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Full Name: Brett Carstairs
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Sydney Horler
Time Span: 1931 - 1931


Brett Carstairs is an agent with British Intelligence.

According to Jess Nevins' awesome The Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes, the Online Edition, he is "a handsome member of the British upper classes who lounges around Monte Carlo and similar places playing sports, enjoying himself, and pretending to be 'woman-proof'. However, that is a ruse. He's actually a very active member of the 'Secret Corps working on behalf of his country's Intelligence Department', carrying out counterintelligence missions against the Soviets.

He is also, in the first recorded adventure, very much in love with a lovely young woman who is the step-daughter of a prominent British government official. Carstairs' problem in this case is not only might the step-father actually be betraying his country to a seductive Russian woman, the step-daughter and love interest of Carstairs might also be carrying on with people from the Soviet Union. Young Carstairs is then placed in a horrible position of having to possibly get the woman of his affections locked up for treason!


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1931
Last Appearance:1931

1 The Man Who Walked With Death The Man Who Walked With Death
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1931

"Information about the secret Anglo-German treaty was reaching Russia through some inexplicable leak in the British Foreign Office. And on the Riviera, Sir Ronald Milbank, the distinguished Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, was seen everywhere with the notoriously beautiful Valerianova Jurovsky, while his lovely step-daughter showed a marked preference for the company of Russian noblemen. So young Brett Carstairs had to follow the movement not only of Soviet spies but of British statemen, follow them from the Casino at Cannes to Vigo's exclusive den in London, block their ruthless schemes and try to find out if the girl he loved was betraying her country."

2 The Spy The Spy
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1931

[plot unknown]




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