1948 -

Writing as: Max Allan Collins

American crime author Max Allan Collins would have enough reason to be proud of his work if all he did was the acclaimed Nathan Heller private eye series. He had that plus the Nolan series, Mallory series, and Quarry series. And he has written several terrific graphic novels, including the phenomenal Road To Perdition which was turned into a movie starring Tom Hanks and Paul Newman. And he help found an association dedicated to writing movie and tv tie-ins. He also was chosen to take over the Dick Tracy comic strip when the original creator passed away. And he was asked to complete several Mickey Spillane novels after that author passed.

Series Books
Johnny Dynamite Johnny Dynamite (2020)
I Spy I Spy (2002)
Morgan The Raider The Consummata (2011)
Reeder & Rogers Supreme Justice (2014)
  Fate of the Union (2015)
  Executive Order (2017)
John Sand Come Spy With Me (2020)
  Live Fast, Spy Hard (2021)
  To Live And Spy In Berlin (2021)
Other Quarry's List aka The Broker's Wife [Quarry] (1976)
  Quarry's Deal aka The Dealer [Quarry] (1976)
  Quarry aka The Broker [Quarry] (1976)
  Quarry's Cut aka The Slasher [Quarry] (1977)
  Bait Money [Nolan] (1981)
  Blood Money [Nolan] (1981)
  Fly Paper [Nolan] (1981)
  Hush Money [Nolan] (1981)
  Hard Cash [Nolan] (1981)
  Scratch Fever [Nolan] (1982)
  True Detective [Nathan Heller] (1983)
  No Cure for Death [Mallory] (1983)
  The Baby Blue Rip-Off [Mallory] (1983)
  True Crime [Nathan Heller] (1984)
  Kill Your Darlings [Mallory] (1984)
  A Shroud for Aquarius [Mallory] (1985)
  Nice Weekend for a Murder [Mallory] (1986)
  The Million-Dollar Wound [Nathan Heller] (1986)
  Spree [Nolan] (1987)
  The Dark City [Eliot Ness] (1987)
  Quarry's Vote aka Primary Target [Quarry] (1987)
  Butcher's Dozen [Eliot Ness] (1988)
  Neon Mirage [Nathan Heller] (1988)
  Bullet Proof [Eliot Ness] (1989)
  Dick Tracy and the Nightmare Machine [Dick Tracy] (1990)
  Dick Tracy: The Secret Files [Dick Tracy] (1990)
  Dick Tracy [Dick Tracy] (1990)
  Dick Tracy Goes to War [Dick Tracy] (1991)
  Dying in the Post-War World [Nathan Heller] (1991)
  Stolen Away [Nathan Heller] (1991)
  Dick Tracy Meets his Match [Dick Tracy] (1992)
  Murder by the Numbers [Eliot Ness] (1993)
  In the Line of Fire [novelization] (1993)
  Carnal Hours [Nathan Heller] (1994)
  Maverick [novelization] (1994)
  I Love Trouble [novelization] (1994)
  Waterworld [novelization] (1995)
  Blood and Thunder [Nathan Heller] (1995)
  Damned in Paradise [Nathan Heller] (1996)
  Air Force One [novelization] (1997)
  Flying Blind [Nathan Heller] (1998)
  Saving Private Ryan [novelization] (1998)
  U.S. Marshals [novelization] (1998)
  Majic Man [Nathan Heller] (1999)
  The Mummy [novelization] (1999)
  Mourn the Living [Nolan] (1999)
  U-571 [novelization] (2000)
  Angel in Black [Nathan Heller] (2001)
  The Mummy Returns [novelization] (2001)
  Kisses of Death [Nathan Heller] (2001)
  Chicago Confidential [Nathan Heller] (2002)
  Windtalkers [novelization] (2002)
  The Scorpion King [novelization] (2002)
  Dick Tracy: The Collins Casefiles, Vol 1(October, 2003) [Dick Tracy] (2003)
  Quarry's Greatest Hits [Quarry] (2003)
  Dick Tracy: The Collins Casefiles, Vol 2 [Dick Tracy] (2004)
  Dick Tracy: The Collins Casefiles, Vol 3 [Dick Tracy] (2005)
  The Pink Panther [novelization] (2005)
  The Last Quarry [Quarry] (2006)
  The X-Files: I Want to Believe [novelization] (2008)
  The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [novelization] (2008)
  The First Quarry [Quarry] (2008)
  G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra [novelization] (2009)
  Quarry In The Middle [Quarry] (2009)
  Quarry's Ex [Quarry] (2010)
  Bye Bye, Baby [Nathan Heller] (2011)
  Chicago Lightning [Nathan Heller] (2011)
  Triple Play: A Nathan Heller Casebook [Nathan Heller] (2012)
  Target Lancer [Nathan Heller] (2012)