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Full Name: Baron Veseloffsky
Nationality: Russian
Organization: Russian Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Sydney Horler
Time Span: 1926 - 1928


Baron Veseloffsky is an agent for Soviet Intelligence.

Veseloffsky is a former privileged landowner and aristocrat who lost his positions and his authority when the Bolshevists took control of Russia just shy of a decade before. Rather than suffer the firing squad or the deprivation of exile, Veseloffsky embraced the new cause, at least far enough to satisfy the nascent leadership. And when they discovered just how resourceful and diabolically successful he could be at clandestine work, what he lost in the power shift he recovered in stature in the cloak and dagger world.

Veseloffsky is a villain, at least to those who have to deal with him, and is considered by most to be totally unscrupulous though he does maintain his own set of codes. While he is thought by many to be a "traitor to his class", it looks like Veseloffsky had truly found his niche because he is extremely clever in his scheming and enchantingly glib with his speech. It is said that he walked with "the air of a world cosmopolitan" which is proven by the fact that he is comfortable and at ease no matter where in the world his duties take him.

He is also quite ruthless and will let nothing stand in his way, using extortion, blackmail, kidnapping and even murder be tools of his trade. Now, if you were a part of Soviet State Security, such as working for NKVD, having someone like Veseloffsky is just the sort of thing you would wish for. Except for his own code, he really does not let annoying things like qualms interfere with getting the job done.

Not to mention, everyone he comes into contact with is a tool to be used and he knows how to use tools.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1926
Last Appearance:1928

1 False-Face False-Face
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1926

Sir Brian Fordinghame is the agent in charge when British authorities are asked to "safeguard the safety" of a visiting American genius inventor who has something exciting to show; something that the Russians, led by their ace operative Baron Veseloffsky, is determined to get.

2 Miss Mystery Miss Mystery
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1928

The evil and very dangerous Baron Veseloffsky of Russian Intelligence is back in action and determined to totally disrupt a Peace Conference and by doing so possibly bring down the British government. British citizen Diana Fordwych takes it upon herself to try and stop him but is soon aided by Philip Hunter of the American Diplomatic Service. The target for both sides is a set of vital and classified papers regarding the Balkan nation of Tralsvania.


There are several good reasons why the author, Sydney Horler, is considered a hack writer, both back then when he was nevertheless very popular with the average reader and now when the few people who actually remember him and have read him talk about his oeuvre. 

I could list some of them but it would be better if you just took a few hours and read some of his huge output yourself to see.

This is a good one for seeing his "charm". Veseloffsky has one or two good points but otherwise, being the enemy, is a monster to be feared and hunted and never, ever trusted. And those doing the hunting are noble and righteous and deserving of adoration. Oh, if only!


My Grade: C


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