1988 - 1954

Writing as: Sydney Horler

Sydney Horler was a very prolific British writer of thrillers, especially spy adventures. He was born in Essex and educated at Redcliffe School and Colston School in Bristol. He worked as a journalist for several years at different locations, ending up in London, before deciding to write books for a living.

Series Books
Tiger Standish Tiger Standish (1932)
  Tiger Standish Comes Back (1934)
  The Mystery of the Seven Caf├ęs (1935)
  The Grim Game (1936)
  Tiger Standish Takes The Field (1939)
  Tiger Standish Steps On It (1940)
  Tiger Standish On The War-Path (ss) (1941)
  The Laughing Tornado Gets A Split Lip (ss) (1941)
  Tiger Standish Does His Stuff (1942)
  Tiger Standish Has A Party (ss) (1943)
  The Lady With The Limp (1944)
  Exit The Disguiser (1948)
  They Thought He Was Dead (1949)
  The House Of Jackals (1951)