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Full Name: Joe Reeder and Patti Rogers
Nationality: American
Organization: FBI
Occupation Agent

Creator: Max Allan Collins, Matthew V. Clemens
Time Span: 2014 - 2017


Patti Rogers is an agent with the FBI. Joseph Reeder is a consultant to it.

We meet Reeder first and learn right away that he has not yet connected to the Bureau. He is in fact a retired Secret Service agent who had spotted an assassin in a crowd the President was glad-handing and had taken a bullet meant for the Chief Executive. That projectile had shattered his collarbone and given him several months of painful recovery. The knowledge that he had done his job in saving that leader's life came with the knowledge that the leader was someone Reeder disagreed with totally, meant that he could stomach only a short time on desk duty before retiring on disability.

He had, unfortunately, made the mistake of letting several fellow agents and his supervisor know his attitude as he turned in his papers and because the Service was supposed to be apolitical, it had made him a pariah when the Washington Post had gotten wind of it. Reeder became a living legend no one wanted to associate with.

Patti Rogers is an up-and-coming agent with the Bureau when she is introduced to Reeder when her boss's boss put together the task force she would soon be running. An ROTC graduate of the University of Iowa who then served her required few years with the Army, Rogers had specialized in criminal psychology in college and had maintained her interest in that field by becoming an MP. After her service, the transition to the FBI was a natural and at 35 years old, she was already respected by her peers and noticed by her superiors.

Reeder and Rogers would be paired when the task force was formed. Rogers was the one holding the badge so she was the official senior partner but Reeder was the more experienced so the teaming would be one of equals. Theirs would soon be a good friendship and better still, a very good working relationship.

Rogers is described as "attractive if not pretty in the conventional sense. Cute", with short brown hair. Reeder could be thought of as "ruggedly handsome" and "distinguishly so with the white hair and mathing eyebrows. Nice tan".

One other interesting fact is that for quite some years, Reeder was called "Peep" by his coworkers due to his almost uncanny ability with body language. "The nickname Peep had been bestowed on him by his fellow Secret Service agents for his storied ability to read people. The more Reeder discouraged its use, the more it had kept up, until the appellation stuck. Now it seemed everyone called him Peep except his eighteen-year-old daughter, Amy. And his ex-wife, Melanie, when she called him anything at all."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2017

1 Supreme Justice Supreme Justice
Written by Max Allan Collins
Copyright: 2014

Everyone thought the death of a Supreme Court Justice was the result of a robbery-gone-bad but Joseph Reeder spots something in the security tape had leads he and Patti Rogers to believe not only was the killing planned, but there would be more deaths to come.
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2 Fate of the Union Fate of the Union
Written by Max Allan Collins, Matthew V. Clemens
Copyright: 2015

Joe Reeder wants to know why a retired colleague from the Secret Service committed suicide, especially when he had just left a message to Reeder moments before. Patti Rogers is looking into several murders in the D.C. area that look unrelated but just might be. They do not know it but the two investigations will merge.
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3 Executive Order Executive Order
Written by Max Allan Collins, Matthew V. Clemens
Copyright: 2017

The death of the Interior Secretary was due to an allergic reaction, except it wasn't. Patti Rogers is told by her boss that budget cuts might shut down her task force unless it solved another high profile case. Joe Reeder tells her the Cabinet officer's death will be that case. And so will the deaths of 4 CIA agents in Eastern Europe.
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Okay, this series belongs in the compendium, in my opinion, because of the nature of the cases the pair find themselves handling. I was drawn to it immediately by the lead author's name. Max Allan Collins has to be considered one of the biggies in the crime category with his terrific Quarry the assassin character and his many other fantastic works. But, of course, a name can only open a door - the proof is on the inside and together he and his co-writer, Matthew Clemens prove their worth immediately.

The flow of the stories is fantastic. No wasted time but not non-stop action. People think in these books. They also laugh and groan and have lives. They are not perfect people. They are people. And they are a hoot to follow because their cases are so interesting and they are so fun to watch solving them.

I really hope these two give us more of Reeder and Rogers.


My Grade: A-


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