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Full Name: Harker Bellamy
Nationality: British
Organization: Q. 1
Occupation Spymaster

Creator: Sydney Horler
Time Span: 1928 - 1948


Harker Bellamy is a British spymaster.

Officially I should have referred to him as Sir Harker since the man has earned himself a knighthood, likely though not necessarily stated in the pages of his recorded adventures for his impressive career as an operative in and later leader in the British intelligence community. Bellamy holds the position of C.M.G., officially a Companion in the Order of St. Michael and St. George. He also has earned the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) which is another noteworthy accomplishment to be stated on official documents.

The first couple of adventures that exist for this man do not specifically state what department he runs, his position usually just stated as being a Secret Service Chief. Once the story moves to the viewpoint of his best agent, Tiger Standish, we learn that it is identified as Q.1 though what that stands for escapes me. We have no record of his actual field experience. When we meet him for the first time he has already been in charge of his division for some time and will remain so for a good deal longer.

Bellamy has the unfortunate nickname of "the Mole" due in large part to his penchant for remaining secluded, buried in the bowels of his headquarters. It also very much fits in many regards his physical appearance. Obviously the term is not used to his face. If it were, there is no doubt that he would just deal with the offender with just a bit more of the perpetually gruff mannerisms that he faces everyone normally.

Speaking of gruff, we are told in the first adventure that Bellamy is naturally brusque and short with everyone. "A member of his staff might be away for months and have risked several kinds of particularly unpleasant deaths, yet even before he shook hands, Bellamy would bark a semi-accusing inquiry" of 'Well?!' 

With regards to his star agent, Standish, it could be rightly stated that Bellamy has a particularly strong warm feeling towards the man. The two get along fabulously with Standish being one of the very few who will give as good as he gets in the barking area, though Standish's manners are obviously laced with affection.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:1928
Last Appearance:1948

1 The Curse Of Doone The Curse Of Doone
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1928

Just returned from a nasty mission to Venice, Ian Heath is on hand to prevent the kidnapping of a young woman outside a theatre. Intrigued, he learns that she is the orphaned niece of a recluse inventor, heading to the man's remote Dartmoor manor called Doone Hall. Sir Harker Bellamy is interested for a different reason and send Heath to the region to learn if there is any truth to the fear that German spies were after the inventor's secrets. Heath will also have to deal with the fact that the house is said to be haunted by a real vampire.

2 My Lady Dangerous My Lady Dangerous
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1932

Someone took a shot at the beautiful Stella Baringer as she acted on the stage. Why was her life in danger? If she knew, she wouldn't say. Then she is kidnapped by a secret organization, "whose activities extend to the very door of the Prime Minister".

3 Tiger Standish Tiger Standish
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1932

Sir Harker Bellamy came to Tiger Standish with a mission taking him to Italy but before he leaves, a young woman appeals to Standish for help against The Three. These very nasty men are up to no good and threatening her well-being and Standish will not tolerate that.

4 Tiger Standish Comes Back Tiger Standish Comes Back
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1934

When Tiger Standish is told by Sir Harker Bellamy that the nastiest member of The Three, whom Standish fought in the first adventure, was back in town looking for revenge, Standish was amused. When he learns that the man was planning on threatening Standish's new wife, Standish gets very upset.

5 The Mystery of the Seven Cafes The Mystery of the Seven Cafes
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1935

[plot unknown]

6 The Grim Game The Grim Game
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1936

Five valued agents for the British Intelligence Service have died in the past fortnight. Certain that it is because secrets are being leaked from the headquarters, Sir Harker Bellamy calls upon his star operative, freelance Tiger Standish to find out who is the traitor.

7 Tiger Standish Takes The Field Tiger Standish Takes The Field
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1939

[plot unknown]

8 Tiger Standish Steps On It Tiger Standish Steps On It
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1940

Tiger Standish's old mentor, Sir Harker Bellamy, approaches Standish in disguise to let him know that the adult son of an old enemy, Dr. Carlimero (one of The Three from the first adventure), is nearby planning revenge on Standish for the choking to death of the elder Carlimero on a mission for Bellamy.

9 The Lady With The Limp The Lady With The Limp
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1944

Tiger Standish is stranded with car trouble and stops at a West Sussex guest house where he is "caught up in a local mystery connected with the disappearance of three villagers". His investigations will take him to the Old Manor, owned by Miss Constant Trelawney, the lady with the limp, who turns out to be the leader of a band of Fascist enthusiasts dedicated to eliminating those who caused trouble for their Fuehrer. 

10 Exit The Disguiser Exit The Disguiser
Written by Sydney Horler
Copyright: 1948

Tiger Standish travels back to London having decided, since he had been 'retired' from Y-1, to start up his own Intelligence agency. Right away he will find himself deep into a matter which will in short order pit the experienced Standish against the notorious foreign spy and villain known as the Disguiser. Standish's desire to capture this man changes to vengeance when he learns of the murder of his old friend and mentor, Sir Harker Bellamy.


     From the beginning of this spymaster's recorded adventures, he has been the man who pulls the strings, especially his favorite one, Tiger Standish. It seems obvious to me that the author, Sydney Horler, liked the man sitting behind the desk calling the shots and used him well that way. I am still scanning the odd Horler here and there to see if Sir Harker shows up in any other adventure but so far, just these.

     I would say here that Bellamy fits most of the tropes of the irascible boss sitting at his desk sending the intrepid agent out on an assignment, possibly to his death - but - considering the time period in which these were written, he might be one of those creating the stereotype in the first place. 


My Grade: B


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