  The House With The Light (1948)
  Man Alive (1948)
  The Man Who Did Not Hang (1948)
  The Man Who Loved Spiders [Chief Constable George Meatyard] (1948)
  The Beacon Light (1949)
  A Man of Affairs (1949)
  Whilst the Crowd Roared (1949)
  Master Of Venom [Inspector H. Emp] (1949)
  The Blanco Case (1950)
  The High Game (1950)
  Nap On Nighthawk (1950)
  Wedding Bells (1950)
  The Devil Comes to Bolobyn (1951)
  The Man of Evil (1951)
  The Mystery of Mr X (1951)
  These Men and Women (1951)
  The Web (1951)
  The Man in the Cloak [Robert Wynnton] (1951)
  The Face Of Stone (1952)
  The Mocking Face of Murder (1952)
  Murderer At Large [Inspector H. Emp] (1952)
  The Man Who Used Perfume [Robert Wynnton] (1952)
  The Cage (1953)
  Death of a Spy (1953)
  The Secret Hand (1954)
  The Dark Hostess (1955)
  The Man in the Hood (1955)
  The Man in the Shadows (1955)
  Nighthawk Swears Vengeance [Gerald Frost (Nighthawk)] (1 (4))